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March 28, 2023

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What is Your New Reality Now?

The recession is cutting wide and deep across America, for sure, but it’s not the same for everyone. While some women have been forced to make steep changes in their lives and lifestyles, others are finding that a few simple changes are helping them cope just fine in these tough times. How has your life changed and what specific steps – from money saving to mind saving tips – can you offer? Women For Hire wants to know: what is working for you?

The recession is cutting wide and deep across America, for sure, but it’s not the same for everyone. While some women have been forced to make steep changes in their lives and lifestyles, others are finding that a few simple changes are helping them cope just fine in these tough times. How has your life changed and what specific steps – from money saving to mind saving tips – can you offer? Women For Hire wants to know: what is working for you?


  1. Luckily for my husband and I, we still have our jobs… but the companies that we work for have seen their fair share of layoffs. So to prepare for the worse we have implemented a frugal living plan. We have cut back on our spending and increased our savings; this includes using coupons, purchasing sale items and getting rid of extras like HBO. We have also taken advantage of low finance rates and refinanced our house. Just taking little steps saves a lot.

  2. Nita

    My husband is in sales and works on commission only. I am a Realtor…same thing. With both of us bringing in smaller paychecks, we’ve made some adjustments. We cut way back on eating out, entertainment and spending in general. We use coupons much more than we have in the past. We pay much more attention to what we spend and consider whether we really need it or not. We have also adjusted some of the services we use to decrease expenses.

  3. Lavada Varner

    Turn off the news, keep up with Tory and be inspired by her job fairs! Always think twice before buying. Bargains are out there and quit complaining. This is America, get busy and make it happen. We are all so spoiled.

  4. Susan Read

    Since being laid off and only being able to find a 2 day a week temporary job, I have cut way back on spending. I stay home and my entertainment is the TV; no more going out to movies. I also do not buy anything unless it is on sale & I have a coupon for it; other than that I don’t need it. I wish Cincinnati could have a Women for Hire Job Fair. I am sick of the job fairs here as they only have minimum wage jobs while I am looking for a career. I’m also growing weary of watching the Women for Hire/GMA job fairs on TV as they are not helping my town.

  5. marion hapeset

    I can think of NO cuts to make. The only ones left are cancelling my cable tv account and if I do that, I will have no broadcast transmission whatsoever, and to stop eating. I have already stopped taking my medications and keep my apartment very dark, using lights only when necessary (I’ve already changed to the watt saving light bulbs). My apartment looks like someone’s building basement, no overhead fixtures, just those horrible looking squiggle bulbs.
    My only “debts” are con edison, telephone (basic), rent and food. I no longer have medical insurance nor my medications. Can’t get them from the pharmaceutical companies. Unemployment extension has run out. Out of work for more than 1-1/2 years.
    Don’t qualify for medicaid, welfare or food stamps. Can’t get voucher for food pantry.
    I don’t have an ipod, a DVD, a car. Nor do I own a property. I rent an apartment which I can no longer afford and am living off my savings which is dwindling quickly. Have approximately enough money for 3 more months.
    There is NO help for Americans like us. Educated, experienced, mature workers who cannot get hired to even sell bread in a bakery, if you could find one.
    Marion Hapeset, NYC

  6. We cut back where we can. We’re lucky to have jobs and be busy with work but it is harder to keep up with expenses. My husband went back to school to sharpen his skills but his job hunt is stalled.

