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March 22, 2023

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12 Tidbits from Tory

Hey everyone—we’re putting the finishing touches on our first Women For Hire career expo of the season. It’s tomorrow in New York!

1) Join us Thursday in New York for Women For Hire. Top employers, great seminars, candid feedback on your pitch, interview practice, mentor match, resume critiques and more.

2) Next week all eyes are on Chicago. Women For Hire in Chicago on Wednesday at the Navy Pier with top employers, great seminars, candid feedback on your pitch, interview practice, mentor match, resume critiques and more.

3) Spark & Hustle Chicago is next Thursday to Saturday. FINAL chance for SCHOLARSHIP assistance. Meet the co–founder of VERA BRADLEY who’ll kick it off, plus 20+ super smart speakers, engaging activities and a whole lot of surprises. The Windy City is where you want to be to get that hustle on.

4) Two minutes of advice from SurePayroll CEO Michael Alter from our New York event. WATCH.

5) Tumblr! I spent the day with the founder of the popular microblogging site—and I’m convinced that every small business should have a Tumblr blog. I’ve incorporated mine on the Spark & Hustle site. Check it out there and click to follow me if you have a Tumblr account. I have zero technical skill and I’ve had a blast playing around with the site—it’s my work in progress.

6) Annoying co–workers? A few years ago, I did a segment for Good Morning America on the self–proclaimed most annoying workplace. Workers were happy to vent their frustrations and pet peeves about one another, and it helped to wipe the slate clean. Now I’m looking for another office to profile where workers will speak openly about what bugs them among the cubicles. If your office is the ideal place to profile, please let me know right away.

7) Private coaching: Need one–on–one help to grow your small business dreams? Email us at for details on the individual and small group programs that small business coach Michelle Pippin and I have planned for the week of April 25. Less than 20 slots total. Early bird savings ends 3/31.

8 ) Are you talking to me on Facebook? If you have not already “liked” my Facebook page, please do so now! This is the easiest place for us to chat among our community. While you’re there today, please share your proudest professional moment from this week.

9) You joining us in BOSTON, ORLANDO or ATLANTA? Hard to believe that after next week, only three Spark & Hustle conferences remain on the spring tour. We have generous scholarship funds and student and active duty military (and spouse) discounts, so now is your time to commit to attending. Let’s hustle together.

10) MEDIA: How important is generating media coverage to you and your small business? We’ve been inundated with requests to plan an intensive program that’s focused only on building media connections by introducing attendees face to face with top producers, bookers, writers, editors and reporters at the biggest print and TV outlets. Please email to tell us if media coverage is important to you—and, if so, how serious you’ve been in securing coverage and what type of contacts would you personally want to meet? This is of course a topic that’s near and dear to me—and if we’re going to launch a program to meet your needs, I want to hear from more of you on what you want.

11) Finally, ASK FOR IT. Can you name three to five people who you’d like to ask for help, but you’ve neglected to contact them? Forget about what’s holding you back and just pick up the phone or fire off that email. Reach out and make the connection. Do it before the end of the week. Maybe nothing will come of it, but perhaps something surprising will result. You won’t know until you attempt it. NO BARRIERS—Just Results.

12) P.S. After New York tomorrow, here’s the schedule of upcoming free Women For Hire career expos: Chicago 4/6, Dallas 4/12, Atlanta 4/14 and Washington, D.C. 4/20. Hope to see you at one of them.

It’s not too late to buckle down and achieve all good things this week. When the weekend comes, I want you to feel great about the stuff you made happen.

I’m rooting for your success.
Tory Johnson


  1. Dear Tory Johnson

    I regret not navigating to this site before today (4/21/2011) – I would have attended the NY Seminar. Hopefully you will put another one together before the end of the year. I can not wait that long to be unemployed, but will look forward to attending.
    Evelyn Hagans

    Thanks again for feedback and assistance (mmcb-nycmedia-workforce1)

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