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June 24, 2019

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Inspire Me


I need constant inspiration in order to succeed at reaching my goals. Yet we’re constantly bombarded with negative images, negative news and all the doom and gloom of the present day. How can anyone expect to be successful and rise above it all if we’re inundated with completely opposite messages?

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Working Hard, Miles From Home

Think you’ve got it rough? Ever since her hometown of Fort Myers, Fla., earned the distinction of having the highest rate of foreclosures in the country, Lynette Lorenz has spent the bulk of a year away — 1,200 miles away — from her home and her husband. Read about what’s that’s like for her and husband.

Running In Place

When it comes to work, some people do just what they need to, others perform over and above the call of duty and still others don’t bother stepping up to the plate at all. I noticed this recently when I dropped my car off for an unexpected repair and walked the three miles home in snow.

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Stealing Time


Almost everyday we hear of some politician’s unethical practices when it comes to abusing power, whether it’s failing to pay taxes or using a jet for personal pleasure. We shake our heads, critical of their behavior. But do we really have the right to judge?

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Where Are the "Good" CEO's?

by Suzanne Bates
Day after day we’re being pummeled by news of bad CEO behavior, so much that you have to conclude that America’s business executives are incapable of getting the message: its time for restraint. In the last couple of weeks there has been one egregious example after another of excess, greed and sheer stupidity. It’s so ridiculous that you’d have to conclude these CEOs aren’t just out of touch: they simply don’t care.

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Looking For Work? Take a Brisk Walk


Being unemployed — with no place to go each day — can get anyone down. And a natural temptation is to sit there and obsess on how bad things are. But a new study finds that women who start exercising say they have more energy and are in better moods than when they’re couch potatoes.