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June 8, 2023

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GSK at a glance

Our mission is to improve the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer.

We are a research-based pharmaceutical company.

We are the only pharmaceutical company to tackle the three “priority” diseases identified by the World Health Organization: HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

Our business employs over 100,000 people in 117 countries.

We make almost four billion packs of medicines and healthcare products every year.

Over 15,000 people work in our research teams to discover new medicines.

We screen about 65 million compounds every year in our search for new medicines.

We supply one quarter of the world’s vaccines and by the end of February 2007 we had 23 vaccines in clinical development.

In 2006 we donated 155 million albendazole tablets to help eliminate lymphatic filariasis (elephantiasis), making almost 600 million treatments in total.

In 2006 we shipped 206 million tablets of preferentially-priced Combivir and Epivir (our HIV treatments) to developing countries – including 120 million tablets supplied by generics manufacturers licensed by GSK.

In 2006 our global community investment was £302 million, 3.9% of profit before tax.

Many of our consumer brands are household names: Ribena, Horlicks, Lucozade, Aquafresh, Sensodyne, Panadol, Tums, Zovirax.

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