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October 22, 2014

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Online Career Fairs

2014 Nationwide Online Events:

Nationwide Online Career Fairs:
Thursday, February 27 Open from 1pm-4pm ET, 10am-1pm PT
Thursday, March 27 Open from 1pm-4pm ET, 10am-1pm PT
Thursday, April 24 Open from 1pm-4pm ET, 10am-1pm PT

Important Online Event Details:

  • Free to register and to attend
  • Register by clicking the event you’d like to attend
  • Resume upload is not required, but highly recommended
  • Free career coaching available at multi-company events

Are you an employer?
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Women For Hire career expos are high-caliber recruiting events that enable talented women in all fields to meet directly with recruiters and hiring managers from top employers. Whether you’re an experienced professional with several years of experience under your belt or a graduating college student, these one-day events are an ideal chance to launch or advance your career.

Thanks to our new partners Brazen Careerist we’ve moved our high-caliber career expos to an online forum so that women in every nook and cranny of the United States can benefit from our signature career expos.

Log On for Women For Hire’s Online Career Fairs in 2014

Our high-caliber Online Career Fairs the latest, cutting-edge offering from Women For Hire – the leader in career expos for women. Since 1999, we have been the first and only company devoted to a comprehensive array of recruitment services for talented, career-driven professional women.

Leading employers throughout the country have recruited top talent at Women For Hire events since our inception in 1999. We’ve collected more than 10,000 success stories from women who say they were hired at our events or have benefited from our advice on job searching and career development.

Now, no matter where you live, you can benefit from our services.

See what some women are saying about the Online Career Fair experience:“At first I was skeptical. I was just laid off due to a workforce reduction. Once I signed on and communicated with the recruiters I was very impressed, motivated and hopeful. The recruiters I spoke with were very knowledgeable, understanding and helpful. I felt like a winner…I felt like I can do this… and I can do it now!!! Thank you so very much for providing such a grand opportunity. You are the best.” –Deborah M.

It felt like a sisterhood of professional women working together to help me get back into the world and using my education, skills, and finding self fulfillment.Anonymous, Marketing

“[I loved its] ease of use. I didn’t have to spend much time before the event started. It’s VERY user friendly.” - Holly R., Administration

“I thought this was a very efficient process and would definitely attend another session. Of course my only wish list would be to have a bit more time. It was extremely valuable and I thank you for the invitation.” –Marisa P.

“I liked being able to join multiple lines and still be able to review all company sites.” -Ally B., Human Resources Manager

“[The event was] very user Friendly. I liked the ability to wait-list for multiple employers and browse the websites while waiting and the fact that your place was held in line until you finished your first live chat.” -Donna B., Information Technology

“Quick, easy and in the convenience of my own home!” -Kelly S., Marketing Director

“The interface made the experience just like being at a live event. Very user-friendly and intuitive.” -Recent MBA Graduate

“I enjoyed the event. Gathered realistic info from resume experts. Made contact with 2 solid leads. Overall, the career fair was well organized, easy to access, no technical glitches. I actually enjoyed it.” –Abby R.


How It Works

Our online career fairs are similar to attending one of our in-person career expos – only instead of chatting with recruiters face-to-face you’ll do it via instant message from the comfort of your home or office, right at your computer.

It’s simple:

1) Once registration opens, log in with our partner Brazen Careerist and create a profile.
2) Once the event begins, select which organizations interest you. Our system will let you know as soon as that recruiter can talk to you, and unlike an in-person event, you can hop into as many lines as you want!
3) Chat instantly in a private booth one-on-one about your background, experience and opportunities at their company or organization.

Career Advice and Top Career Resources

Join other successful women for this exciting online experience that connects you directly with top employers seeking great talent nationwide.

In addition to meeting employers, you’ll also have access to top-notch career advice and resources, including one-on-one chats with career and job search coaches for tips and advice to empower your job search and career development.

Learn what it takes to launch your career, find a better position or reinvent yourself. You’ll log off feeling more empowered, optimistic and enthusiastic about your future.

Online Career Fair Schedule