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October 31, 2020

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Should You Tell A Potential Employer That You’re Pregnant?


IMG_7579In 2012 at age 33, Talia Goldstein was a successful CEO of a matchmaking start up company. And she had a secret: she was pregnant. In an essay published this month in Fortune magazine, Goldstein shared a journal entry from April of that year. “It’s awful knowing that the second I reveal that I am pregnant, investors will suddenly second guess whether I am capable enough to run a company. So, I am going to hide my pregnancy as long as I can,” Goldstein wrote in her journal. Goldstein told ABC News Monday that she worried investors would not take a pregnant CEO seriously so she covered up. “In one meeting it was 80 degrees outside and I wore a trench coat,” she recalled. “But I thought, better off looking ridiculous than looking pregnant.” In an appearance Monday on Good Morning America, Women for Hire CEO Tory Johnson discussed the case and said it’s OK for pregnant women to conceal their pregnancy from would-be employers because mommy bias against pregnant employees is a reality.  “It is hard enough to get job and the reality is that being pregnant and showing is difficult and it’s almost permission to not choose you.” Check out what else Tory has to day in this video below.

Would you hide your pregnancy from a prospective employer while job-searching?  Why or why not?

Is it Ever Okay to Cry at Work?


Crying at work used to be career suicide, but experts now say weeping can actually help you climb the corporate ladder — as long as it’s done sporadically. The New York Post reports that it’s OK to cry in front of your boss when you care a lot, if others are also upset or if you’re going through a tough time.  Save tears for after hours or the bathroom when you’re angry, have been criticized or are tired.

Read more here and if you have ever cried in front of the boss, what was the reaction?

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