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March 22, 2023

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3 Treasures from Tory

“If you’re sleeping in, you’re sleeping on your dreams.”

So said Candi Carter at Spark & Hustle Chicago. She’s the founder of It’s Hip Hop Baby, a video and audio product line for toddlers that she started as a side business while working full–time as a senior producer for the Oprah show. Candi’s message: You can always carve out time for the stuff that you’re determined to accomplish.  Wake up earlier, stay up later, figure out how to make it happen.

(She also said, “If you’re sleeping in, you’re sleeping on your dreams.” I really needed that this week when I’m going on Day 9 of waking up before 5am in a hotel room in another time zone.)
Another gem from our conference in the Windy City: “Be more concerned about people listening to you than worrying about them stealing from you.”

That came from Ross Kimbarovsky, co–founder of crowdSpring, encouraging attendees to share more of their ideas without fear of having them ripped off. When we keep everything so close to the vest, we miss opportunities for feedback and engagement on our ideas.

(Ross also shared 10 tips for improving your email marketing—including one tip that’s relevant well beyond that topic. Read it here.)

One of my all–time favorite Spark & Hustle moments was captured in just 11 seconds. Watch it and try not to smile.

In all honesty, what makes me smile most is playing even a small part in the success of so many of the women I’m privileged to serve through our events, on television and even on Facebook.

To THANK YOU for being here with us, we have a fun giveaway today on my Facebook page with goodies courtesy of our friends at Knock Knock. (If you were with us in Los Angeles, you met their fabulous CEO Jen Bilik.)

Here’s all you have to do: Visit my Facebook page at and answer the question of the day. There’s no right or wrong: It’s YOUR thoughts that we’re looking for.

By the time I arrive in Atlanta tonight (I’ll be there for Thursday’s Women For Hire expo at the Cobb Galleria, where I hope to see you too) after the Dallas Women For Hire event, I’ll review all responses and award our winners! (We’ll also give away several 50–packs of customized business cards from They’re my favorites and I’d love for you to have them too.)

Hope you’re having a GREAT week. I’m rooting for you.
Tory Johnson

P.S. Need free help writing a business plan in plain English? Several people have asked my team and me to walk them through a step–by–step simple process to create a basic business plan. One step per day for a week. Would you be interested in participating in this free activity online with us? If so, what issues are you most hung up on that you’ll want addressed? Please visit and you’ll see the post on this topic. Add your comments there so we keep the thread in one place, which will enable us to truly serve your specific needs. This will be fun to launch.


  1. Candi Carter’s quote reminds me of something I tell my children when they say they don’t have time. And that is “You have time for anything you want to have time for, just kick it up to the top of your priority list.”

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