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March 28, 2023

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Kalyn Johnson, founder, Style by Kalyn Johnson

After ten years in corporate law, Kalyn Johnson decided to go it on her own in 2007 and launch her own company, Style by Kalyn Johnson. She specializes in wardrobe makeovers, taking clients through each step of building a wardrobe for every season. Kalyn’s love of aesthetics and her overall attention to detail translates into well thought-out wardrobes or “looks” for her clients, whether the occasion calls for casual elegance, downtown chic, urban flair, or beach sophisticate. Kalyn also gives corporate seminars titled, “Elevate Your Style Quotient.” Kalyn’s design style goes beyond fashion; she also assists clients in crafting the perfect vibe for dinner parties, bridal and baby showers, and milestone birthday parties. Kalyn holds a masters degree from the University of Chicago and she got her law degree from the University of Michigan, but what she values most is her professional, polished, hands-on approach with her clients.