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March 24, 2023

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On the Road Again: Tory's "Take Control" Photo Diary

This September I hit the road once again with Good Morning America for another leg of my “Take Control of Your Life” series. This time the tour was all about celebrating women who have found flexibility, balance and satisfaction in their work and home lives — and encouraging other women to do the same. Here are pictures of some of the the great women I met along the way.


While at the Women’s Museum, I was surrounded by hundreds of women who’ve taken control of their lives and are now making every moment count in the ways that work best for them and their families. For many of them, it means working from home or working flexibly.

An energized crowd at the Women’s Museum

Great gals from Texas

Irene Sharp of Creative Memories


During our stop in Phoenix we partnered with Carnegie Mellon economist Linda Babcock to create a Good Morning America Bargaining Behavior Lab to observe firsthand the differences in negotiation styles between men and women.

A winning team from Tastefully Simple

Debbie Jennings of

Phoenix section of the Society of Women Engineers —
employees of Intel and Malcolm Pirnie

Sandra DeValk of

Brilliant and beautiful structural engineers from Paragon Structural Design

Freelance writer and Girl Scout leader Sara Francis Fujimura

Gold Canyon founder Karen Waisath and her dynamic direct sales

Marci Tjader and Jenny Hodges of

Allison Bell of

Washington, D.C.

On our final stop we took the fight to Capitol Hill to confront one of the things you’ve e-mailed us about – the strain of balancing work and home — especially when your family needs you most: a new baby, caring for an elderly parent or coping with an illness.

We met with Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn., who has introduced an upgrade of the existing Family and Medical Leave Act that would provide up to eight weeks of paid leave, which would be paid for through an insurance fund financed by employees and employers equally

Senator Chris Dodd of Connecticut

A great group of women waving goodbye after a whirlwind tour