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December 19, 2018

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Aol: Follow Tory Johnson On Twitter For Your Job Search In 2013

Aol Jobs has included Tory on the list of top career experts to follow on Twitter when it comes to your job search. As we gear up for an exciting 2013, full of online events, exciting job opportunities and live entrepreneur-focused events through our sister company, Spark & Hustle, we are thrilled to share this exciting news with you. Check it out!

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Follow Tory on Twitter.

March 28 Nationwide Online Career Fair

Thursday, March 28 is Women For Hire’s second FREE Nationwide Online Career Fair in 2013. Log on from 1-4pm EST or 10am-1pm PST to put your resume directly in front of recruiters from a wide range of top corporations, non-profits and government agencies hiring across the United States.

It’s the latest, cutting-edge offering from Women For Hire – the leader in career expos for women. Since 1999, we have been the first and only company devoted to a comprehensive array of recruitment services for talented, career-driven professional women.

Now, no matter where you live, you can benefit from our services.

Registration is OPEN! Click here to register now.

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Are you an employer? Click here to learn more.

How It Works

Our online career fair is similar to attending one of our in-person career expos – only instead of chatting with recruiters face-to-face you’ll do it via instant message from the comfort of your home or office, right at your computer.

It’s simple:

1) Register.
2) Once the event begins, select which organizations interest you. Our system will let you know as soon as that recruiter can talk to you.
3) Chat instantly in a private booth one-on-one about your background, experience and opportunities at their company or organization in a timed, text based chat.

Free Career Advice and Top Career Resources

Join other successful women for this exciting online experience that connects you directly with top employers seeking great talent in your region.

In addition to meeting employers, you’ll also have access to top-notch career advice and resources, including one-on-one chats with career and job search coaches for tips and advice to empower your job search and career development.

Learn what it takes to launch your career, find a better position or reinvent yourself. You’ll log off feeling more empowered, optimistic and enthusiastic about your future.

Featured Employers:

Please check back as we get closer to the event for a list of featured employers.

Participating Employers:

Please check back as we get closer to the event for a list of participating employers.

Big Changes in 2013

The recruiting world has changed with the times and now Women For Hire will, too.

Going forward, we will focus exclusively on Nationwide Online Career Fairs.

Our decision is based on extensive research and feedback from both job seekers and employers. The future of recruiting is online for a variety of reasons: online events are simpler to arrange, neither recruiters nor job seekers have to travel and since there are no venue fees, they’re more cost effective.

We have a good track record on predicting trends: 13 years ago, until Women For Hire was founded, no one featured career expos devoted to women. We are still the go-to destination for smart and savvy women who are interested in connecting with top employers.
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Sandy Comfort from the Women For Hire and Spark & Hustle Team

With your generous contributions and unending support, the Spark & Hustle (and Women For Hire) community raised over $100,000 in just 15 days for people affected by hurricane Sandy. Our promise to you was that every dollar would go directly into the hands of the those hardest hit by the storm.

Over the last month, my team and I have gone to work on your behalf, purchasing kitchen appliances, power tools, electrical supplies, food, clothing, toys and more for those whose homes were destroyed. The most unexpected blessings of coordinating this campaign are the beautiful bonds we’ve formed with the families.
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Vacation Time Goes Unused by Many Americans

If you are lucky enough to have vacation time, you should use it. You’ll be more productive after some relaxing and unwinding, whether you take a lavish cruise to an exotic island or curl up on the couch for a week-long movie marathon.
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Older Women Workers: Kicked to Curb

As women get older, many want to – or have to – continue to work, just as many men do. But ABC News says that a new report from the advocacy group OWL indicates that middle-aged and older women may have a tougher time of it than their male counterparts.