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March 28, 2023

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Ready to POUNCE?

Tuesday Note from Tory Johnson
Ready to POUNCE?

For many years, instead of acting on the task at hand I waited…until the moment was just right.

Whether it was asking for an introduction to someone I was targeting for Women For Hire or picking up the phone and making that cold call myself, I was sometimes sheepish about acting fast.

In doing so I eventually learned that delaying action served no purpose: the moment is rarely “just right.”

So I switched gears and began to act. There’s power in the pounce, as every Spark & Hustle attendee has heard.

Pouncing on a job posting can get you hired faster. A new study by StartWire found that 50% percent of new hires applied within the first week of a job posting.

Pouncing can get you on the Spark & Hustle stage in Atlanta this summer. Click here for details about our new video contest.

Pouncing can get you the client who appreciates someone who is eager and ready to work with them — while others ignore or sit on follow–up opportunities and delay action. Never assume clients will wait until the moment is just right for you.

At our Spark & Hustle conferences this year, I told attendees about a joke that my son, Jake, now 14 and taller than I am, told me a few years ago.

“There are three birds sitting on a tree. One decided to fly away. How many birds are left?”

Without blinking I said, “Duh. Two.”

“No, mom,” Jake said, proudly. “Three birds are on the tree. One bird only decided to fly away but never actually did.”

Are you a decider or a doer, a procrastinator or a pouncer? It could make all the difference in your future—today.

Leave a comment below to tell me one thing you’re going to pounce on this week.


  1. I have a long list of previous clients and companies that have used my services in the past…this week I am pouncing by reaching out and touching everyone of them and either finding out what challenges they are facing now, gaining on update on their business and how I may help them or asking for a referral.
    I certainly do not want it to feel like a “pounce” but more like a kitty cat stroke..purrrr….

  2. Saralyn Collins

    I’ve let a few potentials clients slip through the cracks because I have not gotten back with them in timely fashion. They are still there so I am getting with each of them this week and we are coming to a joint decision – are we going to work together or not? It’s a yes or no this time – no “maybe’s” accepted!

  3. Tanya

    Im going to pounce today…and fill out the application for a scholarship

  4. I am going to hire an assistant to keep me organized so I can spend the summer with my kids while building my business from the beach!

  5. Ja'Net

    I am going to contact the local community college and put into place my opportunity to conduct financial literacy classes there!

  6. I am going to follow up on a referral I received last week. You just made me realize what the heck am I waiting for?


  7. I am pouncing today on my first blog entry ( and setting up four meetings with people that have been chasing me for about a month. No more procrastination.

  8. I am a new life coach who has experienced a growing pain this week. I am coaching 100 clients for free…goal…to gain the experience and confidence I want to be a success. One of my free clients is rethinking our time together and I am POUNCING on learning how never to make the initial mistake I made with her happen again. All good…

  9. Hope

    I am not going to think and rethink if something is right, especially since inside I DO know it is right and am simply thinking it to death!
    Most certainly about resumes and asking contacts for referrals and help….that i my new mantra, if not now, when?

    NOW baby, now

  10. Linda Teague

    I’m going to pounce on a job opportunity just as soon as its hot off the press. Thanks for your encouragement Tory.

  11. I am going finish reviewing the school that I’m considering for graduate work and then actually apply. I’ve procrastinated too long!

  12. Call the most highly recommended of the drs. i was referred to. OK, it’s not business, but scary and very important to me.

  13. I started writing my daily blog as THE MORSELIST for my company AND
    I’ve gotten my morsels into yet ANOTHER store!!!
    And a really BIG store and I are in negotiations!

  14. As you can see I’m a procrstinator…that has ended! Yesterday I went directly to the source on Becoming a HealthPlan Advisor Trisiha Torrie, creator of Advoconnection, a website designed for persons wanting to build a patient advocate business. I asked for advice about wehter to purhcase a book she had written on marketing this type of business or joing Advoconnection as a PACE member (for those just starting out). I wanted to know which would be the most valuable for me NOW. Her response waas to join Advoconnection and she gave very specific reasonns why. So, I’m joining this today! I’m on my way!

  15. I’m actively embracing the pounce by I’m adding another advertising venue and following up with radio show hosts.

  16. Madeline

    Going after smaller law firms that can’t afford to hire secretaries/administrative assistants by putting my fliers out there at coffee shops, for example Starbucks and at the court houses and in some cases at nearby law schools, for example St. John’s University School of Law.

  17. I am totally going to pounce on a book signing opportunity myself instead of waiting for my publisher to do it! Thank YOU for the ‘pounce push!’.

  18. This week I’m pouncing on attaending another bridal show/expo to get some business with soon to be brides. And next week I’m going to make phone calls to venues to introduce myself and my company. As well as possibly visit schedule some time to view the facility.

  19. I just had lunch with a real estate agent who was in the same company as me a couple of years ago! Guess what? She is coming on board with my company! This will allow me to expand into some northern territory in our county!

  20. Finish final book draft! Hallelujah!

  21. I’m 3 days away from being a full-time entrepreneur! This week I’m going to pounce on restructuring my business systems that no longer serve the direction i’m headed in…out with old, in with new (“Do Better, Know Better, Be Better!)

  22. I had the opportunity to coach and assist a new client in her new business this week and have now added her as a new associate with my company.

  23. This week I am pouncing on a new job opportunity that will take my career to a new level, allowing me to visualized and create fashion lifestyle campaigns for an accessory company. As scary as it is to put myself in this position, I believe I will do well.

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