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March 24, 2023

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Firms Struggle to Hire in High Unemployment

A 9.5% jobless rate has left many employers inundated with applicants, but some say they’re having trouble filling position, The Wall Street Journal reports.


  1. This is not surprising to me a Recruiter. Our clients’ “targets” have gotten smaller due to the percieved number of qualified applicants currently unemployed, or underemployed.

    We have seen the number of job search requisitions in our office rise by >75% in the past two months. Most of the positions are mid-level engineering or mid-junior level supervisory positions requiring a special skill set and almost always a Bachelor’s degree, if not a graduate degree.

  2. Christina Matias

    I am a qualified for mid management job because of my previous occupation. I was an associate of a major financial institution.
    I have been laid off since August of 2007. I have gone to countless number of job fairs and send out my resume to numerous online career sites. Re-vamp my resume and even paid to have resume professionally done. I have paid and currently pay monthly fees to join job searches, which result in the same open jobs, over and over.
    I am highly skilled in IT Information Technology, yet I am not even in the running on any one’s scope. Is this due in part because I worked for one the bailout financial institution or is because my technical skills.
    I am a complete loss and running out on money to pay my bills and stay in my residence.
    The unemployment services have run out because a particular political party these the unemployment just want a hand out and cannot see how important the unemployment services and the payment is important. Because they do not realize without the unemployment we are unable to pay the state or city taxes and unable to make purchases therefore we are not paying sales taxes, therefore this a financial burden for cities and the states. Therefore unemployment is statistics are being under counted.
    Thanks for this opportunity to voice my opinion but reality.


  3. Vicky Demopoulos

    Here is a good example of how the system has failed this experienced woman.

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