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July 16, 2018

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Things to Consider On Job References

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A reference from a previous employer is among the last steps a hiring manager takes before offering you a job. But don’t assume that you just because you left a position on good terms with your employer that he or she will have glowing things to say about you. This piece talks about some things to consider when it comes to references.

Why it’s Time to Leave Your Job


It’s a new year, it’s only February, and you’re already burned out from heavy workloads, long hours and unrelenting stress. If you’re sick of feeling like a drone going through the motions, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans dream of being able to leave their jobs to do something they really love. Make this year the year that you take control of your life and leave the cubicle.

Here are the top nine reasons employees give for wanting to leave their job, start their own work-from-home business and be their own boss:

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Five Things to Consider Before Asking a Friend to Submit Your Resume


Having an “in” at a company — specifically a friend who can go to bat for you — can be invaluable. But before you ask a pal to submit your resume to a hiring manager, Liz Ryan says there are five key considerations you should take into account.

A 4X6 Index Card Can Help You Find a Job

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Index cards aren’t just for favorite recipes, says career expert Jon Acuff. They can also be a helpful networking tool that can help you in your job search.

Ten Things That Turn Off Hiring Managers

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You’ve gone over your resume with a fine-toothed comb, cleaned up your social media accounts and managed to get an interview at a company where you’d really like to work. But there are still many pitfalls that can trip you up during a face-to-face interview. Read about them here

Seven Job Search Misconceptions

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If you’re counting on a college degree to land a job and think that networking is all about social media, you’re making two common wrong assumptions about what it takes to find a job. Read about five other career misconceptions here.