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March 22, 2023

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Is Babysitting ‘Mooching’ OK?

  • On July 20, 2009

For cash-strapped, out-of-work moms or dads, this arrangement seems too good to be true. Go to any Ikea department store and they’ll take care of your kid or kids for a short time at their child-care drop-off areas – perhaps while you make a few calls to get a job. American Public Media’s Marketplace reports that Ikea execs are fine with parents skipping the store aisles and dropping their kids off: even if they don’t shop it gives them the Idea experience. What do you think? Is mooching a service from a benevolent retailer fair game, or not?


  1. Elaine V.

    Yes. It will help ikea because when the people get back on their feet if they have a concious they’ll remember the favor the store did for them.

  2. AMD

    I say yes too. I’ll also piggyback off of the first comment. As for me I always remember those who were available in need. I have made it my practice to only patron, volunteer, and donate to places that have assisted me and/or my family while we were at our lowest points. I donate immensely to a shelter that housed me for 3 weeks, 13 years ago. I withdrew my account from the bank that denied my first loan. I have now paid off two interest accruing loans and still paying one,(which is my mortgage), with my current bank. I personally only care for places that sincerely care for people. I firmly believe that we are all in this together.

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