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April 3, 2020

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The View

Tory Johnson appeared on a special edition of “THE VIEW” devoted to job searching. Here’s a list of links to all of the resources she shared.

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Everyone in the audience at “The View” received a copy of Tory’s New York Times bestseller.Purchase your copy today and email your e-receipt to and Women For Hire will provide you with two free gifts:

1) A premium membership at no cost to the online Women For Hire Network (a $38 value) where you can connect with more than 40,000 people interested in working from home to trade ideas and inspiration.2) We’ll add you to a VIP email list where you’ll receive work from home updates from us based on our ongoing research of legitimate opportunities.


Tory formed a job club for “The View” with five women from varying backgrounds, all of whom are out of work and looking to get hired.For details on how to start your own job club, explore Tory’s advice at

Keep Tory posted on the success of your job club and you may be featured on an upcoming segment on her weekly show JOB CLUB, which airs on ABC News Now, the 24-hour digital news channel.


There are hundreds of legitimate direct sales companies. You can find a list of reputable ones, along with advice to determine if direct sales is right for you, by visiting

If you’re outgoing and willing to work independently to generate sales through parties and the Internet, then direct selling may be for you. It’s definitely not for everyone, nor is it a get-rich-quick scheme. The median income in direct sales is only a couple hundred dollars a month, which means half the people make money, and half make less. You’ll have to invest in a starter kit (price varies by company), which includes product samples, order forms, catalogs and training materials.

A few of Tory’s recommendations to review:
Cooksey Keepsakes – photography
The Happy Gardner – gardening
Stella & Dot – jewelry
Wine Shop at Home – wine
Simply Fun – games


Etsy: Turns your crafts to cash.
If you know how to make something by hand, you could be making money on Not only is Etsy a phenomenal site to serve as your online storefront, it’s also one of Tory’s favorite places to shop for affordable, one-of-a-kind handmade gifts.

Tory’s recent favorite finds on Etsy include:
A collection of original funky, high-fashion accessories—necklaces, headbands and more—that could grace the cover of Vogue without the couture price tags to match.
Trinity’s Tutus: The most adorable tutus and accessories for little girls under $20.
Isabella boo: Sweet Ts that work perfectly with Trinity’s tutus or on their own.
The Cool Puppy: Fun and functional affordable accessories for the coolest dog on the block.

eBay: Convert your clutter to cash.
Look around your house and pick out the stuff that you and your kids would gladly part with. Another option: Ask friends and neighbors to do the same and offer to post and sell their clutter in exchange for sharing the cash. Sell on eBay, Amazon Marketplace and even Craigslist.

Among the most popular sellers right now on eBay: Twilight stuff, video game consoles and video games, used mobile devices, DVDs such as BOLT, kids clothing from Gymboree, Coach handbags, Ed Hardy clothing and accessories, and name-brand maternity clothes. To find out what items are going for, search completed sales. That will give you a good sense on pricing on realistic fees.


Soft skills: Perhaps you’re caring, nurturing and reliable. Some form of caregiving may be right for you.

Babysitting: and
Eldercare:, and
Pet sitting: FetchPetCare

Hard skills: Are you a technical whiz? Are you a strong reporter and writer? Do you have a special area of expertise?

Technical skills:,,,
Writing skills:,
Expert Advice:


In just a few hours you can create a website ( and offer inexpensive hosting plans and free website builder templates) and printed pamphlets to promote your own small business.

Here’s an example of a simple site created in just a few hours for a party planner who designs themed events on a budget:

Similar sites can be up and running for a tutor, an errand runner, or any small hourly service provider. Or create simple pamphlets at Staples or Kinkos that you can distribute to friends, family, schools, offices and more in your area.