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March 24, 2023

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Work from Home: Think Wide, Think Broad, Be Safe

Tory Johnson

By Jennifer Zach
There are plenty of concerns about legitimate work from home opportunities.You can’t be too careful out there. Scams playing on people’s emotions are plenty. Discernment is a must. While I can’t speak to what are legitimate opportunities, and what are not, I can share the resources I am comfortable with or have been pointed to by people I trust.
If you have not already, please consider Tory Johnson’s Work From Home Webinar. For the price it is packed full of information related to work from home opportunities. Another site I like to keep an eye on is Kelly Temporary Services is also a resource at
These are but a few thoughts and ideas. Above all, trust your instincts and don’t underestimate the gifts and talents you already have. Maybe self-employment is an option for you. Or, perhaps current circumstances have something to offer. Is your employer open to job sharing, telecommuting a few or more days a week, a reduced schedule of some sort?
In my own first experience obtaining a flexible schedule, my employer and I met in the middle around a 27.5-hour in-office schedule. This was in 2003 when the idea of flexible schedules and work from home were less widely accepted than they are today.
The 13-month road to this arrangement was not an easy one. I heard “no” more than I heard “yes.” I persisted though, kept pitching ideas, and most of all kept my employers interest in mind as much as my own. Collaboration, patience, and thinking outside the box were key.
If you want a flexible schedule or want to work from home, I encourage you to pursue your interest and consider all options.
Please Share…
For anyone who has a success story about achieving a flexible schedule or work from home arrangement, please share with a post. The more ideas and encouragement going around the better!
Reach Out…
Anyone interested or could benefit from one-on-one coaching on this topic, please feel free to reach out to me at or


  1. WAH Mom has a FREE list of hundreds of LEGITIMATE stay at home jobs offered by well known companies. These jobs do NOT cost you money. They are employment positions.
    I have worked from home for more than 10 years because I wanted to be home with my children. Currently, I work for a large corporation and I set my own hours. You just have to know where to find these jobs.

  2. Medusarae

    I enjoy the comment on work from home, I will check out the info: listed. I am a LPN nurse, with AAS degree in Community Health Education with an Elderly parent to take of I cant afford private home care and had to stay home to take care of my parent. as an only child I have no other person to get help from so I am really looking for a work from home position. HELP!!!

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