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March 20, 2023

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Dorothy M. Van Steinburg


What It Takes To Be a Leader
Followership: Don’t Underestimate It
Facilitating Organizational Change
First, You Must Believe!
Women, Help Your “Sister!”


Dorothy M. (Dottie) Van Steinburg – Served over 30 years in the area of Federal human resources management, training, and career development for the Department of Energy. She designed and developed creative and innovative solutions for human resources management issues, curriculum design, and lead the design/development of major agency Professional, Technical, and Executive Development programs. Dottie received many Peer, Team, Leadership and Training Officers Conference (TOC) awards for her work, including the DOE, “Secretary’s Gold Award.” Currently, Dottie serves as the Communications Director for the Maryland Chapter of the national American Society for Training and Development (ASTD). Recently, as President & CEO, she founded Van Steinburg Enterprises, LLC –a training and human resources management consulting firm. She is certified by the Project Management Institute as a Project Management Professional (PMP) and is pursuing the new ASTD Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) certification. Dottie achieved her Bachelor’s Degrees in Business Management and also Art from Hood College, Frederick, Md. where she is currently President, Executive Board of Alumnae/i. She is also very active on other education and arts Boards of Directors in Frederick, Maryland.


Interesting, enlightening, and fun! These are the three things that I want people to say about my presentations. I always keep this in mind for the workshops and seminars that I develop and present –even for serious subjects. I want to connect with my audience on a personal level, to bring something new or thought-provoking to their attention, to share ideas and information, and to make their time with me meaningful!

Rave Reviews

My presentations have been very well-received and I have been invited to return as a Speaker for these events/groups:

Training Officer’s Conference (TOC), Washington, DC; Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Career Council; The Partnership for Public Service, Washington, DC; Linkage, Inc., Boston, MA; Office of Personnel Management’s National Human Resources Management Conference; National Hispanic Council, Washington, DC; Department of Energy Human Resources Conferences; Department of Energy Training and Development Conferences; Department of Energy Engineering and Construction Conference; DOE Senior Executive Board;
DOE Federally-Employed Women’s Group.


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Dr. Kathleen Hall


Own Your Happiness: Four Essential Virtues Happy People Know — Learn how to tackle one of the hardest parts of the working person’s life: finding balance and real happiness. Discover how to find the time you need to run your business and create happiness and balance in your busy family life.
Living a Life in Balance: The Roots of True Happiness — Based on Dr. Hall’s book A Life in Balance: Nourishing the Four Roots of True Happiness, winner of The Nautilus Book Award. Discover the building blocks for mental and physical health that will reduce stress and create a life of health, happiness and balance. Learn about serenity, exercise, love and food, or S.E.L.F.™
Live an Intentional Life™: Discovering Authentic Work-Life Balance — Based on Dr. Hall’s book, Alter Your Life: Overbooked? Overworked? Overwhelmed? Learn the foundations for living a mindful and rewarding life by using her ACE technique: Awareness, Choice and Energy. Dr. Hall teaches how to go through your busy day with greater awareness, productivity and energy. As you wake up, shower, commute, work and eat dinner, you discover a new energetic life of happiness and balance.
Diversity in the Global Workplace — Our new religious diversity affects the workplace more every day because of mainstream ignorance of other cultures and religions. Research tells us much of the aggression, anger and bullying in the workplace comes from our misunderstanding and ignorance of other cultures and religions. Education is the key to the accommodation of many religions in the workplace. This course enhances tolerance, respect and knowledge in the workplace.
Living an Intentional Life™: Opportunity Knocks — Learn how to focus on goals and a new lifestyle of intentional living. Energize people and help them feel optimistic about the future.


Dr. Kathleen Hall, world-renowned stress and work-life balance expert is the founder and CEO of The Stress Institute and Alter Your Life. During times of stress and crisis: West Virginia coal miner tragedy, Hurricane Katrina aftermath, Canadian Air France crash, London terrorist bombing, and the Runaway Bride, national television, print and radio media consistently seek her authoritative knowledge, information and direction.

