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March 22, 2023

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We want to see what you’ve got to say. Submit your videos today.

Send us your career questions and we’ll post them along with a personalized reply to the issues you raise. You’re also welcome to send us interesting anecdotes and tidbits from the workplace trenches. Share your thoughts and observations to benefit other working women nationwide.

A few tips on prepping perfectly for your close-up:

Lighting:Be sure to find a space with a pleasant background—not a white wall. Turn off all background noises such as TV, radio, crying babies, etc. Make sure there is plenty of light. Dark rooms or minimal lighting won’t work.

Framing: Keep the camera steady, especially if it’s hand-held. Where possible use a tripod. The shot should frame you mid-chest to top of head or head and shoulders. Just be sure your head isn’t cut off while you’re talking.

Audio: If you’re not using a separate microphone, speak loudly and clearly–without shouting—so your camera can pick up clear audio. It is usually ideal if you standing within three feet of your camera.

Speech: Don’t talk to slowly, which can come across as boring. Compose your thoughts before recording. Avoid inserting “um” and “uh.” It’s a tough habit for some people to break. Being aware of it will help prevent it!

Content: Not every situation is funny, so be true to what you want to say or ask. However, keep in mind that real anecdotes and humor go a long way toward engaging other viewers and getting people interested in what you have to say. This will help attract the most responses and replies to your video post.

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