  7. jean hubbartt

    I’m not certain that you would use my story, but here it goes…
    My career has been changed because of our personal economy more than what is going on all around us.
    Last year my husband retired from the Navy after 22 years and we moved to Houston because it would be easier for him to find work. So yet again I left my job so we moved to where he is working.
    When we bought this house I didn’t realize how far away we are from the city center of Houston. I love it here, but feel isolated.
    Thanks for your time and attention,
    Jean Hubbartt
    12321 Sagittarius Drive East
    Willis, TX 77318

  8. ypadgett

    One of the ways I cut back is to never go to the mall, and I do mean never. If I need to purchase something I try either to get it (1) from a person who operates a home based business (2) from the internet or (3) strip mall specialty store “mom and pop” style where you can get better deals. I used to work in IT, now I’m in furniture sales and I know locally owned business will work with you. I cut my customers deals every day, and the deals vary with the person (so hint here, be nice to salespeople and you’ll get way better deals!)
    Purchasing from a home based business entrepeneur helps out their family (and maybe several others too). There are so many awesome things you can get from someone who has a home based business, clothes; jewlery; make-up; home cleaning products; gifts; food, etc the list goes on and on. Help them, help yourself, help us all find a new way to stimulate our economy – which is by supporting a home based business entrepreneur. You’ll get way better products, way better deals and you’ll be happier overall. Less traffic, less waste of gas.
    I have been a customer of a direct sales company for 7 years. I’ve made money from them as well, but each month I save at least $60 – $80 on products I must buy (job or no) like toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, laundry detergent, etc. They ship directly to my house and it takes me 10 minutes a month to shop.
    If you would like more info on how you can shop and save, contact me at and I’d be happy to show you. I help people each day save money and that helps me make a difference in the lives of others. Also check out

  9. Susan

    Would like to comment on two postings.
    First: Marion in Hapeset NYC, I know how you feel. I ran out of unemployment funds, just ran out of savings (down to $2.00 in account) even emptied my retirement funds (now zero). Am single parent with no job, no money, and no one to help. Am preparing to loose home, car, and everything. Had cut back, no TV, cell phone went to pre-paid at $10.00 a month, no movies, no going out, and lost most of my friends due to they don’t know what to say or do. Most of them are in same boat. Your in my prayers.
    Second: Lavada as for the statement that we are spoiled. Honey you need to open your eyes. Not all of us are spoiled. I had an open door policy to help anyone in my community both with clothing, food, shelter, or money. Have personally bailed out 2 friends (not any longer) when they were in financial difficulties. I have given to others and gone without and been very happy God gave me the ability to help others. I have been applying for somewhere between 10 to 20 jobs a week for a little over a year willing to travel anywhere and drive between 5 minutes to 3 hours one way to work but there is nothing. How do you tell your daughter we may be living on the street in two months? I worked anywhere from 8 hour days to 14 hour days 6 to 7 days a week. Now nothing. If that is spoiled than please forgive me but really wish someone would spoil me again with a job. As for turning off the news, the news will let you know when job fairs are and where to go as well as any new businesses opening in your area no matter how small the business is. It also tells you where the economy is going and if you need to update your credentials by telling you what types of jobs are opening in the near future. The news keeps me connected with the world, and that sometimes our problems are small compared to others. I would rather deal with my problems than to be the spouse of a soldier finding out that he/she will not be coming home but you have to plan your life without them. Items can be replaced, Lives cannot..

  10. Suzanne, NYC

    I live alone and have been laid off for three months. I think it is important to find simple pleasures in life, being miserable does not help us to move forward. Having good food in the house (lots of fresh produce) and cooking makes me happy. I have had three people over to eat in the last month, using some of the meat I have in the freezer. I cleaned my home, played in the kitchen, and then enjoy good company. I also bought little $1 aromatherapy powder to take baths and pretend I am in a spa. I need to feel good to be productive. Treating yourself with $10 or $20 once a week will help you lift your spirits and be a lot more productive. I am very much a busy body, I volunteer often and find free or very low cost things to do with friends on the weekend. I have a cousin who goes to the catskills every weekend and I have lots of family who lives in the catskills, maybe I can catch a ride this summer.
    Not all can do this, shortly after being laid off I went and volunteered with children in Nairobi, Kenya to get prespective in life. Follow your will and heart is my advice. You have to find ways to be happy.

  11. Margaet M Martin

    I had worked for twenty eight and half years for the same company. I used their programs and its all I have known. I am layed off and I am 52 years old and have no confindent in working for another large company. I need to work and its been hard out there looking for work.

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