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October 23, 2018

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Laura Posey


Provocative Leadership – Moving Beyond Problem-Solving To Innovation
How To Double Your Company’s Sales In One Year
Asking Leading Questions – How To Get The Most Out Of Your Team
Believing Is Seeing – Tapping Into Your Team’s Vision


Laura is a co-founder of the Institute for Provocative Leadership, a research and consulting organization as well as co-founder of Dancing Elephants Achievement Group, a strategic sales consulting firm. She is the co-author of Six Secrets of Sales Magnets and over 200 published articles on leadership and sales development. Laura has owned several businesses during her career as well as being a Regional Sales Manager for Nationwide Insurance, where she was earned every sales award they company provided. She is a summa cum laude graduate of SUNY at Buffalo and holds an MBA from Virginia Commonwealth University.


I’ve been enthralling and motivating audiences since I was six years old. Dynamic, entertaining, enlightening and eye-opening are some of the words my audiences use to describe my powerful speaking style. From the first moment I walk on stage I’ll have your audience wondering how they ever succeeded without the knowledge and inspiration they get from me. They will leave the session ready to tackle new challenges with energy and excitement and to work with colleagues at a heightened level of collaboration and teamwork. If you want a speaker to bring results, not just PowerPoint presentations, to your team, we should talk.

Rave Reviews

“During a call like this, if I come away with a couple of nuggets of information or new ideas, I feel it has been time well-spent. This was a gold-mine!”
Damian Sheeran
Concord Computer Systems

“You were a fantastic speaker! You provided a great deal of important information in a short period of time. Excellent!”
Kim Saunders
President and CEO
Consolidated Bank and Trust Company

“Laura, your presentation was excellent — simple, smart and easy to remember. …My team members will benefit greatly from your approach/presentation.”
Susan M. Raher
Senior Vice President
BB&T of Virginia

“I attended a 1-day sales training seminar as a brand new Private Dining Director. I really embraced your concepts, read the book on the way home and have religiously practiced the principles that you teach since then. I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for teaching a way of thinking outside the box. I must have said a thousand times over the last two years, “Wow, Laura Posey said this would happen!”, every time someone called with a referral or a compliment. The PDR sales average is up 20% a month.”
Phebe Thompson
Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar

“I had won other awards for top sales and such but never the Rock Star Award and it has really bothered me. So I really visualized it and really believed that I was going to win this month, just like you said to do. At our monthly staff as soon as our COO began talking about the winner I knew it was me! Thank you!”
Anna Sagan
Sageworks, Inc.

Other convention/meeting clients include: American Heart Association, American Business Women’s Association, National Association of Women Business Owners, Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association, Chem-Dry, Allegra Network, ProForma and many more.


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Lauren Bloom


The Art of the Apology: How to Apologize Effectively to Practically Anyone
How to Apologize to Clients and Customers – And Why Your Lawyer May Tell You Not To!
Elegant Ethical Solutions: How to Resolve Dilemmas While Preserving Your Professional Relationships


Lauren Bloom is an attorney who speaks and consults on business ethics and the author of “The Art of the Apology – How to Apologize Effectively to Practically Anyone.”

For many years, Lauren was the General Counsel and Director of Professionalism of the American Academy of Actuaries, where she delivered hundreds of keynotes, panel presentations and seminars on business ethics, helping thousands of financial professionals nationwide to achieve high ethical standards and responsibly manage their litigation risk. Now, Lauren is the President and CEO of Elegant Solutions Consulting, a firm dedicated to helping professionals, businesses and association management executives build trust with their clients, customers and members by “walking the ethics talk” in their daily practices.

Lauren received her undergraduate degree from Yale College and her J.D. from the Columbus School of Law, Catholic University of America. She also holds an advanced degree in Labor Law with distinction from Georgetown Law Center. A practicing attorney with over twenty years’ experience, Lauren is a Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional, by the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics in Minneapolis, MN. She serves on the Boards of Directors of the Institute of Management Consultants USA and a local community theatre troupe, and appears regularly in films and professional and community theatre productions around the greater Washington, D.C. area.


Lauren is an audience favorite who delivers direct, compassionate advice about how to handle tough ethical issues. Content-rich and entertaining, Lauren’s most requested keynotes are pure audience pleasers:

1. How to Apologize to Clients and Customers — And Why Your Lawyer Might Tell You Not To!

Everyone makes mistakes, but business mistakes can cost a fortune — and possibly ruin your professional reputation. Many business people don’t apologize because they worry they’ll end up in court. This keynote offers practical guidance on how to apologize so effectively that your relationships with clients and customers end up stronger than ever, and lawsuits are less likely.

