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January 24, 2019

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Job Interview No-No’s? Here Are 10

big_change2You’ve made it through the initial screening process and been offered an in-person interview. All that’s ahead is a formal job offer, right? Wrong. What looms is a minefield just waiting to take you out. This piece lists 10 things to never do during a job interview, including don’t leave your cellphone on, never sit before you’re invited to — and never mumble.

Deutsche Bank’s 2015 Women On Wall Street (WOWS) Conference

5-Deutsche1For the past 20 years, Deutsche Bank has been proud to make a positive impact through our annual Women on Wall Street (WOWS) conference. This year, we went one step further by introducing a fresh, new format designed to reach a more targeted audience – and create an even better experience.


Meaningful dialogue, lasting connections

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Handling an on-the-spot-job offer

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 3.41.13 PMMost job interviews are followed by a waiting game. But what to do you get offered the job on-the-spot?  First, resist the pressure to accept right away, says Richard Moy. Here are his three other tips.

Be a Career Builder  Not A Job Hopper

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The notion of a so-called cradle-to-grave career ended years ago. As a result, many employees no longer have the loyalty to their companies that they once did. And bouncing from one job to another has become the norm. But jumping from job to job can hurt you and just because you’re bored is not a good reason to split from your current position, says Rachel Bitte. Read her four tips on how to build your career and avoid job hopping.


Got Something to Say? Say It — Don’t Email It

Ever email someone who sits right next to you? Of course you have. We all do it. But sometimes, it comes at the expense of talking face-to-face, which can build trust and allow you to pick up on hidden messages that aren’t deciphered on the phone or in email.  Check out this article in Fast Company  gets into the science of when we need to go the face-top-face route, and why.

The “Dirt” On Jobs

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 4.10.40 PMWant to find your dream job? Good luck, says TVs Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs fame. Rowe says the very notion of a dream job is an illusion and that in order to be satisfied at work, we mistakenly think we need to find the perfect job.  “What we’re really looking for is meaningful work,” he says. “Once we can accept that, we can move toward finding something that pays us what we need and gives us the opportunity to engage.” Check out Rowe’s four other career tips here