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December 13, 2018

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Study Shows Female CEOs Get Paid Less

According to data complied by Bloomberg, last year, of the five best-paid executives at each of the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index companies, only 198 were women, or 8 percent of the total. They on average earned $5.3 million — 18 percent less than men.
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Do Workers Take Caring Bosses for Granted?

According to a study by IMD business school of Switzerland, caring bosses who help employees with their personal and work problems shouldn’t expect gratitude, loyalty and commitment in return.

While most managers believe offering emotional support will benefit their company, most employees simply view such shows of kindness as part of their superiors’ duties and have no intention of working any harder.
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Success Spotlight: Wendy Edwards

Growing up in Jamaica, Wendy Edwards learned the value of education and independence at an early age. “I studied at a private school for girls that stressed the importance of discipline and self-reliance, later moving to New York with my brother to attend Queens College. My parents encouraged my brothers, my sister, and myself to come to the U.S. to pursue the American dream,” explains Ms. Edwards. “They believe that with hard work and determination, the United States can offer tremendous opportunity for anyone.”

That foundation of hard work and self-reliance proved to be beneficial as she found herself working a 40-hour week while going to school full-time. All this while adjusting to the hustle and bustle of New York — quite different from life on a small Caribbean island. Her job working as an assistant to a New York Life Agent gave her a first taste of the life insurance business. “It really appealed to my sense of independence. From day one I knew I wanted to be my own boss, and I liked the freedom that a career with New York Life offered,” she says. “You can basically
write your own paycheck. The amount of time and effort you put in truly determines your success.”
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Seven Ways Job Interviewers Try to Trip You Up – and How to Avoid Stumbling

By Vicky Oliver

With the dramatic improvement in the job market, now is the time for all job seekers to get serious about finding a job. Landing an interview is the first step. But then you’ll need to get mentally prepared for 45 of the most harrowing minutes of your life – the average length of a job interview.

Job interviews are nerve-wracking for the simple reason that interviewers like to ask questions that knock people off balance. Doing so gives them the opportunity to see if the candidate can think on her feet, come up with dazzlingly brilliant answers instantly, and keep her cool.
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Bouncing Back to Work After Baby

If you’re a new mom looking to return to the workforce, have an updated and thorough LinkedIn profile and use it to follow companies you’re interested in joining, Women For Hire CEO Tory Johnson tells The New York Post. Tone down updates on your baby’s latest milestone, she says, and “focus some of your activity on your professional interests.”

Five Strategies To Advance and Own Your Professional Development


By Deborah Shane

What are you doing today to own your professional development? Are you doing the pulling or is someone else doing it for you? Careers used to move themselves, but today we are responsible for moving our careers in the direction we want them to go.

It’s really always been up to us to find, get and keep a job. Just a few years ago all you had to do was call a company you wanted to work for, or ask a colleague to make an introduction, and within a relatively short time you could have a job or switch jobs.
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