2. The Art of the Apology: How to Apologize Effectively to Practically Anyone

Lauren’s signature keynote, based on her new book, “The Art of the Apology,” offers invaluable advice on why, when, and how to apologize. Audience members gain an understanding of how apologies heal damaged relationships and restore trust, and the necessary tools to make effective apologies to co-workers, clients, customers, and loved ones.

3. Elegant Ethical Solutions: How to Resolve Dilemmas While Preserving Your Professional Relationships

What can you do when someone in your workplace asks you to do something underhanded, unethical, or just plain wrong? This keyote provides a practical approach to resolving ethical dilemmas, explaining how to analyze an ethical dilemma, brainstorm solutions, and work creatively with other people to come to an elegant, “win-win” solution. It encourages the audience not to blame others, but to approach ethical dilemmas from a compassionate, non-judgmental perspective.

Rave Reviews

“Lauren is as smart as they come — and always entertaining!” — Tom Terry, CEO, JPMorgan Compensation and Benefit Strategies

“Lauren Bloom is a superb speaker. I highly recommend her!” — Donna Claire, FSA, MAAA, President, Claire Thinking, Inc.

“Lauren is warm, humorous, and communicates with clarity and great expression. You really enjoy her!” — William C. Cutlip, President, William C. Cutlip Consulting

“Lauren’s presentation style completely engages the listener.” — Tom Bakos, President, Tom Bakos Consulting Inc.

“Lauren combines a real talent for public communication with the dedication and ethical backbone rarely seen these days. She’s an inspiration.” — Greg Vass, Senior Policy Analyst, America’s Health Insurance Plans


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Linda K. Waters


Professional Image: The 3 key components and how to use them to reach your goals
Networking 123: Tips for mastering in-person and online networking with confidence
Finding Your Passion: Discovering your “best fit” career, and making money at it
Today’s Job Search Strategies- finding your place in today’s job market


After 20 years working in a corporate environment, Linda transformed her career and her life by creating Back to Business LLC, a firm dedicated to helping moms return to the world of work. She is a career consultant, and has a passion for helping people develop the self- awareness, confidence and real- world tools to successfully identify and reach their goals.
Linda has developed a clear, 6- step process to guide anyone wanting to re-enter the workforce or transition careers to success.

Her business has recently grown to provide career direction and effective job search strategies to college-aged students as well.

An accomplished business leader and presenter, she co- hosts a local TV show called “You’re Hired”, and speaks regularly to academic, professional and corporate audiences on career-related topics.
Linda has recently been named the recipient of her region’s Athena Award.


Linda takes a unique approach to the job search, combining her own corporate experience as a working Mom, her experience negotiating flexible work arrangements, and a blend of career- related certifications to provide a unique step- by- step process which effectively helps women make positive career changes.

Rave Reviews

You can view testimonials to the effectiveness of Linda’s programs on LinkedIn at:


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Lisa Ann Schreier


7 Things Every Consumer Needs To Know About Timeshare
Making The Most Of Your Timeshare
Don’t Fall For These Timeshare Tricks!
Timeshare Business Use…Why Rent When You Can Own?


A Chicago area native, Lisa moved to the Central Florida area in September of 1997. With more than 15 years of experience in advertising, marketing, media and PR, she was hired by a local hotel as their Advertising Director. Within a year, she entered the timeshare industry and several months after that, earned her Florida Real Estate License.

She began writing advertising and marketing articles for the industry’s #1 read publication and quickly became a sought after expert for anyone in the media writing about or talking about timeshare.

She published her first book, “Surviving A Timeshare Presentation . . . Confessions From The Sales Table” in October of 2004 and it became an instant hit with the public, who had obviously been longing for no-nonsense information about a product that suffers from a less than stellar reputation. Lisa followed up that success with “Timeshare Vacations For Dummies” in July of 2005 and cemented her reputation as the industry’s expert.

As “The Timeshare Crusader” Lisa continues to expose the industry’s strengths and weaknesses while pushing for more consumer education in this industry that for so long has thrived because of un-educated consumers. She is working on her third book, “An Introduction to Vacation Ownership Management,” a college-level textbook due out in 2008.

