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December 19, 2018

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Posts By Tory Johnson

Virtual Job Club Day 16: You're Due for a Fear Tune-Up


In Week One we discussed the topic of fear and how it affects your job search. We asked you to use five specific strategies to overcome your fear.

Fear is fascinating: it’s real to us and in our head makes complete sense, but to others it can seem silly or unwarranted. The truth is overcoming fear or learning how to manage it is a process.

Today we’ll revisit the topic because it’s a bear. Join executive coach and trainer Dani Ticktin Koplik who’ll show you how to acknowledge your fear as a choice. That you can say, “I know I’m scared of something, but I’m going to do it anyway.” Press play below to listen to this 15 minute call any time.

In the meantime share your progress on overcoming fear. What have you been doing to overcome fear? What successes have you had as a result? What have you struggled with?


Day 15: What Are You Acting On?


So we’re 15 days into this and many of you have been very active — others did some catching up over the weekend.

Before we continue for the final two weeks, which are jammed with a slew of calls, lessons and exercises — we’d like to hear from you on changes you’ve made or things you’ve tried.

Based on all of the work since Day One, share something specific that you’ve done based on what you’ve learned from this program. Or tell us a change or tweak you’ve made in your strategy. Knowledge isn’t worth much if you’re not applying it — so what we’re after is HOW you’ve taken a fresh action or two.

Reflecting on what you’re doing and how you’re doing it is always worthwhile — and can keep you on track.

Tell us below — and gear up for a busy week.

(If you missed last week’s lessons, click each day and listen to the recorded advice and participate in the posted lessons.)


Virtual Job Club Day 14: LinkedIn Love!


Today’s the day so many of you have been waiting for: A tutorial on how exactly to use LinkedIn to find a job and advance your career. We have the perfect person to tell all — Krista Canfield, LinkedIn’s PR director.

Press play to listen to this 20-minute call any time.

In the meantime, tell us here about your LinkedIn experiences, and include your questions for Krista. Also, post a link to your LinkedIn profile so others can see it too. And, most importantly, share something about how you’re using LinkedIn to build your brand and network with key contacts in your industry.


Virtual Job Club Day 13: Brand Yourself for Unadvertised Openings


Great feedback from the calls this week — Emily Bennington on Tuesday on social media, and Dani Ticktin Koplik on Wednesday about the new realities in the business world that will impact your search. Click to listen to each of them if you missed the live call.

Today we’re tackling BRAND YOU. Earlier in this club, many of you participated in an exercise to nail your brand in a sentence. More of you, however, said it was a difficult thing to do. If you’ve been working on it, share it here today.

If you’re struggling, you’ll appreciate today’s call with Deborah Shane who’ll address branding yourself — not just for the sake of branding, but for the purposes of finding a great job and advancing your career. Click play below to listen to this 20 minute call any time.


Virtual Job Club Day 12: How Are You Helping Others?


I know, I know…you’re the one who needs the help, so who has time to devote to others? I get it. I also know that assisting others serves two huge purposes, both of which can be positively self-serving.

First, when you give your time and talent to someone else, you often discover something new about yourself. Or you reinforce something you sorta knew was there, but now are sure of it.

Second, helping others takes the focus off you and your challenges while allowing you to tap your incredible brainpower. It lifts your spirits when you’re down. And that feel-good boost can rub off in improved self-esteem and confidence — the kind that are needed to weather tough times.

So two things:

1) Troll through the blog posts from Days 1 – 11 and post responses to the questions, comments and concerns of others. You may be going through a similar challenge — and while you don’t have answers for yourself, I bet you have smart ideas for other women.

2) Tell us here about your volunteer initiatives — the stuff you wish an employer would stand up and take note of right now.

Press play below to hear Dani Ticktin Koplik talk about The New Business Landscape: The Current Reality that Impacts YOUR Search. She’s incredibly smart and insightful, so you’re sure to benefit from listening — and then acting on her advice. This 20 minute call is available for you to listen to anytime.


Virtual Job Club Day 11: New Possibilities Await!


New Month. New Season. New Possibilities.

It’s a fresh start. Clean slate. Embrace it in a big way.

We have a big week ahead for you — four phenomenal guests who’ll guide you in a variety of ways. Mark your calendars for the 2PM ET calls as follows:

Tues, Sept. 6: Emily Bennington: You 2.0: Expand Your Reach and Find a Job using Social Media Marketing
Wed, Sept. 7: Dani Ticktin Koplik: The New Business Landscape: The Current Reality that Impacts YOUR Search
Thurs, Sept. 8: Deborah Shane: Get Out, Get Online and Get a Job NOT Posted!
Fri, Sept. 9: Krista Canfield: Maximize the Tools on LinkedIn to Secure a Position and Advance Your Career

Here is the recording from today’s 2 PM ET call with Emily Bennington: You 2.0: Expand Your Reach and Find a Job using Social Media Marketing. It’s about 20 minutes in length and you can listen to it anytime by pressing the play button below.

In the meantime, take a moment to tell us ONE THING below that’s essential for you to learn in the next two weeks and we’ll be sure to incorporate it in the sessions.

And while you’re posting a comment, tell us how you feel personally and professionally as we enter the fall season.