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March 28, 2023

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Yes, I’m The Seminar Queen


I admit it. I absolutely love seminars.
Some people get why I love them. Some don’t. A lot of people make fun of me, think I’m weak or who knows what else they’re thinking.
Let me explain. I have a vision of who and what I want to be, but I’m not sure how to get there. Growing up, my parents didn’t give me the tools to cultivate my strengths and weaknesses. For better or worse, I didn’t know what they were, either. Thus, my love of seminars.
I love to learn, that much I know. I feel like with each class and seminar, I learn more and more about myself and who I am. Since I’m always growing and changing, I feel I can always gain something new from each class or training.
As I grow and change, I’m open to learning more and growing more. It’s a cycle that keeps going. If I ever stop growing and changing, then I guess I won’t need any more seminars. I hope that never happens.
With the constant bombardment of negativity from the outside world, it is easy to get unfocused, turned around and confused. The positive jolt from a good training or seminar keeps me on the path to the most important thing in my life, ME!
I’m trying to live my life to 100% of my potential, one seminar at a time!

Minimizing My Success

For the past month I have been coming across the same theme of the how I tend to minimize my success.
Part of me wants to say it is because I always want more and maybe I’m ungrateful.
Another part of me thinks I just haven’t really done anything so great.
I have enjoyed many successes in my career and still I feel so unsuccessful. I feel lazy and unfocused, but if that was really true, would I have started a business two years ago that is now successful in the midst of a failing economy?
Not long ago, I couldn’t even take money out of the ATM machine because I had less than $20 to my name.
Some nice woman from Virginia gave me $9 so I could get my car out of the parking garage. I didn’t even have $9 to my name and five years later almost to the day, I am enjoying the two-year anniversary of my spa business.
No matter how much I have done, why don’t I feel like I’m successful? I don’t think it’s the syndrome of always wanting more.
Even when I accomplish a big task, I don’t congratulate myself. Instead I attribute my success to luck or some outside factors and I don’t even believe in luck!
Does everyone have a part of their brain that says, “If you were really successful, you would have x, y and z?” I find it hard to focus on the things I have accomplished as opposed to the things I have yet to accomplish.
Will there ever be a time when I feel successful? Will I ever run out of goals? What really is success and will I know when I have achieved it?

To Self Publish — Or Not

I wrote a funny non-fiction book about the spa and cosmetic industry. When I first started writing, I had no intention of looking for an agent. I figured I couldn’t get one and I would save time by just using or one of the other self-publishing sites.

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Shopaholic Savings


I love finding good deals or bargains at my favorite stores. Summer is also a great time to find sizzling hot deals and give-a-ways. Let’s be honest: the recession has been great for finding deep discounts.

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My Day With Jack Canfield

I recently attended an all-day workshop with Jack Canfield. He was teaching the theories from his book, The Success Principles. I spent the day redefining my goals, clearing blocks that prevent me from achieving those goals and reinforcing the clarity of my vision for my life. So much went on in those eight hours that there is no way to quickly summarize the day’s event.

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Accent the Positive

It’s almost impossible these days to not hear the doom and gloom of the economic reports on the news, by the water cooler and at family dinners. We are inundated 24-hours-a-day with negativity, up-to-the-minute reports of lost jobs and stock market crashes. While it’s important to be informed, you owe it to yourself and your business to not go down the slippery slope of negativity.

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