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January 26, 2023

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Anne M. Obarski


Gen Who? What to do when the Generations Collide!

Make Your Business Contagious! Let Your Customers Spread the Word

Boomerang Customers: 5 Critical Things Keep Your Customers Coming Back!

Retail Business is Show Business! Keep Your Customers Applauding and Returning!

Bullfrogs Have it Easy… They EAT What Bugs Them! – Unbeatable Communication Skills To Use Around Your “Pad”!


Anne M. Obarski is the “Eye” on Performance”. Anne’s goal is to help businesses become “CONTAGIOUS”! You’ve got it and the customer needs it so how do you make the connection? Her Customer Retention System will show you how!

She is Founder and Executive Director of Merchandise Concepts, a business consulting service since 1984. As an internationally published author and professional speaker, she helps people see themselves through their customers’ eyes.

As a previous sportswear buyer for the May Co. department stores, Anne found herself traveling worldwide to find just the right merchandise for her customers and her million dollar department.

Anne’s background also includes that of a college professor for 15 years teaching retail buying and mathematics classes which prompted her to write the workbook, “Applied Retail Mathematics”. She is also the author of “Surprising Secrets of Mystery Shoppers” and a contributing author to the books, “Confessions of Shameless Self Promoters”, “Real WORLD Customer Service Strategies That Work” and most recently published “Conversations on Customer Service and Sales” featuring business guru Brian Tracy. Her company’s mystery shoppers, better known as Retail Snoops, have secretly “snooped” over 2000 stores nationwide searching for excellence in customer service. Guess what, she is still looking!

She is Past President of the National Speakers Association – Pittsburgh, PA Chapter, of which she received the Chapter Member of the Year –2000 award. She is currently on the board of the National Speakers Association, Saint Louis Chapter. She is member of the National Speakers Association and sits on the board of a number of non-profit associations.


Anne M. Obarski is the “Eye” on Performance”, and delivering a great performance is what Anne does for her audiences whether in a keynote, breakout or customized training session. She believes that businesses should hold their employees accountable for giving great customer service and Anne practices what she preaches.

As a past college instructor, Anne brings her love of teaching and a great sense of humor to her lively sessions and helps companies get “back in the box” and focus on the basics that keep their customers coming back….enviable, repeatable, remarkable customer service. You can bet there won’t be any sleeping going on in the back of Anne’s sessions!

As a speaker and trainer, Anne personally customizes programs for 5 – 5,000 and she knows how to engage any size audience and help them learn the critical essentials to being savvy and successful in their businesses. Audience members have been heard recently saying, “You really did your homework about our industry and you hit every issue that is important to us. You sounded like you were one of us!”

So don’t hire Anne if you want a “feel good speaker”! Hire Anne if you want to learn and be able to implement ideas and systems that will bring quantifiable results to your company and its customer service performance!

(A secret of why she is outstanding on the platform….she is a closet chocoholic!)

Rave Reviews

“I take this opportunity on behalf of the team at Cite Up Limited to thank you for the two inspiring presentations you gave to the retail community here in Trinidad in September and November 2005.”

We have taken the opportunity to stay in touch with many of the organizations that attended ‘Retail Is Detail’ and continue to hear great reviews and success stories resulting from what participants have learnt.

“Your personal presentation style is quite dynamic and most if not all of the participants echoed this sentiment.”
-Ken Corbie, Managing Director, Cite Up

“Thank you for joining us in Louisville to present two strong sessions during the 2007 ANLA Management Clinic. As you know, your sessions were very well attended and the second session grew in attendance as the word spread. We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback of your sessions. Our attendees particularly valued the “Making Your Business Contagious” session.”
-Stephanie Stockton, Director of Business Education, American Nursery & Landscape Association

“…Your enthusiasm, knowledge…and interactive atmosphere not only was well received but fostered an atmosphere that supported change and excitement!” -Kenneth E. Gorton, Chief Administrator, Arthritis Foundation

“She was great. Upbeat. One of the very best speakers we have ever had.” -Pattie Miller, Giant Eagle

“Very well done…You were polished, packaged and presentable!”
-Norma Liebenquth, Family Resources of PA

“Scale of 1 to 10…a 10!”
-Mary Swedrun, Giant Eagle

“Did a great job bridging our skits with some concrete advice on listening skills and their impact on the customer” Rebecca Lamperski, Pittsburgh Radio and Television Club”

“Your energy and enthusiasm certainly captured our merchants’ attention…I believe that they hung on your every word”
-Mindy Suhoza, Marketing Director, Monroeville Mall

Anne’s client list includes, corporations, associations and conference meetings within the US and the Caribbean.

