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December 13, 2018

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Newsroom: Top Faux Pas We Make Negotiating

Women aren’t bad negotiators but we do better when asking for someone else then we do for ourselves. Here are five things to not say when negotiating.


Newsroom: Working Parents Don’t Share Child Care

A new study finds that working parents, who believe in sharing child-care duties equally, rarely do it. One reason: women enjoy it more than men, The Wall Street Journal says.  Researchers surveyed 181 married professors with kids under age two, all of whom had access to paid parental leave. The majority of male and female professors said they think parents should share child care duties. But only three of 109 menreported that they did half or more of the care, while 70 of 73 women reported doing at least half, even when both spouses worked full time. Female professors on paid maternity leave spent most of their time off on infant care, including breastfeeding. Male professors used leaves to focus on research and publishing papers.


Newsroom: Top Companies For Women Execs

The National Association for Female Executives has named its Top 50 companies for executive women. Top 10: Bank of America, Cisco, General Mills, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, KPMG, The New York Times Company, Procter & Gamble, Prudential Financial and State Farm Insurance. Read the full list and why they were picked.

Nationwide Online Career Fair – April 25, 2013


Thursday, April 25 is Women For Hire’s third FREE Nationwide Online Career Fair in 2013. Log on from 1-4pm EST or 10am-1pm PST to put your resume directly in front of recruiters from a wide range of top corporations, non-profits and government agencies hiring across the United States.

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Newsroom: Recognize This Person?

“If you’re the boss, it’d do you some good to assume you are clueless, insensitive, and selfish– especially if you wield a lot of power or your people are performing especially well,” writes Good Boss, Bad Boss, Robert Sutton. He says humans “are often blind to our weaknesses and giving people power amplifies this tendency: We become more focused on our needs and wants, less focused on others, and act like the rules apply to others and not us.”



Newsroom: Having Second Thoughts About Your Facebook Friends?

Are you reconsidering your friends on Facebook? With more and more employers using social media sites like Facebook to screen candidates, women are more likely than men to unfriend their digital buddy lists, this story says.  A Pew study found women and younger users tend to streamline the most: 67% of women with social network profiles have unfriended someone, compared to 58% of men. Woman have also curtailed friend access more so than men at about the same 9% difference. Of note: just 8% of women regret something they’d posted on Facebook, compared to 15% of men.