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December 19, 2018

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You Up to Speed on Your Digital Identity?

Two Women For Hire events down, four to go this season. One big observation is the discomfort or confusion around how to best maximize technology – and, specifically, a digital profile – for job search success. If you’re looking for a professional position, there are a few should-dos now.

1) Create a website-even a simple one.

Register your name as your domain name. (In my case, it would be If your name is taken, add a descriptor, such as,, – you get the idea.)

Post your profile and include a video. This is the ideal opportunity to deliver your pitch – who you are, your expertise, and what you seek – in two minutes. This may take 30 tries to get it right, but it’s so worth it. You can do this with your computer’s built-in camera or your iPhone. Don’t have one? Get a friend to help.

You can feature examples of your best work, if applicable, on the site. Add a blog component demonstrate your expertise in your field.

If you don’t have a professional photo, now is the time to get one. Not only for this site, but for all of your social media profiles. Dress the part, look your best, pinpoint a professional background and turn on flattering lights. Again, an iPhone will do just fine if it’s taken for this purpose.

2) Enhance your LinkedIn profile.

Surely you have a LinkedIn profile, right? Be sure all fields are complete, including the new option to add volunteer experience, as well as the recommendations, which serve as public references. Add a link to your new website too. Don’t stop until the system says it’s 100% complete.

Get active in Groups that relate to your target employers and industry. That means you can’t just join; you should contribute daily to the conversation. LinkedIn Answers is another place to demonstrate all you know.

This is the site where recruiters hang out all day, so you want to stand out in this playground.

3) Show off your web savvy.

If you’re using an AOL address, swap it for Gmail. Same goes for accounts issued by your cable provider. Go for Gmail, which is the gold standard.

Contribute to the leading blogs in your industry. Don’t worry about getting bogged down trying to remember 30 sites; the top 3 is plenty. This isn’t about showing up everywhere; it’s about actively engaging in the most relevant places. Again, make your presence known with smart comments and observations that advance the conversation.

Be sure your Facebook and other profiles are employer-friendly. That means there’s nothing posted that would prevent you from getting hired.

Tell us how you’re doing in these areas – and let us know where you’re stuck in this blog post. (And be sure to register to join us for events coming up in Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC and Dallas.)


  1. Excellent advice, Tory! I’ve been trying to tell my friends and family members in the job market this for a while now. Our digital identities (or lack thereof) are critical to gaining opportunities and achieving success in the workplace.

    One thing I would suggest to add to this advice: In addition to having a website/blog, and an enhanced LinkedIn profile, job seekers should be sure to have their website/LinkedIn URLs added to their business cards. I’ve met several people who hand me their cards, only to have them scribble their web address on the back of their cards. Tacky!

    Thanks, Tory, for the endless stream of awesome career advice. Keep it coming!

  2. Great advice. I actually think Twitter is one of the better social networks to experiment, create, and highlight your digital identity. When I started career coaching, I expected most of the social media job search success stories would come from LinkedIn, but they actually came from Twitter. Clients really expanded their communities, highlighted their expertise, found out about jobs, and often had quick and direct access to hiring managers in a way they couldn’t on other social networks.

  3. Debbie Crews

    I’ve been hesitant about beginning a p/t business as a “virtual assistant”. I’ve come to this site in the past and gotten great information on the field. While visiting the site today, I clicked on the link for “virtual assistant” and was directed to customer service companies. I’m not interested in customer service at all. Please advise if you can give me direction on where to go on this site. Thank you in advance.

    Debbie C.

  4. I love this post. I love this site.

    I’ve got 1 and 3 down, but I’m not doing anything with my LinkedIn profile. So that’s my goal for tomorrow.

    I’d love feedback from anyone on my website. I write for women who are looking to change their lives positively, to create a life they want to live for the rest of their life. My main goal is to be a public speaker. I’ve got two engagements next week, and am forging on.

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