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October 22, 2018

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Posts By Tory Johnson

Virtual Job Club Day 10: Resume Revamp Part 2


We hear your frustrations — we feel your pain. Unless you’re being paid to do it, resume writing isn’t something that any of you want to bother with. Yet, we know it’s a necessary evil, so to speak. Instead of complaining, we’ll roll up our sleeves and get the doc in tip top shape.

So many of you dialed in yesterday for Part 1 of Resume Revamp (if you missed the call, you can hear the recording here) — and you’re now making necessary changes. Bravo!

Some of you told us that you’ve spent big bucks having your resume written, but you haven’t gotten a single interview. There’s a HUGE bridge between a great resume and landing an interview. The best paper in the world doesn’t guarantee a call. You have to market that resume and make yourself known. You have to take the right steps to get your resume noticed. We’ll cover that and more next week.

But first, you need a strong resume. So today we’ll tackle Part 2 with expert advice from Robin Schlinger. (Not only is she a pro at all resumes, she specializes in federal resumes.) If you have questions for Robin, post them here before 2PM ET and we’ll try our best to have them answered.

Press the play button below to listen to this 20 minute call on Resume Revamp Part 2.

Tell us, in general what is the hardest part of writing your resume? If you had to boil it down to one thing, what is it? That will help us to help you with solutions.

Finally, ENJOY THE HOLIDAY WEEKEND. Take time off to have some fun — and we’ll see you back here on Tuesday.

Be safe and enjoy!


Virtual Job Club Day 9: YOUR Resume!


How many times have you written, rewritten and fiddled with that darn document? Just when you think it’s perfect, you discover a way to make it stronger. Or, perhaps you rarely look at it because you know it doesn’t do justice to your career, but you’re at a loss for how to fix it.

The irony is that you definitely can’t rely on your resume to get a job, but good luck getting one if your resume’s not in tip top shape.

So what exactly does it take to ensure you’re not dismissed because a piece of paper indicates that you’re overqualified, underqualified or not qualified at all?

Help is here.

Press play to hear resume pro Violet Nikolici Lowrey will deliver Part One of our RESUME REVAMP series with solid specifics on making your resume work for you. This call is about 20 minutes in length and you can listen to it anytime.

In the meantime, tell us what grade you’d give your resume and what worries you the most about this document. In addition, post specific questions that you’d like addressed in both Part One and Part Two of the RESUME REVAMP series.


Virtual Job Club Day 8: Are YOU Relevant?


I know that jobsearching 24/7 for months (if not longer) is frustrating, exhausting and, quite frankly, unsustainable. Who can keep at anything every single day with no success — and be expected to continue with a smile on her face? It’s hard, if not impossible.

So today’s topic is relevance. How do you remain (or get) relevant when everything seems stacked against you?

Deborah Shane, a branding specialist, knows a thing or two about this since she’s had to reinvent her career — and has done so very successfully. Click play below to listen to Deborah as she talks about relevance and career branding on a 20 minute recorded call.

In the meantime, one of the best ways to stay relevant is to START SOMETHING. Anything. It could be a running club or a knitting group. Maybe it’s an initiative to raise money for a cause you care about. Don’t assume that nobody will care, don’t assume that it won’t help, don’t assume that it’s a waste of time.

If you were to start something in September — something you could proudly share in networking conversations, informational meetings and ultimately in interviews — what would excite you? What would have some relevance to the type of position you’re seeking…even from a distance?

Would love to hear your ideas below!


Virtual Job Club Day 7: What's YOUR Brand in a Sentence?


I know, I know. All you want is a friggin job. You want to get in there, do your work, and go home. All of this story telling, branding, social media stuff — it’s exhausting.

But the reality is, this is the new reality in the job search world. Ignore it at your peril. When you don’t embrace today’s norms in the hiring process, you risk prolonging your unemployment. Isn’t it easier to step up and adopt the current protocols?

Personal branding is essential. Before you can begin to spread the word about you and what you have to offer — on your resume, in networking conversations, via social media and more — you must define what and who you want to be known for.

When someone thinks of you, what should be top of mind? You’re the go to girl for [fill in the blank].

For example, are you the ace administrative assistant who brings order to the chaos? Or are you the brilliant electrical engineer who can explain the complicated to the commoner?

