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December 13, 2018

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Career Stuck? Change your GPS in 2015


By Peter C. Diamond

The beginning of a new year brings the promise of a fresh start. However, like many others, you may struggle with a stalled career or lack of personal and professional growth. The prospect of initiating change is daunting. This is particularly true if you’re looking for a job, wanting to change companies or start a new career.

When times are good, you are charging forward on autopilot without much thought. You are positive and future focused. When times are bad, you suddenly feel as though you are stuck in neutral or worse yet reverse. You quickly become mired in negative thoughts and lose perspective and hope about the future. This can easily show up in your attitude and how you present yourself. People want to hire and be around people who are positive and will bring a good attitude to work everyday.

Finding your way out of career and life gridlock requires you to reset your internal GPS to Good – Present – Space. Read More

Rethinking Traditional Benefits

By Hayley Fisher

As the battle for top talent continues in the hiring space, it’s clear that money is no longer the only important motivator for jobseekers. As such, companies have begun offering unique benefits as a new incentive to keep their competitive edge.

Netflix, for example, does not enforce official work hours. The company measures employee productivity, not the amount of time spent in the office. Another tech giant, Google, has a great commitment to health, keeping physical and massage therapists and chiropractors on staff at its campuses. Facebook and other tech giants made headlines last year for giving female employees the option to freeze their eggs, which stirred up some controversy in the HR world. However, the list goes on for companies providing impressive and innovative benefits for their employees (and fortunately, it is getting longer every year).

Specifically, the trend of gearing benefits toward women is getting stronger.  One of the latest examples comes from the U.K., where the concept of shared parental leave is on tap  – the idea being that women have more opportunity to stay in their careers and men can become more involved at home. What is particularly interesting about this new benefits option is that it directly addresses an important social issue – giving women more opportunities to succeed in their careers. Read More

Want to Get Ahead?

By Sara Leoni

Women have made huge strides in achieving leadership positions at companies, but still have a long way to go to close the gender gap. Here are some tips on how to take the plunge to move into leadership positions.

· Hard work is everything: The first rule of business is that you’re working for the company, they’re not working for you. Starting from the bottom and working yourself up the ladder is a fact of life. Work hard and soak in as much as you can at those lower levels. Working your butt off from the start of your career will help you drive forward and determine what you’d ultimately like to be. Good things don’t happen just because you say you want to become a CEO. They happen when you work hard to become a better leader.

· Take risks: From my experience, men seem to throw caution to the wind and take major risks. Women, on the other hand, are more conservative. We want to know if we’ll succeed before taking that first step forward. Unfortunately, that can make us our own worst enemies when trying to change things up. We need to throw our inhibitions aside more often and accept that even if we fail in the end, the risk and learning experience are worth it. Read More

Let’s Talk Out Loud


One of the most meaningful moments in the Oscars last night was almost missed as the producers turned up the music to signal time’s up.   But director Dana Perry kept going anyway.

When Patricia Arquette won for Best Supporting Actress, she used the worldwide Oscar stage to advocate for equal pay.

What issues do you think should be talked about openly with candor in the workplace?  If you were to speak up for what you really cared about, what would that be?

Share with us below.

Biden’s Touch, Appropriate or Not?

Joe Biden, Munich Security Conference, CC BY-NC-SA

Joe Biden, Munich Security Conference,

When Vice President Joe Biden put his hands on the shoulders of our new defense secretary’s wife this week, was it a giant etiquette faux pas or simply an innocent display of affection?

As her husband, Ash Carter, spoke a few feet away, a standing Biden put both hands on the shoulders of Stephanie Carter, then whispered something in her ear.

Biden’s fans say that his action signified nothing and that as seasoned politician he has a
long history of hugging women — and men — in public. But detractors and a Joe Biden variety of etiquette experts said he appeared to make Stephanie Carter uncomfortable and, as such, was wrong.

We’ve all seen men and women do exactly the same thing to other men and women at countless public events — without it raising eyebrows or having people immediately assume that one person is hitting on the other or invading his or her space.

Which raises this question: in our current culture of violence and hatred, is there anything wrong with public displays of innocent affection? Wasn’t there a time in our not-so-distant past when “bro-hugs” — now commonplace — raised eyebrows?

What’s your opinion? Did Biden over-touch or were his actions perfectly justified?

Escaping Corporate America

Escaping Corporate America Arise Tips_v2
Escaping corporate America. Why do we do it? The most obvious reason could be attributed to job security.

Working for a big corporation just isn’t the same as it was 30 years ago

Very few people work for the same company their whole lives. Receiving a huge pension and gold Rolex when one retires has become a thing of the past. With recent generations, most people switch jobs every few years. Millennials in particular, are switching jobs every two to three years.

With employee loyalty not being rewarded as it once was, it appears the fastest way to move up the corporate ladder and receive more pay is to move on with another company.

The Glass Ceiling still exists

With lack of employee loyalty comes another unfortunate factor of the corporate world: the glass ceiling.

In 2014, women still earned less than men for the same job and with both parties having the same amount of experience. Figures report women earning $0.77 for every dollar that a man earns.

Reports indicate the “Motherhood Penalty” and “Fatherhood Bonus” also play a role in the Glass Ceiling, citing women make less for each child they have. This shocking data point could be based on the misconception that women who have children will be less productive due to the demands of childcare. On the contrary, fathers are more likely to see an increase in pay, because they are viewed as a more valued and reliable employee.

Tips for those who are looking to leave the corporate world

Given the above, going off on your own and starting your own business could be a viable option. On top of that, making the transition between leaving your job and starting your own small business may be easier than you think.

  1. Review your finances and begin to save money
  2. Discuss the time commitment
  3. Identify your opportunities and skillsets
  4. Follow your passion

For detailed tips on making a plan, working towards your goal, and leaving the corporate life behind, read the full article on the Arise Home-Based Business Blog here.

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