Contact Anne M. Obarski

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April Welch


Organizing your personal & professional life

Organize the kids & the family will follow

Chronic Disorganization

Every great leader understands their organizing style


April Welch, CPO® (certified professional organizer) – resides in WA State with her two sons (aka – test subjects for future client understanding) & her firefighter husband. She has been organizing for 13 years & has been getting credit for it for almost 4. Currently, April is one of a few Certified Professional Organizers in WA State. She is also actively working on her certification in Chronic Disorganization with the National Study Group for Chronic Disorganization (NSGCD).


When was the last time you actually enjoyed talking about organizing?

My guess, hmmm…

Join Certified Professional Organizer, April Welch in her one of a kind approach to getting organized. Whether you’re looking to motivate the potential leadership in the room by discussing the importance of order or you feel the audience needs the good old fundamentals of organizing, April will bring humor, tried & true tips as well as a connection that speaks to all learning styles & brain types.

Rave Reviews

“The visual was key to me! It’s making a huge difference in my mindset. I truly didn’t realize I would grasp this way of thinking so much! It’s actually fun! Thank You!”

~ Time Management in the New Year attendee (Bavarian Lodge)

“Thanks for the workshop last night. It was fun, very “meaty” and full of great wisdom. You really know how to take “organizing” to the deeper level – it’s really about time management, discipline, values and ethics… and as you said, “honoring the souls of our children.” I can imagine you taking your workshops to a greater audience!”

~ Mom & Me Workshop attendee (Women’s Retreat)

Contact April Welch

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Arlene T. Dyer


“How Was Your Day?”—Every new day has 24 hours, learn how to maximize your hours by using 12 simple steps.

“It’s Time For The Real Me To Stand Up And Be Counted.”—Experiencing personal growth thru self-evaluation, self-appreciation and self-awareness

“Will I Suffer At Work When I’m Hurting At Home?”—How to resolve the issue of domestic violence.

“I Hate My Job But I Need The Money.”—Proven techniques for transforming the most menial tasks into dream positions.

“Korporate Kids” a seminar designed for your up and coming leaders.—Building self-esteem, self-awareness and self-approval through fun


I am an entrepreneur, international professional speaker, as well as a life skills coach who specializes in job work ethics training. My innovative work in the field of Employment and Social Services has resulted in my lecturing in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Birmingham and Kano, Nigeria, West Africa. I am also a Featured Expert in 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life with John Gray, Jack Canfield and Richard Carlson.

Owner/Publisher of REYD Publications since 1995
Author of five books:

How Was Your Day? —Your 90-Day Personal Evaluation Journal

You Got the Job! …Now What? —A survival guide for new employees. (available in Spanish)

I Got the Job! …Now What? —A blueprint for successful employment.

Escaping to the Workplace.
—A book addressing the growing trend of women and men battered at home, respected at work.

Who Are You? And What Are You All About? —A self-evaluation handbook.

Founder/President of MYSELF Inc. (Making Youth Successful Employing Lifetime Formulas) a non-profit 501(c) (3) educational organization formed in1998 to provide an on-going series of self-empowerment seminars for disadvantage under-achieving/at risk youth. MAMA (Making A Major Adjustment) a recently formed program for women who have been abused mentally, physically, emotionally and financially.

Twenty years as an Employment Program Representative/Job Workshop Instructor for the California State Employment Development Department. Vocational Education Teaching Credential from UCLA. Certificate in Management Effectiveness from USC School of Business.

Featured in The New York Daily News, ADWEEK, L.A. Downtown News, Los Angeles Wave Newspaper, The Jewish Calendar, Bronze Mahogany, Freedom, Sharing Ideas, and Radio-TV Interview Report and TVGuestpert. Contributing Writer for the L.A. Watts Times. 2007 Who’s Who of American Women & Who’s Who in the World. Past Club Secretary, and Director of the Kiwanis Club of USC-University Park Los Angeles, Advisory Council member of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles.


During my presentation, you will laugh, learn and laugh. The audience is part of my presentation questions are asked and the answers are interesting to everyone. You will not only learn a lot about yourself but also about the person or persons sitting next to you. No one is bored or falls to sleep. Some of the questions are light hearted and some are thought provoking. Everyone walks away with a new opinion about himself or herself. You also discovered you are not alone in your thoughts and behavior. You are constantly laughing and learning about yourself. Everyone leaves with a smile because of having a good laugh about one or several of the questions. It is a good time for all. The program can be tailored to specific questions you would like to ask or have answered by your staff. Once again, your group will laugh, learn and laugh.

