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April 2, 2023

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Posts By Vivacious Vicki

Missing My Old Job


I dreamt about this moment — not having to go to an office everyday — for such a long time. Years, literally. Being able to wake up, turn on the laptop, crank out articles, blogs, book proposals, you name it. To finally call myself a full-time writer without the distraction of a day would be pure bliss.
What I didn’t realize, however, was working from home has its disadvantages, too, even as I’m branding my media stance and consulting on juicy projects.
Sure, I have tremendous flexibility and no office politics. I can work out in the afternoon. I figure out when I’m most productive and schedule conference calls during those times. Since I have no routine hours of the day kind of blur.
I miss the commute. It was my daily exercise and a ritual to officially begin and end the day. My daily three-mile walk helped me feel immersed and part of the work force as I pranced up and down Park Avenue. All gone.
I miss my co-workers, too. Conversations on Monday mornings with co-workers about their weekend or exchanging funny stories during the week or having buddies to grab some lunch with? Poof, non-existent. So, I’ve had to make arrangements like ensuring I walk and work out during the day and most of all, interact with people.
E-mails and phone calls only count halfway so I’ve been making a concerted effort to be with people at least once a day. I need consistency, too as I’m exploring various groups, both social and professional, which meet on a weekly basis.
As I planned a Recruiters Row Reunion last week I realized how much my co-workers were literally part of my life and how weird it is to only see them now every few months. If you haven’t hugged a co-worker friend today or told them how much you appreciate them, please tell ’em Vivacious Vicki said it’s ok to show some office lovin’!

Resume Gap? Think Outside the Box


Since unemployment seems to be the new black, recruiters are taking a different stance on gaps in the resumes they review. I used to do it 24/7: see a six-month gap of employment here, a three-month gap over there. Immediately, questions. Was this person let go due to performance issues? Slacker perhaps? Or merely a case of bad timing and luck: last one in, first one out? Now, given the state of the economy, it is deemed understandable, no questions asked.

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In the latest entry from my Pink Slip Diary: It’s Friday. I think. Every day feels like Saturday lately. Monday doesn’t have that dreaded feel. Wednesday no longer has that hump day feel nor does Friday have that exuberant release. I’m still getting accustomed to this whole happily and temporarily unemployed status as my fast-paced days flow into the next into the next into the next.

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Sweet Freedom


It’s a funny thing: now that I don’t have to wake up at a specific hour to get to the office, I’m bouncing out of bed, pouncing on the laptop, writing articles and blogging at the crack of dawn. Embracing my newfound unemployment freedom, my days feel more packed than ever before.

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The moment I saw my Caller ID display the words, “Conference Room,” I knew my fate was inevitable. Only those of us who got the call would be shown the exit. “Your job has been eliminated,” my boss said.

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Facebook: Friend or Foe @ Work?


There I was, writing my very first newspaper article about Facebook and being “status conscious” when it comes to friending co-workers. Amazed by speaking with sources who wanted to remain anonymous and fascinated by the topic, it begged me to ask the question: could you truly be Facebook friends with your co-workers? Perhaps the better question is should you friend your co-workers? How about your boss?

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