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June 24, 2019

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Making the Most of Free Resources


I’m always looking for creative, economic and efficient ways to maximize my time and productivity. As a small business owner, I rely on the support and networking of online groups, newsletters, and most of all, free resources. The internet is full of excellent sites. I focus on those catering to women and moms in small business.

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Sleepless in the USA


With unemployment rising and the economic picture none too bright, a new poll by the National Sleep Foundation finds that almost a third of us can’t get a good night’s sleep. Money woes now outweigh other concerns such as war, global warming or terrorist attacks. “What is very telling is that these Americans whose sleep is impacted by financial worries report that their sleep disturbance makes them much less likely to work efficiently, exercise, eat healthily, and have sex compared to their better-sleeping fellow Americans,” said co-author Michael V. Vitiello.

Boston and Detroit: Not So Different


by Angela Reed
I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit. The Motor City was dead and isolated long before I moved to Boston two years ago to attend college. There seemed to be so much opportunity here. But I’ve come to see that Detroit and Boston are not so different. Beneath the old money and fashion labels, Boston is in a huge hiring freeze. I am experiencing it first hand.

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Our New York career expo: cold but determined

It’s sobering to see thousands of people lined up on a frigid, blustery February morning to find work. That may be why virtually every New York media outlet rushed Tuesday to tell the story of how 5,103 people stood in freezing temperatures to attend Women For Hire’s New York career expo at the Sheraton Hotel in midtown Manhattan. “An even more depressing sight than my portfolio statement” wrote one blogger who lives near the Sheraton on 7th Avenue.

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Nobody's Hiring? Not so fast


I hear it over and over again: “Nobody’s hiring.” I’d be a fool to argue that jobs are plentiful these days – not with the jobless rate at 7.4 percent. Many people are justifiably worried about when they’ll see their next paycheck. That said, few jobs come easily even in good times. In a buyer’s market, sellers need to be open-minded, flexible and, in some cases, willing to do more for less. The New York Post asked me to find some jobs and with some digging I was able to find a number of open positions in The Big Apple.

Class of '09 Hiring: Perseverance Pays


As college seniors prepare to enter one of the toughest jobs markets in years, there’s plenty of fear and trepidation — to be expected, given the economy. But when Women For Hire asked campus career officers to assess the hiring and recruiting outlook this spring, we found plenty of optimism and good tips for the Class of ’09. “Seniors need to be more resourceful and creative than ever,” says Richard White, director of career services at Rutgers University. “Networking is always important, but especially this year.”

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