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March 21, 2023

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3 Tidbits for YOU from Tory

Hey everyone—hope you had a great weekend and are ready for a wildly successful week ahead. A few quick things:

1) Free Business Plan Help for You

You responded big time when I asked if you’d be interested in a free course to build your simple business plan in a week. So let’s do it. We’ll start on Monday, May 2 — and by Friday, May 6, you’ll have a solid plan of your very own. This is my gift to you because plans don’t have to be complicated — and a lack of a focused plan shouldn’t hold up your success any longer.

To participate in this free week–long activity with me online, just do two things:

A) Post a note letting me know YOU’RE IN on Include a line or two about your top challenge around business planning. I’ll read them all as I prep for our group sessions.

B) Subscribe to my Spark & Hustle email newsletter by clicking here. You may be on the Women For Hire list, which is wonderful, but since this initiative focuses on starting and growing your own small business, we’ll send instruction each day through that list only. You must be on that list to receive the notes and direction from me on this exciting week–long initiative.

I’m very excited about this because it’s the first time we’ve done something like this — and it’s an easy way for me to serve your needs as a thank you for being here. I want to help you get moving on your goals — and this is our start!

2) Washington, DC Career Expo

If you’re in the Washington, DC area, I hope we’ll see you at Wednesday’s Women For Hire expo. It’s our fifth and final of the season where we’ve secured the most diverse and strongest employer line–up, plus a wide range of power seminars, mentor match, interview help and more. Details at

3) Look Who’s Talkin’ about Spark & Hustle

I was blown away — still am — by how beautifully the mission and spirit of Spark & Hustle is captured in this Inc. piece on our conferences. Among my favorite excerpts:

Toward the end of the Chicago event, one attendee stood up to thank Johnson and her team for providing an authentic experience without the anticipated ulterior motive. “All weekend long, I was looking for the ‘hustle’ in the Spark and Hustle,” she confessed, “but it never came!” There is no upselling or big sales pitch at Johnson’s events. Not even the speakers are invited to sell their wares. Tory believes that women are investing in Spark and Hustle for a solution, not a series of thinly veiled sales presentations. And her events reflect that belief. This experience is genuine; the real thing. And so is Tory Johnson.

Please take a moment to read the whole piece — and the share it with women who you believe would benefit from attending one of our conferences.

We have just three remaining events on the tour:

We have ample scholarship funding available in Boston and Orlando, so if you need a bit of financial help to make it possible to attend, apply now. It goes quickly, so don’t delay. We’re ready to do what we can to make it possible for you to attend.

You’ll find the details here or you can contact Alex Hall at 212–290–2600.

Make it a great week!
Tory Johnson


  1. Linda Derian

    My top challenge is getting started! I owned a business for 19 years and sold it and now it is 12 years later and I want to have my own business again! It is a completely different field, but I need a plan. I did it once, but cannot seem to move off in this direction again! I started my business in 1980 and now it seems to be a different scenario, so to have someone to guide me would be incredibly helpful.

  2. Tia Titus

    My top challenge of getting started with my business is not having the funds to start. I have the vision and know what I want to do. Just don’t have the funds. I’ve been tweeting on twitter but no responses to see iof someone will pick up the capital. I also need to update my business plan, I suppose.

  3. Millie Hernandez

    Dearest Tory,

    Getting a business started is the biggest dilemma for me. Never had a business and have several ideas for an online business venture and others, as well as a support site I’d like to start, need direction. Found your site through John Tesh’s site. You are amazing for empowering women through your website and preesentation of your mission statement. Thank you for sharing yourself with all women, in their endeavors.

    Forever Grateful
    Millie ^_^.

  4. Vada Dressen

    I have been with Arbonne for 21 years and I am really struggling. In the past year I have lost 80% of my team. Quitting is not an option. I just can’t believe it. My key managers all are dealing with real life priorities. (most have had babies and grandbabies myself included) I know I have to do what I did to get where I got (national Vice-Pres) but it has taken the wind out of my sails. I am a very positive person, but it is hard to believe in my ability to be a leader in this awesome Co. right now. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you, Vada

  5. Julie


    I would like to take the business plan course but am not on Facebook. Will the course be given that way? Is is possible to access the course at any time as my present work schedule changes daily and weekly?


  6. Jeanie

    Tori, my biggest challenge is my prospective business partner who hasn’t stepped up to the plate to do her part. I have been in a state of frustration and I feel ‘stuck.’ I need help with a definitive plan. Thank you, Jeanie

  7. Kelly

    I am so ready to get things rolling. I am working three jobs and want to get back to what I really love.

    What time does the course start? Will it be available all day?

    Thanks Tory! You are a great inspiration!

  8. Sherry

    My biggest obstacle to starting my business is me. I have great ideas but when I start thinking about the logistics I begin to doubt myself and eventually put my entrepreneurial plans on pause. I’m hoping that this workshop will give me the momentum I need to put my idea in writing.

  9. JM

    Hi Tory, count me in! I would love to participate in this week long activity of building a business plan. My top challenge around business planning is commiting time to start it, so when I read your newsletter about this program, I thought…now’s the time. Another challenge for me in writing a business plan is the research needed to determine what the content of a good business plan should be. Basically, where to start and what to say. So thanks for helping me to move toward my goals and getting started!

    All the Best!

  10. Pat

    I am working on two completely different businesses and need some direction on trying to make them both work.

  11. Mesha

    I have been in corporate for 20+ years and got comfortable and used to having a steady paycheck. I have the skills to work on my own and add value to clients, but have been fearful to take the step. I have been doing jobs for clients for over 18 months, but have not treated it as a real job, but something to do until I return to corporate when this is my job and I need to write the plan and get started. I also need more clients for this HR consultant practice to be viable. I need help to jump start or should I say move forward. Looking forward to this opportunity.