Lisa still lives in the Central Florida area with her two cats, enjoys travel, photography, music and driving in her two-seater convertible.


Not all timeshare salespeople wear lime green leisure suits! Lisa is a fun, dynamic and interesting speaker who brings years of experience to her presentations.

At one point or another, nearly everyone has been on a timeshare sales pitch and most people have walked out more confused and more annoyed than when they walked in.

“The Timeshare Crusader” sheds light on what has been, up until now, a mysterious world. Forthright, honest and informative, Lisa does NOT sell, buy, rent, broker or represent any timeshare or any type of timeshare. She is neither pro- nor anti-timeshare, only decidedly pro-educated consumer.

Your attendees will walk away from Lisa’s programs with a better understanding of timeshare, armed with questions to ask before making any purchase decision and the information that they need in order to control any timeshare sales pitch in the future. Anyone who already owns timeshare will be sure to learn tips to have them make more out of their timeshare.

Relax everyone; “The Timeshare Crusader” is here!

Rave Reviews

“I was a little disappointed when (Lisa) mentioned that she would only be back to lecture once in the semester. Her lecture and introduction to the industry was phenomenal! The subject at hand in class isn’t the most exciting one however she kept me very interested with her vibrant personality and her down to earth attitude. I also love how she simply tells it like it is and doesn’t sugar coat anything. I am looking forward to read her book on timeshare. Hopefully we will get a chance to have her more involved throughout the semester.
-J. Rivera-University of Central Florida

“When we sent out invitations and the agenda for our last meeting with included our guest speakers, Lisa Ann Schreier, we had an overwhelming response from our members wanting to attend. Lisa Ann is a dynamic speaker and extremely knowledgeable about what is going on in the timeshare industry. Nearly everyone who attended bought her book to be more timeshare savvy. We highly recommend reading her book and having her speak at one of your future meetings. As we say you learn something new everyday.”
-E and M Hastry-Baltimore, Maryland


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Lisa Eaton


Lessons from a Streaker: How to Fully Express Yourself on a Daily Basis
Strategic Solopreneurs: How to be an Entrepreneur AND Run a Business
Get Organized?! Where Do I Begin?!
Self-Management Tools: It’s About Time!
Increase Your Professionalism


Lisa Eaton is a professional speaker who inspires individuals and entrepreneurs to fully express their potential and gives you tools to run your personal and business lives more strategically.

Since 1996, Lisa has been “solopreneuring” as a Professional Organizer, Personal and Business Coach, Speaker and Writer.

Lisa earned the “coveted” Liberal Arts degree from the University of Minnesota and believes she will use her degree in the future as she comes full circle.

A recreational runner, Lisa has completed 8 marathons including Twin Cities, Grandma’s, Chicago and Disney. As a fair weather runner, Lisa moved to Colorado from Minnesota in 2002 and has no regrets.

Lisa invites you to get ready to train for the biggest race of your life…


In today’s world, we are busy, but are we effective? We are fortunate to have so many opportunities, options and choices, but are we choosing in a way that leads us personally and professionally away from being as productive, and fulfilled, as we can be? People are bored, and overwhelmed, with the daily grind and the everyday busyness of life. They live their lives and run their businesses unconsciously rather than strategically.

Lisa Eaton’s middle name is “Organization” and she sees the big picture of how things fit together and is able to share that vision with her audience and help them break it down into doable details. Her presentations are inspirational and interactive. Lisa sees herself as a facilitator who helps people work from the inside-out, resulting in increased personal power and ownership. Lisa believes life is about expressing yourself, having experiences, and filling yourself, and others, with positive energy.

Hire Lisa for:

Keynotes and breakouts for events with audiences of women, entrepreneurs, and/or students;
Workshops within companies or organizations;
Her S.T.E.P.S. for Students program for high school and college students.

Rave Reviews

Lisa has spoken to associations, law firms, private companies, entrepreneurs, chambers, sales groups, non-profits, financial institutions, the hospitality industry, REALTORS®, and state departments. Participants have this to say:

“Lisa’s speaking engenders her confidence. She shares personal stories that you can resonate with. Lisa is articulate, clear and refreshing.”

“…a fabulous speaker with lots of great information.”

“Lisa – you are an inspiration and great facilitator!”


