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July 20, 2019

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Looking For Work? Take a Brisk Walk


Being unemployed — with no place to go each day — can get anyone down. And a natural temptation is to sit there and obsess on how bad things are. But a new study finds that women who start exercising say they have more energy and are in better moods than when they’re couch potatoes.

Is Your Boss a Screamer?


My son, who works in the creative department of a global firm, comes home ranting lately about his boss — a woman — who screams at staffers. A few days ago, as he tried to answer her question, she cut him off and snapped, “SHUT UP.”

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Amid Layoffs, Women Surge

Amid all the bleak economic news, a milestone: women are poised to surpass men on the nation’s payrolls, taking the majority for the first time in American history. The New York Times reports that it has less to do with gender equality than with where the ax is falling: men represent 82 percent of all job losses in distressed industries like manufacturing and construction. Women tend to work in areas like education and health care, which are less sensitive to economic ups and downs, and in jobs that allow more time for child care and other domestic work.

Danny Boy: Crazy or an Inspiration?


Fifty jobs in 50 weeks? Sounds almost like my freelance career, though I haven’t reached 50 gigs yet and can’t say that I really want to. Check out this guy, Daniel Seddiqui. He’s a 2008 USC economics graduate, who after rounds of interviews with well-known companies for fulltime jobs decided to do the unthinkable: take one job a week, for 50 weeks in all 50 states.

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Office Dieting: All Bets Are On


Putting on weight in this scary economy? Can’t get motivated to lose those extra pounds? Think about starting an office diet competition — with a pool of prize money for She Who Loses Most. “Diet betting is definitely becoming more popular among friends, relatives and co-workers,” Joy Bauer, author of Joy’s Life Diet: Four Steps to Thin Forever tells The New York Times.

Young Women Say Yes to Motherhood


For four decades, women have been delaying childbirth to launch careers. Now, this trend may be ending, The Wall Street Journal reports. For the first time since government records have been kept, the average age at which women have their first babies posted a decline — according to newly released data from the National Center for Health Statistics. Mothers’ mean age at their first childbirth fell to 25.0 years in 2006, the most recent figures available, from 25.2 in 2005. Women ages 20 to 24 led the shift, with a 5% increase in the rate of first births.