  12. Mary

    I’m in for the business plan because my friend keeps asking me to find out how she can do one & I’m sick and tired of telling her to call YOU!

  13. Phyllis McNeal

    I am looking forward to the Biz Plan training. I am going it on my own with Parenting Consulting and this is a MUST for me!
    Thank you do much for offering this!

  14. I have a vision for my business, but need help in getting it started. Information on financing, location, and product investigation.

  15. Tory,
    My greatest challenge is narrowing my focus to one or two KEY products/services.

  16. Like so many other people. we really need funding to start our venture. Our business has exclusive rights to import several brands of Tequila and Liqueurs. Thank you for this opportunity and experience. Linda

  17. Sandy

    I am very interested in the business course plan! I am thinking of starting a business, but need sooo much help. This course should be fun with lots of knowledge that I need!!


  18. We need help in putting together a business plan for our baking/catering business.
    Thank you for being so very generous with your time and talents.

  19. Yvonne


    I have an idea about what I want to do and there are so many directions that I could go, paths that I can take and people I need to include for me to be successful. I really like order and knowing what to do next.

    Thanks so much for doing this! It is perfect timing.

  20. Diana Barrier

    I do not know how to narrow in on my target market and then validate the need. I know the details such as obtaining demographic information. But I’m making it up based on what I think. How do I validate my assumptions on my target market and if they are willing to pay for what I perceive is a need?

  21. Deanne

    I’m in I would be honored and excited to work with you on a business plan. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  22. debi paul

    I am tired of hearing from people, you can’t do it but the idea is really good. My hubby is supporting me on a few ideas and have a call to talk to a patent lawyer, someone I met, to give some insight, I can’t wait to go forward.

  23. Vicki

    I started writing a business plan, but it’s far from finished. I really need some guidance from an expert on the steps I need to take to make my business idea a reality.

  24. Keesha

    I’m ready to start my life off in the right way. I’m a single mother of 5 teenager and i want to start my own Medical Insurance Billing and Coding in Charlotte, NC. Can you please help me start my business.

  25. I’M IN! I’m looking forward to your help on a business plan. I have been in business for 14 years. I’m looking for a fresh perspective to help take my business to the next level. The top challenge is staffing. Finding qualified and motivated people to be a part of the team to grow the brand.

  26. ALL

    I’M IN – What a great idea! Need to document my passion and vision for my business which will open doors for others.

    Thank you!

  27. I’m in, too! I want to work for myself, and I’m barely holding on to the job I have now. I need to find a way to walk away.

  28. mjs

    I’m in—-motivate me….help me to believe in myself and my ideas…thanks!

  29. I work full time and part time and am a single mom, my problem is there is so much to do I really need focus to know what to do next when I have time. I could use a enthusiastic partner to keep me going too. I have my website done but need to market it and get the word out.

  30. SBWilson

    I am so looking forward to this special week. My top concerns are: overcoming being overwhelmed with the basics of starting a home-based business; deciding if I should do so alone or with a partner; taxes, licences and permits; marketing, name, logo and more.

  31. I just started Bakery business to bake form scratch with natural ingredients. But with this economic situation is not
    going well . I am looking forward to your help on a business plan to get more customers or wholesale.

  32. Jackie

    I’m not on facebook. I need your guidance in a business plan. To move on my own. I have 2 ideas and I am at the point in my life that there is something better for my family. I want to be excited again.

  33. Gyna

    I am excited about this course. I have been afraid to just get stated!

  34. Jeannie

    I’m looking forward to start a new chapter in my life. losing my job, has me now ready to own my own, business so no one can tell me that they don’t need me anymore…
    I’m not on Facebook because I was harassed so I closed my account out so is there another way to get your help starting Monday because I don’t want to miss out… Thank you J

  35. RMC

    I am ready to do something for myself, and stop on relying on someone or something to make things happen. I am a single mom, and and all I have is to do things for myself and try to make a better life for my daughter and myself. I need this course,and a whole lot of faith.

  36. This is right on time for me to re-vamp my biz plan. I will be taking this refreshed biz plan to some city officials here in Columbus, Ohio. Thanks Tory, I am so looking forward to this coming Monday’s class start! Thanks E Michelle Lee

  37. Focus is the biggest issue for me and what to put in there. I have so many great ideas but trying to figure out a timeline is proving difficult too. Financial projections with some form of reality would be useful. COunt me in I have a lot of work to do.

  38. Hi Tory!

    You are so motivating. I have to get started, I am late for
    class. Like some of the other comments I read, my top
    challenge has been–‘just getting started’. The Executive
    Summary, pulling it all together.

    I need a coach. You are that person. (smile)…..
    Thanks for your compassion.
    Betty Bhasin 972-704-4332 Note): Is there a call-in number, access code, etc?

  39. Di Elle

    Just read thru bizplan day 1 and watched the videos. Loved both but on a slightly higher scaled if asked to choose, the Chimorelli’s version would top the scale for me. Reason’s being it was simple, no instruments, no expensive props and professional video recording. Just a group of Sisters making it with just the gift they have – the harmony of their voice. Wonderful soothing. I must say, I am all about GIRL (MORE female power) so maybe that had something to do with my choice? The original artist (Jessie J., was also wonderful). The lyrics are so true, … it is not about the money nor the blin… not about the price tag etc. Thanks for sharing.

  40. AH

    Looking for good tips on how to effectively market and use social media to build a business.

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