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September 30, 2020

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Career Resources

8 Steps To Find The Right Federal Job

by Robin Schlinger

Applying for Federal jobs is different then applying for non-Federal jobs. Below is a road map in the form of eight steps to find the right Federal job to apply for & how to apply effectively. You’ll notice the common theme throughout this road map is to follow the instructions carefully. Taking the time to read the instructions thoroughly is your best bet for success!

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Are You Underpaid? Take this Quiz to Find Out

by Shoya Zichy

At least 51 percent of the time I tend to be more:

1. Apt to meet conflict head on -or- Apt to avoid conflict where possible (choose one)

2. Frank and direct -or- Tactful and diplomatic (choose one)

3. Objective when criticized -or- Apt to take things personally (choose one)

If you selected two or more answers in the right column, chances are that you’ll be underpaid by approximately 25% of your true value. That’s because you’re sensitive to your relationship with your boss and tend to step back from pushing as far as you can or should.
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Do’s and Don’ts of Resume Writing

We know the job market is tough right now, and that a faulty résumé can hinder your job search before you’re able to get your foot in the door. We reached out to Dawn Quesnel, CPCC, PCC, better known as Coach DQ, to share some of her top tips for building a dynamic résumé that will keep you in the running.

DO think Results.When writing your resume, think about results you’ve achieved for your employer. What are your quantifiable accomplishments? Think in terms of achievements like:
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YOU in 50 Characters or Less


Sometimes it seems impossible to stand out from millions of résumés online. Now more than ever before – between Online Career Fairs, LinkedIn & other professional social media outlets – it’s so important to sell yourself quickly and effectively before a potential employer moves on to the next applicant.

When you’re connected one-on-one with employers at Women For Hire’s Online Career Fairs, your professional headline is their first impression of who you are as a candidate. This is your opportunity to say it in a just a sentence (50 characters or less, to be exact).
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Fulfilling Promises In the Best and Worst of Times

New York Life Insurance Company Partner Euletta Gordon-Campbell, South Jersey General Office, believes in promises. “When I sell a policy, it’s a promise to be there for my client and their family. And, it doesn’t just stop at delivering the death benefit,” she says, firmly. “I teach my team the lessons that I learned and in particular from this one extraordinary client. Delivering the death benefit was just the beginning.
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Meaningful Career Spotlight: Karen Trovato, Philips N. America


Thirty three years, dozens of roles, and nearly 50 inventions later Karen Trovato continues to improve the world by making the impossible possible within the disciplines of robotics, navigation technology and healthcare solutions at Philips. As a member of Philips Research team (based in Briarcliff Manor, NY), Karen is currently working on what could potentially be her greatest all-time career achievement. That’s huge, considering that she has already been named the ‘2005 Inventor of the Year’ by New York Intellectual Property Law Association, received Philips Research’s prestigious Extraordinary Product Development Award in 1995, and her Electronic Pill invention has been recognized across major networks such as CNN and the New York Times in 2007.
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