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July 4, 2020

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Talk to Tory: Free Call, Private Programs, Tumblr Too

Hey everyone! A few things I want to share quickly…

I’m off for a quick trip for a speech in Iowa in the midst of the general chaos (all good!) of planning 10 upcoming events — five for Spark & Hustle and five for Women For Hire. We’re hustling to put the finishing touches on the Dallas Spark & Hustle conference, which starts next Thursday. (Last call for the minimal remaining scholarship funds to be awarded—hurry now if you’re on the fence.) And we’re lining up top employers and more resources than ever before for individual expert advice at the first Women For Hire expo of the season in New York on March 31. (Details on that event and four others can be found here.) Hope I’ll see all of you somewhere!

My daughter says I must be on Tumblr, so I just started a blog there. (If you’re thinking of starting a blog, there is no easier platform to use. This is the ideal solution for you, so do it today.) If you have an account, please follow our Tumblr account where we’ll provide live updates, photos, tidbits, everything from every Spark & Hustle event—hopefully in real time!

Private Profit Programs
I’ve (finally!) blocked a full week in my schedule — one of the only times when I’m actually in New York for more than two consecutive days — for my private programs with my good friend Michelle Pippin. For simplicity, they’re often referred to as “coaching” programs, but I’m not a “business coach” trained in a classroom or textbook. As you know, for 12 years I’ve been a business owner who started at zero in 1999. I built a multimillion–dollar business from Day One and Dollar One on my own. I developed a solid national media platform. I wrote a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller. I’ve built a database of more than 200,000 followers and my live events are attended by more than 25,000 women every year.

Like many of you, I dropped out of college and I’ve never taken a business course. Instead, I’ve figured it out in the trenches—just like you.

Today one of my greatest pleasures is understanding the challenges faced by other small business owners with the sole goal of guiding them to grow their bottom line based on their definition of financial success. I’m asked regularly to accept private clients, which I’m only able to do at select times each year given my workload.

I’m thrilled that Michelle and I can roll up our sleeves together to work with women who want individual, focused help. If history is any indicator, the spaces for the programs during the week of April 25 will fill quickly. If you’re interested in private work with us, send me an email at Share details about your business challenges and what kind of concentrated help you’re ideally looking for. Michelle and I will get back to you immediately to determine if there’s a strong fit where we can serve your needs.

Free Teleconference Call
Please join me Monday for 20 minutes (I say 20, but I always talk for 30…this time I’m going to stick to it, I promise!) when I share some of the big lessons I’ve learned — and a gigantic professional disappointment that’s really bugging me — from the Spark & Hustle National Tour.

I’m bursting with ideas, advice and a wee bit of madness — and I’m letting it all out on this call, which I’m expecting will fire you up to go make big things happen!

Monday, March 21
1PM ET or 8PM ET
Call–in number: (712) 432–0075
Access code: 187482

Please email to indicate the time you’ll call so we open enough phone lines. You will NOT receive a reminder or confirmation, so be sure to dial–in at your designated time.

Until then, I’ll see you on my Facebook page. Send me a quick post there to tell me about your BEST display of a “no barriers, just results” action you’ve taken this week. And don’t forget to check back often. I’ll be giving away free stuff on my wall every week. Look out for our contest questions — the best responses will win some of my favorite products!

Thanks for being here.
Tory Johnson


  1. Thanks for all that you are doing. I’m in Career Transition and it is a daily struggle to keep moving forward making positive steps. My Mother saw you on ‘The Talk’ and I searched you out on Facebook to learn more.

  2. Vibha

    Thank you tory.. You are an Inspiration.. 🙂

    I have a quick Question for you.. do you also have a webcast link for this call ? Due to time zone difference In case I miss How can I listen to this call and contact you later again


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