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December 13, 2018

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Virtual Job Club Day 23: This is it!

This is it. The final day of our virtual job club. But the reality is, it’s never truly the end. The conversation can continue here and as always on my Facebook page where you’re always welcome to ask questions, share ideas and solicit feedback.

I’ve been so impressed with the caliber of the conversation here for the past four weeks. Smart questions, candid confessions and, most importantly, incredible support and camaraderie among all of you.

A few things:

–All of the call recordings will remain active for you to review anytime. I encourage you to revisit them as you need the reminders and advice.

–We will add fresh calls on the topics that resonate most with you as you request them. If you want direction on a specific aspect of job searching, let us know here and we’ll monitor and schedule based on demand.

–Many of you have promised to stay in touch. You’re welcome to do so right here. Continue to encourage one another and lean on the group for support.

If you’re in one of our six cities, I hope to see you at an upcoming Women For Hire career expo. The events have a lot going on now—all designed to serve your needs.

Finally, keep this in mind: I know you’re exhausted from the search. I know you just want to get back to work. I know this process is the pits. But when you continue to do the same old, you’ll wind up with the same old results. You have to shake things up, you have to try new things, you have to push yourself even when you’re simple sick of pushing.

For every NO, you’re one step closer to a YES because it means you’re in conversation. Never hearing NO means you’re not connecting with enough people.

Please know that we’re always rooting for your success—and we’ll continue to find fresh ways to serve you.

Tory Johnson and the Women For Hire team



  1. JF

    Thank you so much. I think I was on the right path but this helped move me to be a little more focused.

    I nailed my phone interview yesterday – I am fairly confident I will be asked back next week and I will be prepared. He LOVED the fact that I asked about his college football team and I was totally prepared! He was definitely a seasoned interviewer!

    If there was one topic I would have liked to have seen maybe some more on is the informational interview. I have had a few but never am able to do what others have said is a must – get them to give me three more folks to speak with…it just isn’t that easy.

    Other than that, all I can say is thank you! Thank you. This has been great!

  2. I.M.

    Thank you for this opportunity to become part of a nation-wide group of like-minded people who are in the same jobless boat. I’ve had a couple of interviews while this job club has been going on and my confidence and outlook on what to do and say has been boosted. Thank you again for forming this group and making it available.

  3. Terri Tatman

    Thank you Tory for all that you do, your support, your wisdom and to all of the guests that gave of their time and valuable information. I do appreciate you all. Thank you

  4. RK

    Thank you for leaving this site back, including links to the phone calls. I missed a couple of them due to appointments, but am axious to catch up.

    I hope everybody will consider using their talents that they would normally use “working for the man” and, if at all possible, start their own businesses. Local resources like SCORE can be a big help, as well as info from Tory. Apparently it’s the new small businesses that are going to help to enliven our economy. Good luck everybody.

  5. Lois


    Ditto on what Terri said. I am grateful! I noticed a slight shift in my attitude when a friend said that the market was difficult. My old reaction would have been to d commiserate but this time I said, well, it has changed and we must adapt! That sounds like a new and improved outlook, wouldn’t you agree? I’ll keep you posted as to my progress.

    Lois Schwartz

  6. dw

    Thank you Tory and all your ‘friends’ helping you. Good luck to everyone! One article I found that assists me is:
    Step away from the negative and people who yell, and stay focused as a leader with yourself.

  7. dw

    Tory, you will smile with this, I just stepped outside of the box with a event planning client and walking away. I gave them good, practical advice to get started, and said that I would be happy to talk further for compensation. I understand their budget constraints for a simple day trip, I cannot give services away – and wait to be paid six months from now.

  8. Debbie G.

    Thanks Tory and all of the other honest and sharing women who participated in this program. I appreciate the tips and tools shared by all the presenters and the people commenting on the web pages.

    This program has definitely changed my focus and my perspective. Not only am I more committed to being more creative in my job search and more courageous in taking new actions to get there, but I am also super excited about the possibilities going forward with my new mindset.

    Thanks, again, for pulling this together. – Debbie

  9. SM

    Tory & Team, thanks for a great series. I will be reviewing some of the calls as needed. Great quote to remember: “For every NO, you’re one step closer to a YES…”.

  10. GA

    Thanks Tory for your great insights. I’m glad to say that I was offered a new working opportunity last week! It is a higher paying opportunity and I’m glad to put my last work experience in the past!

  11. ED

    Thank you to all of the guests, participants and Tory’s team. I am still making adjustments and putting in place many of the techniques I learned.

  12. Mary

    Thank you so much Tory, Women for Hire team, presenters, and fellow job seekers for this great program. Like the previous commenters, I felt the relief of a change coming over me: this club caused me to attend trainings on Facebook and LinkedIn, decline to provide services to people who seemed to think they didn’t have to pay me, make a bunch of phone calls to people I know (I hate this worse than cold calling!), and in general start to focus my efforts on who the market for what I have to offer really is. I feel more cheerful and productive, which has caused others to notice and want to get involved.

    Today a talented web designer actually offered to do a website for me at no cost because she was excited at this new turn of events. I didn’t even know that this person knew how to do websites, and I feel that the shared wisdom provided through this program has really empowered me.

    I will definitely continue to participate in this community and am willing to provide any help I can. Thanks again!

  13. Jennifer W

    Thank you all so much for the much needed perspective and information. I was able to use much of it over the last 23 days. So much so that Monday, Sept 26, 2011 I start a new contract to hire position. Very glad to be starting a new opportunity. I wish all the other members of this job club the same if not greater success in obtaining a new position!

  14. Gwen

    Thank you for all the help you all have given. For once I have some hope that I will find the job I want and be hired.

  15. JSE

    Thanks very much to Tory and the entire team for your generous contribution in helping all of us to improve our career search strategies. Mid way throught the seminar I started refocusing. I thought, maybe this is the opportunity to start being my own employer. something I envisioned doing much later in life. I have been motivated to take some concrete steps towards that goal. I am taking the plunge and in October will launch a consulting service to small businesses focusing primarily on HR services. I have developed a sense of confidence and boldness. You have reminded me that I have a lot to offer and that there are organizations that can indeed benefit from what I do have to offer. I look forward to communicating further on this site to seek more inspiration and to encourage the other women on their journey. For indeed the journey has just begun.This job club is an excellent resource.

    A very big thank you to all and I wish you God’s blessings.

  16. Alison

    Thank you so much for this job club. It gave me some new ideas and restated a lot of things I need to be reminded of. I enjoyed the way it made me think the most. Some assignments really got down to the nitty gritty of what I need to be doing and focusing on. I hope to able to attend the career fair (it all depends if I can get off from my get-by job).

  17. mj

    Thank you Tory for all your help.

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