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October 22, 2018

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Five Ways to Spring Clean Your Morning Routine

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If your morning routine has become routine, it might be time to shake it up. In this piece, Stacey Lastoe gives five practices and behaviors to motivate you to face the upcoming challenges of the day.

The Power of Women



Only one lesson matters in the ousting of Bill O’Reilly, which follows the firing of his former boss Roger Ailes, the man who built Fox News: women have a voice. A mighty voice.

Gretchen Carlson had the courage to speak up with her allegations of sexual harassment against her old boss. By refusing to suffer in silence, Gretchen paved the way for other women to come out of hiding with their experiences, too. That led to firings, settlements and a federal investigation of Fox News.

While it’s often scary to speak out against powerful people, especially when they exert control over your career or your paycheck, it’s sometimes more beneficial — albeit difficult — than allowing improper behavior to flourish at the expense of the innocent.

Women have so much power, a lot of which is untapped, so are we so scared? What do we fear — and why do we have so much fear — when we possess this enormous power?

How do we tap that reserve and start putting our clout to work? That’s the question we want to ask — and act on — as we reflect on the mess that’s unfolded at Fox.

Think Before You Leap To Self-Employment

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Being your own boss may sound enticing, but self-employment brings with it certain financial challenges, U.S. News reports. If you’re thinking about leaving a full-time salaried position to work for yourself, think about these seven issues before you make the leap.

Do You Have the Drive for Sales? Can You Close the Deal?


The Arise Platform has a great opportunity for you to use your sales and/or timeshare industry experience to earn extra money on the side, from home – or even completely escape the confines of a cubicle!

One of the world’s leading timeshare companies is seeking inbound sales support from call centers using the Arise Platform. This timeshare company has been a pioneer and innovator in serving the vacation ownership market since 1976, and its properties include over 3,000 resorts in more than 80 nations.

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What is Your Salary History?

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Ever cringe when you’re asked for salary history as you’re applying for a new job?

Prospective employers want to know what you’ve earned, so they don’t overpay for your time and talent. Yet you’re looking for advancement and you don’t want to be limited by previous positions.

The city of Philadelphia and the commonwealth of Massachusetts have banned that question. Legislation is now pending in California and New York City.

Is this an idea whose time has come nationwide? Would you benefit financially while negotiating salary about your future instead of being dogged by your past?

Tell us about your experiences–and what you think employers should be entitled to–and banned from–asking.

Pivoting After a Job Loss

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In today’s workforce, it’s normal to skip around from job-to-job a great deal, either because you quit or are fired — six jobs before people are 30, by one estimate. But when it comes to dealing with a job loss, men and women handle it differently, says Wendy Sachs, author of Fearless and Free: How Smart Women Pivot — and Relaunch Their Careers “Men will apply for a job if they meet 60 percent of the qualifications, while women will only apply if they meet 100 percent. Fear and shaky self-confidence are the root of what holds women back from taking a chance in a new direction,” Sachs tells The New York Post. In this piece, Sachs lists seven ways to move forward after losing a job.