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March 28, 2023

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Women's Path to Success: Small Business

Entrepreneurship lures a lot of women from the Fortune 500, at a higher rate than it attracts men, Patricia Sellers writes in Fortune. Many women who could be CEOs someday don’t chase the dream because they know there are better ways to fulfill a career. A recent Gallup poll found “big business” near the bottom, at 19% alongside HMOs. Just one institution rated lower: Congress, at 16%. Small business comes in at the top, right behind the military (No. 1 again).


  1. Of course this is the case! When it comes to women having to do it all, be mother,wife,house keeper, shopper, dish washer, and the other nameless time consuming jobs around the house, who has the desire to over work at a job that is limited in income? Of course any woman who can be creative and ambitious at any job will succeed as her own boss in her own company. After all it is in the Act, not in the AD. If you struggle with knowing how to get yourself unstuck, and moving forward maybe some of you would be interested in taking my free Tele Seminar on Releasing Negative Emotions with Essential Oils. There are free worksheets that will be sent to you. Email for more info.

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