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March 20, 2018

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Fall in Love with Your Work Again

Do you love your job? Unfortunately the usual answer is a resounding no. So many people don’t even like their jobs, let alone love them. However, you can finally break up with that job you hate. What if I told you that you could fall in love with your work life and be your own boss? Not only can you have the freedom to make your own hours and work from home, but you can have a successful career operating a home based customer service call center company. The answer for a career that you love is registering to use the Arise Platform. Read More

New Year, New Opportunity! Resolve for a Fresh Start and Work from Home

A new year means a new opportunity for you; 2018 is here and that means it is time for the tradition of New Year’s resolutions. Instead of the “usual” resolutions, this year resolve to make a big change that is going to make a difference in your life and bring you the success you are striving for. This is the perfect time to start fresh and create your very own work from home business. The Arise Platform provides the opportunity to start your own business operating a customer service call center from the comfort of your own home. Read More

Men See Workplace Differently Than Women Do

A Women in the Workplace report  finds 63% of men and 49% of women think their organization is doing an OK job supporting gender diversity. But there’s a large gap ion how the sexes view senior management roles. Almost half of men think women are well-represented in senior-level roles — yet women only fill 10% of these positions.

Bring a Sense of Humor To An Interview

happy business woman juggling fruit on white background

Job candidates who lack a sense of humor, fail to research a company and don’t ask the right questions during an interview are all common mistakes that job seekers make. Find out some others here.

Three Job Interview No-No’s

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 2.51.34 PMYour job interview seems to be going just fine — except the hiring manager keeps asking you a variation of the same question over and over again. Get used to it, says Richard Moy in this post  about what not to say in a job interview.

Tips to Recession-Proofing Your Career

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 12.11.26 PMConcerns over job security and the economy continue, especially when leading companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Yahoo Inc., and Chevron, among others, have announced plans to cut as many as 14,000 jobs. Entrepreneur Caren Merrick has these tips to “recession-proof” your career.


  • Take initiative and ask your manager and superiors how you can make it easier for them, increasing your value and giving you the chance to work together
  • Volunteer for special projects; do work key to your organization’s future
  • Record your accomplishments, update your LinkedIn and make sure to quantify them
  • Act more like an owner than employee – no matter what your position
  • Work your network by adding value to them, improving all involved
  • And don’t forget to de-stress, which is critical to your creativity and happiness.