Dr. Hall’s advice has been featured by national media, including The Today Show, Anderson Cooper 360, Paula Zahn Now, CNN Headline News, CNN International, ABC, CBS, FOX, MSNBC,, Good Morning America Radio, Martha Stewart Radio, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Business Week, Fortune, Body + Soul, Parents, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Real Simple, Working Woman, Woman’s Day, and Parade.

Dr. Hall regularly contributes to PINK and Balance Magazine; is the Global Ambassador for Unilever’s Knorr Soup Campaign – Eat Soup, Live Healthy; World thought leader to Fortune 500 Corporations; Electronic Arts spokesperson (; Microsoft MSN spokesperson; and, stress and work/life balance expert for iVillage, and Martha Stewart Publications coined her as the “Stress Queen.”


To keep your business growing, you need to nourish the roots.
What has become of our lives? In America, we have become mere zombies in a factory, punching the clock, mismanaging our time and our employees, losing the vitality and creativity that keeps business evolving and expanding. We have left behind our family obligations, stopped taking care of ourselves, and in many cases, forgotten how to live. People literally work themselves to death to stay ahead of the competition, provide for their families and keep from being laid off.

We are stressed out beyond belief. In order for our business to grow, as well as remain stable, we need to take care of ourselves and our staff at the very core. Dr. Kathleen Hall, national stress expert, inspires you and your employees to do just that – lead a healthier life and manage stress. Your employees are your business after all, and without them your business wouldn’t survive. Give them a day with Dr. Hall and help your business bloom.

Give your employees some sunshine.
Dr. Hall is not just a speaker. She’s been there – stressed out, overbooked, overworked and overwhelmed. And that’s why she is so impassioned to help others. Her life is what makes her such a down-to-earth, authentic person. She energizes her audience and inspires them. Take a look at the included DVD to see for yourself. She breaks everything down to a simple level through her interesting courses. And in the process, she touches her audience’s lives and leaves them with something that no company picnic can do – a sense of peace.

Have we planted a seed yet?
We hope so. You owe it to you and your company to invest in a keynote, seminar or customized event with Dr. Kathleen Hall. For more information, visit

Rave Reviews

“I know your work well and so admire you. You have a kind and caring soul and you can see that in your eyes. Thank you for your contribution for making this world a more peaceful place to be.”
–Richard Simmons

“Kathleen Hall is one of the best speakers I have ever witnessed. Her stories come from her head and her heart and the audience responds with love and admiration.”
–Cathy Bonner
Founder, The Women’s Museum, Dallas, TX

“Dr. Hall, it was a true pleasure hearing you speak at the MomCorps event last week. Your speech and flow of thoughts immediately made me take stock of how I approach my life on a daily basis. Your guidelines and research are already helping me make adjustments and tune in to the type of days I want to create for myself and my family every day. I feel invigorated, inspired and excited as a result of seeing you at the MomCorps conference. Thank you so much! Fondly, Jennifer L. Silver – working mother of one, wife, daughter and longtime diaphragmatic breather – thanks for the reminder on that!”
–Jennifer L. Silver – Star 94 Radio, One of Atlanta’s top morning radio shows

“It was a pleasure having Dr. Hall on the show. She was very knowledgeable and gave our listeners and callers such useful insight on stress and how to manage it. Career Coach & Host of Martha Stewart’s Radio, Making a Living with Maggie on Sirius 112.”
–Maggie Mistal

“Amazing…Dr. Hall’s direct, no-nonsense approach for living a less stressful life, including how the mind/body connection affects us, is awesome. Anyone and everyone who’s receptive to strategies for living a fuller, healthier life should hear Dr. Hall speak. Her positive energy is contagious!”
–Carla DeRasmo – IBM


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Ellie Phillips, DDS


The Power of Xylitol–Dentist Ellie Phillips describes the use of Xylitol for dental health and which over-the-counter oral care products work in harmony to heal early cavities and improve dental health and which ones you should avoid.
Avoid Cavities Forever–Dentist Ellie Phillips discussed the use of Xylitol for dental health and which OTC oral care products work in harmony to heal early cavities and improve dental health and which ones you should avoid.
The Secret to Clean White Teeth–Fed Up With Flossing? Attendees of this seminar learned the secret to clean white teeth. Dr. Ellie Phillips, DDS led an informative seminar on how to develop and maintain clean, healthy, and strong teeth.
Preventing Dental Diseases–Dentist Ellie Phillips describes the use of Xylitol for dental health and which over-the-counter oral care products can be used to avoid dental diseases.
Fed Up with Flossing!