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Lisa Lockwood


Reinvention 101
Undercover Angel—From Beauty Queen to SWAT Team-The Inspirational Lisa Lockwood Story
“Act as if!” The #1 Tool to Achieve Success in Your Personal and Professional Life
Victim or Victor? Know the difference to make a difference!
Go All In-The Six Musts to Achieve Success


Lisa Lockwood overcame growing up in poverty, to competing in a beauty pageant. She survived an abusive marriage, and the challenges of making it in a male-dominated military to a having a remarkable career in law enforcement. She reveals her illuminating story of Reinvention through perseverance, drive, and confidence in Undercover Angel: From Beauty Queen to Swat Team…A True Story.

Lisa story begins in 1988, when she competed in the Miss Illinois USA Pageant, to her present day life, retired from seven action-packed years on the police department of a Chicago suburb.

In 1992 she served a tour of duty in Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Storm, while serving a four-year stint in the United States Air Force. She was awarded the prestigious honors:
Airman of the Year Worldwide Logistics Squadrons
Airman of the Year, Base-wide Commendation Medal
Good Conduct Medal National Air Defense Medal
Southwest Asia Service Medal Outstanding Service Medal

Upon leaving the Air force she trained at the Chicago Police Academy. Her first marriage of eight years, to an often drunken and verbally abusive man, ended soon after. She would later become the department’s first female SWAT member. She also became an undercover narcotics detective and went through training with the DEA. Some undercover cases involved the FBI. She was named Officer of the Year in 2002.

She went on to marry an affluent Canadian speaker and author. She is now a speaker, author and life coach. She is a certified practitioner in neuro-linguistic programming, a timeline therapy and certified hypno-therapist.

Lisa has earned a Bachelors of Arts and Master of Science degree.


Lisa Lockwood’s lectures draw upon her memoir, Undercover Angel: From Beauty Queen to Swat Team…A True Story. She captivates audiences with her enigmatic life which details her rugged experiences in the male-dominant domains of the military and law enforcement.

Lisa regales her audiences with many colorful stories, including what it was like to:
– Be the first woman on the department’s ultra-macho SWAT.
– Go undercover to catch pedophiles
– Infiltrate drug rings.
– Pose as a prostitute, Hooter’s waitress, and girlfriend to thugs.
– Overcome the sexist, “Boy’s Club fraternity” of the police community to win their respect and praise.
– Become a narcotics detective, earn Officer of the Year

Not all was easy for Lisa, who traded in her high heels and tiara for combat boots and an M-16 rifle. Lisa inspiringly exemplifies how:

– You can pursue your career dream even if others naysay your efforts.
– One can overcome numerous challenges to succeed.
– Despite the limits of your childhood, you can rise above them to win.
– You can adapt to any situation and make it work for you

“I want my audience to feel inspired by showing them a unique transformation: from a welfare kid into a beauty pageant contestant, a soldier to victim of domestic violence, SWAT cop to man-eater, and finally back into the skin in which I was meant to live: A loving, adventurous, nurturing, driven and passionate lady…who just happens to know how to storm a drug house at a moment’s notice.” Lisa Lockwood

Rave Reviews

I enjoyed your talk at the WENS breakfast this morning. Wow, you tell a great story, and it is your life’s adventures and experiences. Good for you! As the saying goes, You have come a long way….baby! I have visited your web site and joined your mailing list. I plan to read your Undercover Angel book.
Karen Edwards, C.S.T. Consultants Inc.

Lisa Lockwood is an inspirational speaker. The members of my women’s network were simply awestruck at Lisa’s inner strength and phenomenal courage. Lisa will capture the heart of any audience and motivate them to conquer any conceivable obstacle. With such a big heart and a sweet smile, Lisa will offer any audience a memorable experience. GO TAKE ON THE DAY LISA.
Sherry Thacker, President and Founder of The Women’s Entrepreneurial Networking System.

Women do need a hero to help set them free from bondage…whether it is abusive relationships or poverty…they can do it all because you are a living example. I feel so touched and I’m inspired by your story. I know you are a very special lady. You’re not only “hot” from the outside you’re a truly beautiful lady inside Lisa. I know your book is going to be a total success. Everyone and women, especially, need to hear your story.
Kim Ha, Real Estate Broker/Owner, Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist, RE/MAX Elite,

I was very moved by your presentation of: “Undercover Angel-The Lisa Lockwood Story.” You made us feel what you were feeling. You are an outstanding speaker because you deliver from the heart.
Naureen Durack, CHA
Formation Pro/Action Training
West Island, Quebec


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