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February 20, 2017

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How to Keep Your Work Week To Under 40 Hours

Productivity experts say that aside from finishing a big project or getting things in order before a vacation,  there’s no reason for most of us to work more than 40 hours a week. Read how to do it here.


New Year/New Resume

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January is a great time to update your resume and for women who aren’t recent college graduates and haven’t applied for a new job in awhile, there may be a lot of pruning to do, starting with downplaying those college years. This piece has tips.

AT&T’s women are taking STEM by storm!


Advanced technology, leadership opportunities and company-wide support – we have it all. AT&T’s women are taking STEM by storm!

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When you join AT&T, you join a network of more than 84,000 women who help shape the way we connect with the world. From marketing to engineering, and everything in between, AT&T’s women have a huge impact on everything we do. More than that, they go above and beyond to connect with each other and provide mentorship through our Women of AT&T (WOA) Employee Resource Group. The WOA ERG is over 16,000 strong, with 43 chapters across the country – our largest Employee Resource Group by far.

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The Holidays are Here. What is Your Recovery Plan?


We have entered the most wonderful time of the year full of friends, family, and lots of celebrations. Most families do what they can to save before the holiday season starts, but sometimes life gets in the way. Between Secret Santas at work, holiday parties with friends, and festivities with family, the ominous aftermath of mounting credit card bills and much needed financial recovery is imminent.

As a matter of fact, in a recent study conducted by MagnifyMoney, Americans added an average of $986 to their debt due to the holidays in 2015. Additionally, only 15% of those with holiday debt paid it off in the first month. That means 85% of people had to pay an average 15% interest!

So, the question is: what can YOU do to help your family avoid holiday debt? Read More

Workplace Shifts Are Underway

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The demographics of the workforce are shifting: women now comprise nearly half of the workforce and millennials have overtaken boomers as the largest generation in the workplace. But traditional workplace policies and practices have not kept up, and they are not empowering—and ultimately retaining—top talent among women or Millennials, this piece says.

Finally, moms CAN have it all— Kids, a career and work-life balance


There was a time not long ago when a woman had to choose between raising kids and having a career. Many of the women who did go into the workforce and forge a career, often did so with conflicting feelings about being away from home for long stretches while their children were still young. Over the past two decades, “cultural norms” have changed dramatically but, for many women, it didn’t alter that essential “tug” to be home for the kids.  Read More