Rave Reviews

Arlene brought us out our comfort zone and we really appreciated her doing that.

The information was very informative and we were constantly laughing. I love her theme laugh, learn and laugh.

She made me realize I could use another way to do my work at the office so it would be less stressful.

I enjoyed some of the information pertaining to what I should do before I get out of bed; I used to watch my Dad do that and never understood why until today. Great session.

Ms. Dyer came to Juvenile Hall to help those who were being released find employment in a career we were good at she explained how there is a good side to every bad side. I stole cars she said, “I could work for an auto recovery service.” She really cared about us.

I thought I could read my paper but once Arlene started with the first question, I had to put my paper down. The whole group was laughing.

Simple questions took some of us a long time to answer. I really enjoyed the different stories she told. The punch lines were great.

I tried to write down all the short stories Arlene told so I could share them with my friends on the internet.

I enjoyed her presentation she was well prepared.

Arlene made me think about my health and the different things I was doing wrong.

She is a master at story telling, I never would have guessed the punch line.

Ms. Dyer spoke to our high school class and everyone gave her respect. She made us think about how we could do better in school and about our future.

-Los Angeles County Social Workers, Los Angeles Unified School District, Los Angeles Public Library

Contact Arlene T. Dyer

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Beverly Mahone


I Want Attention: How to get media exposure for your business

The Benefits & Risks of Working with the Media

Learn How to Dance in the Rain (inspirational)

Help! My Body is Under Attack!!!

Lordy, Lordy, Are there any Good Men Still Left Over 40?


Beverly Mahone is a veteran journalist who spent more than 25 years in radio and television news. She has worked as a radio news anchor, television photographer/reporter and assignment editor. After leaving the business in 2006, she decided to start her own media consulting business where she coaches women on marketing and promoting themselves for media exposure.

Beverly is also author of the best selling book, Whatever! A Baby Boomer’s Journey Into Middle Age. The book takes a humorous and inspirational look at growing older. As a result of her book, she has been invited to speak to numerous women’s groups about the subjects she writes about.

She has appeared as a baby boomer expert on MSNBC-TV and WOR in New York and been featured in the New York Times.

In addition to being a work-at-home mom, Beverly is also a wife, mother and grandmother.


“I know I’m in the struggle of my life right now. You see, my body has become the victim of a hostile takeover by an extremist group known as the fat cells. They think my stomach, hips, thighs and behind will be their final resting place but if I have the last say on this, there will be a resurrection.”

This is an excerpt from a speech titled, “Help! My Body is Under Attack!!!” It has been my most requested and the one that all women in my age group seem to identify with.

I am a very versatile speaker who can give keep an audience captivated whether I’m giving a serious or humorous speech. I also love doing interative seminars.

Because of my background in media, I am often asked to conduct workshops on how to handle pesky reporters and the best ways to disseminate information.

I am often asked to come back for a return engagement.

Rave Reviews

“I think your advice and your personal story telling help bring out your religious beliefs as well as your love of people.”
Nikki Giovanni

“Beverly’s speaking and interviewing consulting service will help new speakers prepare for their first time at the mic and help seasoned pros polish their performance skills. Bev is phemomenal!”
Trevy A. McDonald
Author/Publisher/Transformational Speaker

Invitations to speak from:

The People’s Media Alliance
Durham, NC
Media Day–Durham Public Schools
Durham, NC
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority
Henderson, NC (3x)
People Investment Project
Canton, OH
New Redeemer Women’s Ministry Washington, DC (2x)
Women’s Empowerment
Raleigh, NC (3x)
For Sisters Only
Atlanta, GA

Contact Beverly Mahone

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Bunkie Lynn


Women in Herstory: The Gals Behind the Gents

Exercise & Its Avoidance

Luxury: Necessity’s Favorite Aunt

It’s My Moodswing & I’ll Rage if I Want To!

Don’t Make Me Smack You With My Steel Magnolia!


Humorist Bunkie Lynn, author of The Big Girls’ Guide to Life, a 2004 ForeWord Book of the Year Finalist, navigates the trials faced by women in our body-obsessed world, noting that “society’s ideal female represents a genetic mutation between a pretzel stick and a silicone breast implant.” A popular Keynote for women’s events and writers’ conferences, Bunkie is a columnist for the Women’s National Book Association;, a plus-sized women’s clothing retailer; and a True Defender of EveryWoman in her blog at Her “Real 4 Food Groups” are Chocolate, Garlic, Red Wine & Dessert.

