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June 25, 2022

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Posts By Tory Johnson

Is Your Boss a Screamer?


My son, who works in the creative department of a global firm, comes home ranting lately about his boss — a woman — who screams at staffers. A few days ago, as he tried to answer her question, she cut him off and snapped, “SHUT UP.”

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Who is the Stronger Sex? Guess Who


There’s a lot of talk these days about surviving – from a tough economy everywhere to a plane crash in New York’s icy Hudson River. In his new book, The Survivors Club, author Ben Sherwood gets into the realm of who survives and thrives: who bounces back from job loss and who gives up, who adapts to a vanishing 401K and who hides under the covers?

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Caroline Kennedy: Talk to Us


Everything about Caroline Kennedy going for Hillary Clinton’s New York Senate seat – and then abruptly dropping out via a single sentence in a statement – bothers me.

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President Obama: How and when will you create jobs for us?


As Barack Obama assumes the presidency, one of his greatest challenges is job creation. He must take decisive action to restore confidence in American business to stop the mass layoffs. And the Obama administration must develop the best policies to create new jobs across the country.

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