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April 17, 2014

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Make Money at Home

Tory Johnson’s all-new comprehensive
Make Money at Home program sponsored by:

The No. 1 question that Tory is asked every single day—and it’s gotten stronger and louder given the economy—is:


Based on the success of her New York Times bestseller Will Work From Home and her popular first Work From Home web video, Tory is excited to announce an affordable, comprehensive program that is devoted exclusively to serious, legitimate ways to make money from home.

Tory ‘s three-part Make Money at Home series is jam packed with valuable information, tips, tactics and strategies to help you start your journey to earning cash without a commute.

• Want to spend more time with your family?
• Lost your job and looking for a second career?
• Have a medical challenge that keeps you home bound?
• Looking to supplement your income?
• Need to ditch that costly, gas-guzzling commute?
• Dream of being in control of your earning potential?
• Want to start a holiday fund?
• Trying to replenish your dwindling retirement fund?
• Saving for a rainy day?

No matter why you want to work from home, Make Money at Home will help you pick the opportunity that suits you best.

For the low, introductory price of just $39.95 as a one-time payment for the year-long program, here’s a complete list of what you’ll get:

1.) Tory’s new 90-minute Work from Home II

Featuring fast-paced conversations with two dozen work at home women of varying ages, education and skill sets who are doing their own thing, controlling their own time and setting their own income.

You’ll meet these work from home successes:

• An Atlanta woman who kissed her office cubicle goodbye to found a fabulous—and profitable—lifestyle service company.

• A Texas mom who feared losing her job during the recession, so she started a dessert company on the side and now has her sweets in more than 100 stores nationwide, all through her very own efforts.

• Two women—one in Texas, the other in Nova Scotia—who own thriving, home-based virtual assistant operations they created from scratch.

• Two sisters in Virginia—one with business savvy, the other a photographer—whose nationwide wedding photography company, is taking off, thanks to social media like Facebook and Twitter.

• A Delta flight attendant in California who, at 53 when her husband was laid off, designed a nifty gadget, created her own sales force of more than 1,000 gals, and now makes gobs of money for them and for her.

• A creative lady whose handmade children’s accessories do a boffo business on Etsy, the online marketplace for handmade goods.

• An expert who teaches others how to start an online concierge business.

• An Oregon grandmother who didn’t even own a computer until a few years ago, taught herself how to use it, and now runs a wildly successful recipe website.

• A stay-at-home mom in Illinois who’s making six figures selling jewelry with the great team of women she assembled.

• An owner of a senior care franchise in Louisiana who says there’s a growing need for women to provide help to seniors in their homes.

• A single mom in Florida who makes almost $1,000 a week taking calls as a virtual customer service provider from home.

• An executive of a mystery shopping company in Colorado who offers the inside scoop on what that business is really like.

• Two web freelancers—one in San Francisco, the other in Austin, Texas—reveal the growing need for online writers and the skills it takes to be successful.

• A dynamo in Michigan, one of the hardest hit states, talks about how she created a lucrative writing and marketing operation from her home—all by herself—and how she’s finding clients all over the world.

• Ideas for starting an inexpensive service business.

• How to spot—and avoid—work from home scams so you know the real deal from something that’s too good to be true.

• Nuts and bolts of creating a website that’ll put you on a path to making cash.

• You will receive unlimited access to this exclusive video for one year through August 2011.

2.) Twelve Issues of Tory’s Make Money at Home E-Magazine

This monthly ezine is written exclusively for you for this series.

Available to you each month, every issue includes:

Legitimate Work From Home Resources that Tory has researched and approved using ethical, rigorous industry standards. Nobody loses a penny or minute on useless scams.

• The Mail Bag: Tory answers frequently asked questions work from home questions from you.

Spotlight On: An in-depth look at a different work from home industry each month, along with challenges and opportunities. Know what’s right for you!

Celebrating Success: Best practices and unique tips directly from women who are making money at home and eager to share how they do it.

• Special Offers and Exclusive Announcements on work-from-home recruitment initiatives. When national companies have immediate needs for home-based talent, they often turn to Tory for leads. She’ll share those exclusively with you and our subscribers.

• And so much more!

3.) Bi-monthly Make Money at Home Coaching Calls:

Every other month through September 2011, you’re invited to call into an exclusive, live 30-minute coaching call where Tory shares work at home resources and advice.

All calls are recorded and accessible online in a password protected section for our subscribers like you to listen to anytime.

Tory’s all-new Make Money at Home series is just $39.95. That’s a one-time fee. No monthly charges. No extra payments. No recurring fees. Just a one-time payment of only $39.95.

The entire Make Money at Home package includes:

Our all-new 90-minute Make Money at Home webinar, which is accessible for 24/7 viewing until August 2011. Watch the program as often as you wish.

Twelve editions of Tory’s exclusive Make Money at Home ezine, which are available to you on a password protected section for subscribers like you to read anytime.

Exclusive invitations to dial into six special coaching calls hosted by Tory. All calls are recorded and easily accessible in a password protected section for subscribers only.

Just $39.95—an extraordinary value at an exceptionally low price.

The full program launches on August 31. Starting on this date, all subscribers will receive an email with a username and password to access the 90-minute webinar, all of the currently released issues of the monthly ezine, and details on the six live coaching calls, immediately upon purchase.


(Please be advised that there are no refunds. This is a final sale item.)

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If you have a popular blog or website that focuses on making money at home, you could earn a generous referral fee for generating sales of this program.

Email for details.

THE IMPORTANT SMALL PRINT:  This program does not provide anyone with employment nor does it offer any kind of guarantee to make money.  This program provides information only on opportunities and resources offered by third parties that require each viewer, reader and subscriber to optionally apply and/or inquire directly to review interest and/or eligibility.  Women For Hire LLC, Tory Johnson Productions Inc and its directors, employees and affiliates are not responsible for the earning potential (or lack there of) of any subscriber.