Combine the lessons from yesterday’s call with Gretchen Gunn (it’s here if you missed it) along with your own vision for what you’d want someone to know about you — and share it below. Brevity is key.

Thinking aloud about your personal brand — and brainstorming here with us — will play a part in each of the three lessons/calls scheduled for this week.

And if you’ve missed any of the previous days, it’s not too late to jump in now. After all, if you’re out of work, you have 20 minutes to dive in.

I’ll be looking for your branding sentences below throughout the day.

Go for it!

P.S. Three calls coming up to help — so mark your calendar now:

Wednesday 8/31: Relevance: An Essential for Your Career Branding with Deborah Shane
at 2PM ET
Thursday 9/1: Writing Your Winning Resume: Part 1 with Violet Nikolici Lowrey at 2PM ET
Friday 9/2: Writing Your Winning Resume: Part 2 with Robin Schlinger at 2PM ET


Virtual Job Club Day 6: What's YOUR Story?


A few weeks ago for my show, @Work on ABC News Now, I interviewed legendary filmmaker Peter Guber about his newest book, Tell to Win.

He argues that we’re all in the “emotional transportation business” and our successes are won by creating compelling stories that have the power to move our audience (in your case, prospective employers) into action (in your case, hiring you). Guber believes strongly — and has endless examples to prove it — that if you’re a great storyteller, you have the ability to win over any audience.

In a weak (to put it mildly) job market, if you can’t tell your story — a positive one because, quite frankly, woe-is-me windbags need not apply — you’re killing your chances of getting hired. The good news is that anyone — yup, even YOU — can learn how to be a strong storyteller.

Gretchen Gunn, who runs a successful staffing firm, helps jobseekers every day to perfect their stories. On this recorded call, she walks you through a lesson to help you develop yours.

Press the play button to listen to this 20 minute call (The audio begins 45 seconds in, so don’t worry, it’s working properly!):

In the meantime, tell us two things in the comment space below:

1. What’s the BEST part of your story? What are the most important things you’d want employers to know about you? Focus on something unique. For example, the fact that you’re reliable or a hardworker isn’t the BEST you have to offer. Be more specific.

2. What’s the UNIMPORTANT stuff that you’re having trouble keeping out of your story? For example, we get countless emails from people who focus on lack of degree, crippling divorce, near-empty bank account and so on. They share that in an effort to express the urgency of their job search. But it has the opposite effect: it drives people away instead of bringing them closer. So tell us the things that you know you need to save for pillow talk instead of for your professional communication.

Then study the difference in your answer — and others posted — so you know what to begin to build on and what to leave out.

Looking forward to YOUR story!


Virtual Job Club Day 5: The Fun Part


First, a note about next week: Mark your calendar for Monday’s assignment, which will be delivered in the form of a 20 minute coaching call led by Gretchen Gunn who runs a recruiting firm.

She’ll tackle how to tell your story—from one sentence to the full interview. Gretchen will give you instruction, advice and an assignment.

Dial-in at 2PM ET on Monday, August 29.

Call-in Number: (712) 432-0075
Access Code: 187482

Next week’s work will focus on your story, your resume and your journey.

Now for today…

You did a lot of heavy thinking all week—and now we’re starting to see a way out of the darkness. When you release the fear, you open yourself to awesome possibilities. I for one thrive on possibility.

Imagine for a moment that you could tell recruiters and hiring managers exactly what it’s like to be out of work and looking for a new job. This is the final step of what I want you to get out of your system.

Today’s assignment: Give employers a piece of your mind—let it all hang out. Be specific about what you wish they’d do differently and how you might handle things if you were in their shoes.

I know you have so much bottled up, and until you release it from your body, you’re allowing yourself to be held hostage to the pain and frustration of the process. That’s not good for anyone.

Remember to use your initials to remain anonymous. (Depending on what you have to say, use our comment system instead of Facebook to post.)

Let ‘er rip—and have a GREAT weekend!

P.S. This assignment isn’t meant as an assault on recruiters. Far from it. They’re busy–often overworked…too much to do, too little time to get it all done. This is about allowing you to release the frustrations and tensions from your mind and body so you’re able to move on clearly.