A native of Tucson, Bunkie resides near Nashville, Tennessee. She earned a degree in Radio-TV-Film from the University of Texas at Austin, cut her teeth on Austin City Limits, worked for two decades in advertising, film/video production and international marketing, and speaks four languages. She is married, has a son, and owns two very rambunctious dogs.

Bunkie’s next novel, Moodswing Manifesto, is a ‘menopausal romp’ that will make middle-aged women everywhere toss their control top pantyhose. Visit Bunkie’s web site,, for upcoming appearance details.


Because Bunkie knows that the Real 4 Main Food Groups are Chocolate, Garlic, Red Wine & Dessert, and she isn’t above bribing an audience with Goo Goo Clusters for laughs. (Nashville’s Standard Candy, maker of world-famous Goo Goo Clusters, provides samples!).

Bunkie’s an animated, hilarious speaker who draws sell-out crowds, gets rave reviews, and isn’t afraid to show her large granny underpants to obtain publicity for your event. Bunkie’s broadcasting savvy makes her a smooth talker, on-air and onstage; she understands the value of pre-event marketing and schmoozing, appearances the day before an event to punch up civic PR, and the need for cocktails and photo-ops with event sponsors. Let’s face it, the gal is easy (to work with!).

Bunkie always provides custom material, tailoring comments to your specific cause, to deeply connect with the audience for big laughs, big checks, and great memories. Bunkie and her team market your event on her website and blog with links and photos. She gets great coverage from producers and editors, and works hard to intrigue and engage your local media. Bunkie insists on written post-event feedback from clients, even though she might beat you with her purse if you don’t sing her praises. When Bunkie Lynn is your keynote, EveryWoman leaves moved, motivated, and has probably peed her pants, so order those plastic chair covers now.

Bunkie tells women of all sizes what it takes to release their inner spirit, accomplish their most difficult goals, and sail to their personal star. Women need motivation, but what every woman craves most is a good five-minute belly laugh that rivals sex as a stress-buster. Bunkie Lynn delivers the belly, plus the belly laughs, and your audience will never stop thanking you for the experience!

Rave Reviews

● Health at Every Size Radio Show, WRFN-FM, Nashville TN, June 2007
“My listeners loved Bunkie! Her wisdom and wit “fits” every dress size. Great talent she has for ad-libbing! Come back soon!
– Dr. Peggy Elam, host & producer

● Humanities Tennessee Young Writer’s Workshop, Nashville, TN, July 2006
“Our students loved Bunkie’s style and wit! One of our best sessions ever!”
– Emily Masters, Director

● Akron (OH) Reading Fest, September 2005
“Bunkie’s humor was a great draw for this debut event.”
– Seth Keyes, Director

● New Albany (Indiana) Public Library Fundraiser, July 2005
“Bunkie was so popular, we broke attendance records and exceeded our goals. The audience laughed so hard we couldn’t speak!”
– Carla Robinzon, Director

● National Association of Women Business Owners, Nashville, TN, April 2005
“Bunkie’s message resonates with savvy women business owners, particularly those who celebrate diversity and embrace positive thinking.”
– Carol Webster, NAWBO Government Affairs Chairman

● Hewlett-Packard International Women’s Day, Boise ID, March 2005
“Thanks, Bunkie, for a sell-out, wonderful event that surpassed all our expectations; you earned our highest speaker rating, please come back!”
– Nancy Frank, HP/Boise Women’s Network Officer

● Williamson County Democratic Women, Franklin, TN, September 2004
“Bunkie’s ability to cross political, gender and philosophical lines allows her to connect with virtually everyone in the audience. What an entertainer and motivator!”
– Maggie Faille, President

● The Dogwood Arts Festival, Knoxville, TN, April 2004
“Bunkie’s sold-out keynote luncheon was the hit of the festival! We laughed until our sides split, and the wisdom she delivers with her wit reminds us that women can accomplish anything!”
– Ann Julius, Dogwood Arts Festival Chairman

● Detroit Free Press: “The Big Girls’ Guide to Life celebrates living large with sass, heart and wit. A brazen, fun, much-needed toast to the Junoesque sisterhood.”
– Lori Hall Steele, reviewer

Contact Bunkie Lynn

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Carol D. O'Dell


Integrity is Pasteurized Milk—A Woman’s Guide to Professionalism

Will Caregiving Cost Me My Job? Strategies to Stay in the Game

Sandwich Generation? The Toll of Caregiving and Practical Ways to Reclaim Your Joy

We’re Not Connecting: Building a Bridge Between the Medical Community, Caregivers, and their Families

Stay Focused—Taking Care of Yourself and Your Career in Three Easy Steps

If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Your Mother: Finding Your Hidden Path from Mom’s Example


Carol D. O’Dell’s passion is to tell stories, and through stories to teach, offer insights, comfort and guide. She is a national speaker, teacher and author, and her gripping memoir MOTHERING MOTHER is for anyone who finds themselves “in the middle” of caring for loved ones while sustaining their own sense of self. MOTHERING MOTHER gets to the heart of the “sandwich” generation and overflows with humor, grace and much needed honesty. Her stories have been described as “full of magic and wonder” and moments of offered grace.”

