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July 12, 2020

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Join Tory Wednesday for Her Best Teleclass Yet!

Hope you had a happy Valentine’s Day. What I love more than any amount of chocolate, jewelry, cards, candle–lit dinners or other typical V–Day gifts is the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of so many women. I’m on such a high and I’m excited to share with you what’s on my mind—and invite you to what may be my best teleclass yet on Wednesday.

I just returned from Tulsa, Oklahoma where we had a terrific Spark & Hustle Conference. It was the second stop on the Spark & Hustle National Tour and it was riddled with challenges, obstacles and setbacks.

After arriving a day early to beat the winter storm, we realized that every detail of our conference had been threatened by weather. Securing food, heat, and even warm water at our host hotel proved to be more challenging than anyone could have expected. Packages with materials didn’t arrive on time and some people were literally snowed in. So when kicking off the conference, my entire team was frazzled to say the least. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wonder at one point, “How in the world will we pull this one off?“

The first thing sales expert Kristine Sexter said as she took the stage was, “You will make of yourself what you will make of yourself.“ I wrote it down, but I tweaked it to read, “You will make of this event what you will make of this event. “I knew it was true. This event—like every other event, like every career path, like every business journey—regardless of external circumstances would be what we made it. Immediately, I knew every participant, including me, was in for an amazing weekend. Nobody would be disappointed.

Day after day, my speakers stood up to challenge everyone in the room, encouraging them to have a big vision and, of course, equipping them with each and every tool they need to make it a reality. We covered the what, why, where and how. In fact, that was the second most popular response we heard from the participants, “Everything you shared was so practical that I know I can take it home and immediately take action.“

Perfect, because that’s my three–step plan: Dream. Decide. Do. (The MOST popular response is below.)

As our speakers stood up and bravely revealed their own stories, shortcomings, failures, doubts, and then, of course, what they did anyway, our participants followed suit. With tears pouring from my eyes, I remember each one of them sharing where they’ve been and declaring where they will go regardless of whatever may come against them.

I’m so humbled to be at the helm of what I now know will be a movement, and not simply a tour or conference. The magnitude of this is just hitting me—and I’m not going to blow it.

This Wednesday please join me for 30 minutes for a free call so I can share with you exactly what I’ve personally learned from the first two stops on the Spark & Hustle tour. Things that I learned for the first time, things I needed to be reminded of, and things that change my business.

Dial in this Wednesday, February 16 at 1PM ET or 8PM ET for 30 minutes.

Call in number: 712–432–0075
Participant code: 187482

Please send an email to with your preferred time in the subject line so we know how many lines to make available. You will NOT receive a confirmation or a reminder, so be sure to keep these numbers handy for Wednesday when you’ll dial in.

Regardless of what you’re hustling after, please remember that I’m rooting for you. Wishing you a LOVELY week.

Tory Johnson

P.S. The MOST popular response in both Los Angeles and Tulsa was this: “It was so much more than I ever could have expected.“ If you are thinking about attending, but haven’t made up your mind, we’d love for you to connect with those who can tell you exactly what it’s like and what you’ll walk away with. Find participants on Twitter under the conversation hashtag #sparkandhustle. You can also find lots of chatter on

Read what they have to say and reach out to anyone privately to get the full scoop. I feel sure any one of the nearly 400 participants of the first two conferences would be willing to spend a few minutes describing the event and answering your questions.

Then take a look at the unbeatable line–up of speakers at the March events in New York, Dallas and Chicago. We’re not aiming for pampered superstars; we’re bringing you the people in the trenches who’ve created their own enviable successes and are joining us to teach you how to do it too.

Scholarship assistance is available to help with a portion of the registration fee. Nobody gets a free ride; everyone must invest in herself. Based on your submission, your financial need and the availability of funds for your desired location, which is determined largely by the volume of requests, we’ll award up to half the fee in scholarship assistance to accommodate your attendance.

Visit for details.


  1. Spark & Hustle Rocked! Full of wise advice, laughter, tears, inspiration, education, amazing women, business acumen, personal interaction, relationship building, collaborative wielding, and WOW! Can you say revolution? It bring about a complete paradigm shift! I attended in Tulsa, it is a game changer.

  2. Tory! It was such a thrill and an honor to have presented before you and all the phenomenal attendees at your Tulsa Spark and Hustle! As you so delightfully quoted me…”“You will make of yourself what you will make of yourself“ your Spark and Hustle events are unique in that they DELIVER on real-world, immediately-implementable, how-to content! The lack of ‘fuzzy, fluffy theory that talks about ‘should-do’s’ was the best part for me as both a presneter and an attendee! Spark and Hustle filled my action item list to the sky- and now I have to ‘make of myself what Spark and Hustle helped me make of myself!’ Thank you for bringing this all across the USA!

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