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March 22, 2023

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Tips Jar: Temping to Boost Your Job Search

If you’re like most job seekers, your goal is to find a permanent, full-time position. To find this position, you might contact hiring organizations directly, tap into your network, or maybe even work with a recruiter. The idea of “temping” to find your job might not be on your radar, or might be something you are considering as a last resort. Many job seekers think temping only benefits employers, when actually it can benefit the candidate, too.What you don’t know about temping could be preventing you from landing your dream job.
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Demand For Cyberexperts Growing

The federal government, education officials and giant military contractors are collaborating to recruit a new class of tech professionals trained to battle data thieves, online scammers and cyberspies. Community colleges are expanding cyber programs — and drawing adults seeking to change or advance their careers, USA TODAY reports.

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Where the Jobs Are

Industries that grew in April were education and health services, where openings rose 7% from March, and professional and business services, which grew about 24%. Government job openings saw the largest contraction–about 8.5% fewer public sector jobs were available in April than were available in March, The Wall Street Journal reports.

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Good Sign: Resignations Outpace Layoffs

Federal labor statistics show that nearly 2 million workers resigned from their jobs in April, while 1.75 million were laid off the same month. The Christian Science Monitor says it’s a sign of economic recovery when resignations begin to outnumber layoffs because it shows workers feel confidence in their ability to find new work.

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Employers Lowball New Hires

As the labor market slowly heals, some hiring managers are offering salaries lower than what workers previously received, The Wall Street Journal reports. “Companies are more worried these days about margins, profitability, and they are cutting costs across the board. Even though [workers are] qualified and have prior experience, the hiring department has been told to set a budget at a lower range,” says one career coach.

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Say Bye-Bye To Jobs For Life

If the old paradigm was that you spent 40 years with the same company, we’re moving toward the opposite extreme, where workers are free agents and a job is less a landing spot than a way station, The New York Post reports. “Companies are looking at talent in a more strategic way, and the idea of working a 40-hour, 9-to-5 job for the same company year after year will be less and less the norm,” one expert says.

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