Carol has been interviewed on numerous television and radio programs including PBS/WEDU special on the “Up Close with Cathy Unruh Show” which featured her book, MOTHERING MOTHER and focused on the current issues baby boomers face. She has been featured on WJXT, WSDK, WJCT, KSDK Internet Radio Voices, Authors on the Radio and as a guest speaker on bestselling author, Jacqueline Marcell’s radio program, Coping with Caregiving, aired worldwide. Carol’s fiction and nonfiction work has appeared in numerous publications including Voices of Alzheimer’s, Atlanta Magazine, Southern Revival, Mature Matters and AIM, America’s Interracial Magazine. She is the health editor for Hot Psychology Magazine and a graduate of Jacksonville University.

Carol D. O’Dell is a requested speaker at Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, caregiving, hospice, family dynamic, writing and women’s conferences around the country. Her southern flare and gift of surprising humor and poignant drama is refreshing. Audience members find Carol to be a passionate and captivating speaker with a compelling message.


I was adopted at age four to Southern, fundamentalist parents in their mid-fifties—what more could a writer want?

Carol D. O’Dell has a passion–to communicate. There’s nothing more fulfilling to Carol than to capture a room full of people—and for them to go on a journey with her and forget to breathe. She loves to write, speak and teach, and that passion began in her childhood as the daughter of a southern woman preacher. Carol grew up under a grand piano on stage at a prominent Atlanta church. She watched her mother command a room and bring people to the point of laughter, praise and tears. And from that day, she knew what she longed to do.

Carol is a relaxed, personal style speaker who talks to each person in the room as if they’re her dear, dear friend. She takes you by surprise with her candor and striking humor, and yet she has the ability to hold your hand and take you to the scary places you don’t want to go alone. Her enthusiasm is contagious. People line up after her presentations—to connect, hug, and be listened to. Carol knows that listening and spending time with those have come to her hear her is as important as standing “on stage.”

Whether Carol is addressing a medical conference, on a television or radio interview, or an intimate support group, her warmth and professionalism shines through. Her motto is, “When I finish speaking or teaching, you should feel like the most important person in the world.”

Rave Reviews

[Mothering Mother] A beautiful rendering of a difficult but all-too-common situation, told with plenty of humor…and much love.
-MF Wilkens, Booklist Review

Carol’s prose is both stimulating and soothing, with humor and wit that adds a refreshing breeze to a subject often cloaked in whispers. A welcome new voice to the field of caregiving!
-Jacqueline Marcell, author of Elder Rage

Ms. O’Dell captivated her audience and speaks with the love, passion and wisdom. Carol is a competent and personable speaker with a wealth of knowledge.
-Stephania Sykes-Burns, Program Coordinator, Alzheimer’s Association

Carol received rave reviews. Attendees commented on her practical advice, valuable information, her professionalism, and her friendly, but lively presentation style. She is knowledgeable, organized and prepared, warm and professional.
-Kathleen Clower, Director, Instructional Media, Florida Community College at Jacksonville

Her story [Mothering Mother] of that time is honest, poignant, even heart wrenching, and often, unexpectedly comic. To say that we were impressed with both her fortitude and her ability to write her story in real time is an understatement.
-Rosemary Daniell, Author, Speaker, Writing Coach

Mothering Mother documents the daily love, doubts, ambivalence, guilt, grief, and small triumphs that accompany caregiving. Those of us in the Baby-boomer generation will resonate with the emotional roller coaster that many of us have or are currently experiencing, or fear having to face with our own aging parents.
-Barry K. Baines, MD. Medical Director, Hospice Director and Author of Ethical Wills

Carol O’Dell is a wonderful storyteller, both in her written work and in engaging personal presentations. As a professional geriatric care manager, educator, and writer, I high recommend her.
-Shannon Martin, MSW, Director of Community Relations, Aging Wisely

Carol’s workshop was one of the best I have ever attended, anywhere, and that includes far more costly conferences and even academic venues. Carol obviously knows exactly what she is doing and is generous in sharing.
-Gerri Teran, President of Georgia Writers

Contact Carol D. O’Dell

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