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March 24, 2023

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Debra Fine, author “The Fine Art of The Big Talk”

Author and communication guru Debra Fine began her career as an engineer, an occupation that allowed her to maintain her natural shyness and avoid situations that required social interactions. But, after the birth of her two children, Debra took time off from her career and observed those around her who seemed to be natural small talkers. Seeing how others’ speaking abilities allowed them to flourish, Debra decided she was tired of being shy. Around the same time, she lost 65 pounds. This transformation gave Debra all the more confidence. And, after Debra and her husband divorced, she was further compelled to initiate friendships and hone her mingling skills.

Debra researched and studied strategies for mastering small talk in her first book in her series: The Fine Art of Small Talk. The second book in the series, The Fine Art of the Big Talk, focuses on how to approach tough conversations and weighty subjects. starting conversations, keeping them going, remembering names, “actively” listening, exiting with grace and generally making a positive impression on those with whom she struck up conversation. The result is THE FINE ART OF SMALL TALK—a book handy for anyone from business executive to PTA parents, students facing post-college interviews to singles trying to make love connections.