Dr. Ellie Phillips, founder of and inventor of the CWT system and Zellies mints and gum, and specializes in preventive dental care.

Professional Training:
Dr. Ellie Phillips is a member of the American Dental Association, The New York State Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists. She is a graduate of Eastman Dental Center Rochester NY, with U.S. specialty qualifications in pediatric and general dentistry. Dr. Ellie has years of dental experience caring for geriatric patients, special needs children and adults and the developmentally disabled.

Dr. Ellie graduated from Guy’s Hospital Medical School and has worked as a dentist in the UK, Switzerland and the USA and is an Honorary Member of the Eastman Academy, University of London, England.

Clinical Experience:
Dr. Ellie was in private practice in England for many years, specializing in preventive dentistry for all ages with focus on the fearful and phobic. In Rochester New York Dr. Ellie has worked with the elderly in a number of community care facilities, with special needs children and with the developmentally disabled. Recently, Dr. Ellie was the pediatric outpatient Clinic Director at the Eastman Dental Center, Rochester, New York and a member of faculty at the University of Rochester. She has lectured to medical professionals on ways of identifying and preventing tooth decay for babies, children and adolescents.


Dr. Ellie has lectured to the public, medical professionals and corporations about how they can use creative ways to prevent tooth decay for babies, children, special needs patients, adults and the elderly. For thirty-five years Dr. Ellie has worked to show people how easily tooth decay and gum infections can be prevented by eating a natural sugar called xylitol.

Dr. Ellie shows how to use this sugar in a system to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Unfortunately dental myths and misinformation are everywhere. Who wants the discomfort and pain of disease or avoidable dental treatment? Dr. Ellie’s system is a revolutionary way to prevent dental problems. Dr. Ellie’s system controls mouth acidity and harmful bacteria.

Don’t blame too little flossing or too few visits for your problems. Dr. Ellie offers a delicious and easy solution for dental health.

The main secret is the use of Zellies product line – one hundred percent xylitol mints and gum to be eaten during the day and after meals. This is a natural sugar from birch trees and it offers a wonderful solution for dental health.

Rave Reviews

“I’ve been using the Zellies system since we talked, and I’m utterly convinced – somewhat to my surprise, since at first glance all those bottles seemed like more attention to my teeth than I wanted to give. My mouth has never felt so clean, and my teeth are loving every moment.”
– Dr. Pam Klainer

“Thank you so much for sending me the package I have been doing everything you told me to do and eating lots of Xylitol!! I don’t chew gum anymore and have replaced it with those candies you sent me! I love them and everyone I offer them to loves them. Thank you so much again. My teeth are happy and feel clean all the time. Also, the sensitivity that I had been experiencing before is practically gone- I no longer cringe when eating ice cream. I hope that you receive my letter soon, and look forward to talking to you again.”

“Dr. Ellie Phillips was excellent in her seminar, “A Passion for Excellence: Two Divergent Careers”. By sharing her experiences and beliefs with students, they were able to see how motivation and determination to achieve goals can get them where they want to be. I highly recommend Dr. Ellie Phillips as a speaker. She keeps the audience engaged, interested, and involved.”
– Leanne Sisbarro, Student Coordinator, Pamela Klainer Center for Women and Business

“A much belated thank you for your kindness for sharing your amazing products and knowledge about xylitol. We have all been using your products and love themWe truly can’t believe that the word is not out more about this marvelous finding – it truly makes perfect sense and from my own looking around on the net has exponential benefits beyond dental health. We are hooked”
– Kristin Lynch


