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March 22, 2023

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In any economic climate, losing your “bricks and mortar” business to a fire could be devastating. However, even with a guaranteed eventual return, losing your retail bicycle sales and service business at the peak of the highest sales season, might be just as devastating. That could have been the case for Cyclesport, a full-service highly regarded bike shop, in Park Ridge, NJ, when on April 25, 2009, a late day electrical fire took them and their shop off the road.

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Running In Place

When it comes to work, some people do just what they need to, others perform over and above the call of duty and still others don’t bother stepping up to the plate at all. I noticed this recently when I dropped my car off for an unexpected repair and walked the three miles home in snow.

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Mom Juggling


Have you ever watched one of those jugglers who juggle a running chain saw, a bowling ball and a machete all at the same time? I always figure that they must actually be a working mom in disguise. Running a household, including cooking, cleaning, laundry, chauffeuring, working a job outside of the home, raising children and maintaining relationships with partner, family and friends can feel the same as trying to maneuver a running chain saw, bowling ball and machete. How can we working moms keep it seamlessly all up in the air?

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Do What You Love


I am a member of a career club called CareerWorks Catalyst. You can read all about our club on at A past meeting included a presentation from Cynthia P. Clark from Career Quest Coaching, Inc. (reach Cynthia at careerquestcoaching at She had a great presentation on “Finding Work You Love: The Key to True Job Satisfaction.” The key was determining what job satisfaction means to us individually. This included, doing work we find rewarding, using skills that we enjoy and at which we are accomplished, work in an environment and with peers we respect and enjoy.

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