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Holly G. Green


More Than a MinuteTM, How to be an Effective Leader and Manager in Today’s Changing World–Exploring the basics of great leadership and management today
Traditionalists, baby boomers, generation X and millennials…oh my! — Four generations @ work
Bursting your bubbles — Developing more expansive thinking & thriving (innovate, analyze, conceptualize, implement)
And then a miracle happens…taking the magic wand out of strategic planning
Innovating every day
Just getting it done: Driving execution
Living & thriving @ the speed of change
Excellence happens in context — Achieving performance excellence
Straight Talk — Providing skillful, deliberate and direct feedback
A valid crystal ball – Interviewing & Selection for today


Holly G. Green is the CEO of THE HUMAN FACTOR, Inc. ( She has over 20 years of executive level and operations experience in FORTUNE 100, entrepreneurial, and management consulting organizations. Green’s background stretches across strategic planning, organization design and development, and leadership assessment and development. She has worked as both an internal and external resource for corporations including: The Coca-Cola Company, AT&T, Dell Computer, Bass Hotels & Resorts, Expedia, RealNetworks, Microsoft and Google. She was previously president of The Ken Blanchard Companies, a global consulting and training organization and the biotech firm LumMed. As a sought-after speaker and consultant, she has received national recognition. Holly conducts more than 50 workshops annually for Vistage, the world’s largest CEO membership organization. She is also a frequent keynote speaker for numerous corporate and professional associations. She is the author of More Than A Minute: How To Be An Effective Leader & Manager In Today’s Changing World (Career Press, September 2008, ). She has a Bachelor’s degree in behavioral sciences and Master of Science degree in organizational development from American University in Washington, D.C. She is currently on staff at Webster University teaching courses in the graduate program. Holly also teaches for the University of California San Diego, Rady School of Management in the executive education program. Holly is a board member of the San Diego Performing Arts League, Total Training, Inc. and a member of the Corporate Director’s Forum and has served in numerous company and not-for-profit organizations. She is an active member of the Chairmen’s Roundtable, a non profit organization of senior executives, providing pro bono strategic advice to mid-sized businesses and serves as a mentor to students in California State University’s Center for Leadership and Mentoring.


Holly is known for her ‘get it done’ style. She is available for keynote presentations, consulting and learning sessions globally. She has consulted and presented in more than fifteen countries and always receives stellar ratings. Her presentations are refreshing, practical, always interesting, interactive and engaging. She is most interested in supporting you in affecting lasting change. Holly’s interactive and hands on approach includes providing participants with multiple tools, tips and techniques that can be put into practice immediately to achieve desired business results. Content is delivered around issues that are specific and relevant to the audience and it has great takeaway value. Additionally, most sessions include follow up materials that assist participants in keeping key messages and action items on their radar for months to support cultivating new habits.

Rave Reviews

Holly knows how to engage the whole audience and provides real value every time she speaks.
– Rob Torres, Google Executive

Holly kept our large group engaged and energized (even though it was a long day). She provided real value and has already been invited back.
– Killu Sanborn, Venture Capitalist & Chair of Athena’s Entrepreneur Group

Holly traveled internationally with my team speaking to groups in more than 5 countries. She always scores the highest of any presenter!
– Paul Brown, President,

Holly is an amazing presenter. As a production director, I see a lot and I put her in the top echelon.
-Tawny White, White Entertainment

Holly is able to energize and excite the audience. We invite her back to participate in our key program, ‘In the Executive’s Chair’ every year!
-Professor David Bennett, California State University, San Marcos


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Kenya Nelson


“Shaped toward a Higher Purpose”
“The Decision to Change”
“The Power of the Spoken Word”
“Qualities of Leadership”
“Finding Your Way Back”


Kenya Nelson is the founder and CEO of Kenya Nelson Interiors, an interior design firm that specializes in soft modern & classic contemporary design. She is the principal designer responsible for the overall vision and management of all design projects and places distinct emphasis on her passion for technology and a better quality of life. Her casual sense of style in design evokes warmth and an inviting place for you be refreshed, relaxed and renewed.

As a speaker, Kenya takes that same concept into the speaking arena and is quickly becoming one of the next rising stars in motivational speaking today. She has always studied great leaders from around the nation and is very passionate about leadership, professional development and personal growth. She truly believes that in order for people to thrive in life they must always pursue the innate purpose that lies within. She has an authentic way of making her audience feel comfortable while challenging them to overcoming their weaknesses and developing their greatest strengths. She insures that her audience leaves with a plan and is inspired by recognizing potential that they never knew they had.

Prior to pursuing her own true passion, Ms. Nelson spent her career working at some of the top Fortune 100 companies in America before settling on Microsoft Corporation where she worked as a Technical Account Manager for over 6 years.

Kenya has a degree in Information Systems & Analysis from Howard University, School of Business and originally pursued Computer Systems Engineering at Howard until she felt compelled to pursue business & leadership.


“You will never LIVE any better than you BELIEVE. So live the life you have always imagined…”

Kenya Nelson has over 15 years in the corporate arena and spent over 6 years with one of the largest companies in the world – Microsoft Corporation. She has a true sense of what it takes to become a great leader in today’s society and to learn how to succeed despite all of life’s obstacles. Her true desire is developing people and she will motivate you to take action and transform your life. She has a wonderful sense of humor and can relate to all audiences from executives to individual contributors to working mothers. Her talks have been considered life changing and she enjoys relishing in the fact that she can help other people reach their dreams and create the life they have always imagined.

With her first book “Shaped Towards a Higher Purpose” due out in Summer 2008, there’s no doubt that you will truly want this powerhouse to speak to your organization to help drive success.

Kenya has a degree in Information Systems & Analysis from Howard University, School of Business and originally pursued Computer Systems Engineering at Howard until she felt compelled to pursue business & leadership.

Rave Reviews

“You are so inspiring”

“Your such a gift to my life”


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Kristina Leonardi


Women & Diversity: Identity, Inclusion and Empowerment
Pink Slips: Learning from Life’s Disappointments
Who Are You & What Are You Supposed to Be Doing With Your Life?
Spring Cleaning for the Soul
Use Your Freedom to Create the Life of Your Dreams!


Kristina Leonardi is the Founder and Executive Director of The Women’s Mosaic, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing education, inspiration and motivation for women to express their full power and potential in the world. As a speaker and seminar leader, she provides a practical framework for each attendee to make the most of their personal and professional lives, allowing them to recognize, connect to, and fulfill their role in the world at large. Kristina has a B.A. degree in International Relations from Boston University, and has taught extensively for New York University’s Center for Hospitality, Travel and Tourism and the Center for Career, Education and Life Planning and was recently featured as a guest on the all-women owned radio network, Greenstone Media. She was listed as one of Hispanic Magazines Top Latinas of 2004 and is currently the Tango Diva 2007 Diva Visionary Award winner.

Rave Reviews

Kristina is an amazing inspiration to women in NYC and all over the world. She brings together such a diverse group of women for her programs and events and inspires all who meet her to be their best always. – Melanie McEvoy, President of National Association of Women Business Owners NYC

Kristina has worked tirelessly to create a community of women in New York City who support each other, learn from each other, and challenge each other to create better lives for our selves and our world. – Patti Binder, former Director of YWCA Center for Girls

….she is not only a visionary, but also an empathetic and able practitioner of her vision. She believes in the creative and collective power of women, so she devotes her time to facilitating just that. – Rebecca Cathcart, Journalist

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but this topic couldn’t have come at a more perfect time in my life. I found Kristina’s points to be very clear and direct. Not “over my head” and filled with textbook phrases. I feel very motivated and excited to take what I learned into my life. – Cindy D., Workshop Attendee

I feel that Kristina’s workshops are incredibly helpful. She teaches people how to view life’s disappointments in a more compassionate light. These challenges can indeed become significant learning experiences. Kristina is an inspirational example of taking a personal setback and using it to empower herself. Most importantly, she cares about the healing process and will share her resources for healing. I totally connect with her because her delivery is so down-to-earth, warm, and intuitive. I’m still reaping the benefits of her wisdom and guidance! Thank you Kristina! – Larie Hwang

After attending Using Your Freedom to Create the Life of Your Dreams] I gained a new realization and appreciation for my pure potential and resources.
– Ruth


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