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October 22, 2018

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Holly G. Green


More Than a MinuteTM, How to be an Effective Leader and Manager in Today’s Changing World–Exploring the basics of great leadership and management today
Traditionalists, baby boomers, generation X and millennials…oh my! — Four generations @ work
Bursting your bubbles — Developing more expansive thinking & thriving (innovate, analyze, conceptualize, implement)
And then a miracle happens…taking the magic wand out of strategic planning
Innovating every day
Just getting it done: Driving execution
Living & thriving @ the speed of change
Excellence happens in context — Achieving performance excellence
Straight Talk — Providing skillful, deliberate and direct feedback
A valid crystal ball – Interviewing & Selection for today


Holly G. Green is the CEO of THE HUMAN FACTOR, Inc. ( She has over 20 years of executive level and operations experience in FORTUNE 100, entrepreneurial, and management consulting organizations. Green’s background stretches across strategic planning, organization design and development, and leadership assessment and development. She has worked as both an internal and external resource for corporations including: The Coca-Cola Company, AT&T, Dell Computer, Bass Hotels & Resorts, Expedia, RealNetworks, Microsoft and Google. She was previously president of The Ken Blanchard Companies, a global consulting and training organization and the biotech firm LumMed. As a sought-after speaker and consultant, she has received national recognition. Holly conducts more than 50 workshops annually for Vistage, the world’s largest CEO membership organization. She is also a frequent keynote speaker for numerous corporate and professional associations. She is the author of More Than A Minute: How To Be An Effective Leader & Manager In Today’s Changing World (Career Press, September 2008, ). She has a Bachelor’s degree in behavioral sciences and Master of Science degree in organizational development from American University in Washington, D.C. She is currently on staff at Webster University teaching courses in the graduate program. Holly also teaches for the University of California San Diego, Rady School of Management in the executive education program. Holly is a board member of the San Diego Performing Arts League, Total Training, Inc. and a member of the Corporate Director’s Forum and has served in numerous company and not-for-profit organizations. She is an active member of the Chairmen’s Roundtable, a non profit organization of senior executives, providing pro bono strategic advice to mid-sized businesses and serves as a mentor to students in California State University’s Center for Leadership and Mentoring.


Holly is known for her ‘get it done’ style. She is available for keynote presentations, consulting and learning sessions globally. She has consulted and presented in more than fifteen countries and always receives stellar ratings. Her presentations are refreshing, practical, always interesting, interactive and engaging. She is most interested in supporting you in affecting lasting change. Holly’s interactive and hands on approach includes providing participants with multiple tools, tips and techniques that can be put into practice immediately to achieve desired business results. Content is delivered around issues that are specific and relevant to the audience and it has great takeaway value. Additionally, most sessions include follow up materials that assist participants in keeping key messages and action items on their radar for months to support cultivating new habits.

Rave Reviews

Holly knows how to engage the whole audience and provides real value every time she speaks.
– Rob Torres, Google Executive

Holly kept our large group engaged and energized (even though it was a long day). She provided real value and has already been invited back.
– Killu Sanborn, Venture Capitalist & Chair of Athena’s Entrepreneur Group

Holly traveled internationally with my team speaking to groups in more than 5 countries. She always scores the highest of any presenter!
– Paul Brown, President,

Holly is an amazing presenter. As a production director, I see a lot and I put her in the top echelon.
-Tawny White, White Entertainment

Holly is able to energize and excite the audience. We invite her back to participate in our key program, ‘In the Executive’s Chair’ every year!
-Professor David Bennett, California State University, San Marcos


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Jean Chatzky


Make Money, Not Excuses
Pay It Down: From Debt to Wealth on $10 a Day
Money and Happiness
The Secrets of Successful Women Investors


Jean Chatzky, award-winning journalist, best-selling author and motivational speaker, has created a global platform that is making significant strides to help millions of men and women battle an epidemic with a devastating impact – debt. Jean is the financial editor for NBC’s Today, a contributing editor for Money, a columnist for The New York Daily News, a contributor to The Oprah Winfrey Show and a featured money coach on Oprah’s “Debt Diet” series. She also hosts a daily show on the Oprah & Friends channel, exclusively on XM Radio.

She is the author of four books, including Pay It Down: From Debt to Wealth on $10 A Day, a New York Times and Business Week best seller. Her latest book, Make Money, Not Excuses is a Wall Street Journal and New York Times Bestseller.

Jean has been recognized as an exceptional journalist. She received the Clarion Award for magazine columns from the Association of Woman in Communications, her radio show received a Gracie Award from the American Women in Radio and Television, she has been nominated twice for National Magazine Awards and was named one of the country’s best magazine columnists by the Chicago Tribune.

In addition to her professional work, Jean is on the March of Dimes advisory council, lends her support and expertise to women’s services groups and is on the board of the Nora Magid Mentorship prize at the University of Pennsylvania, which helps journalism students get a head-start in the field. She is also on the Communications Committee for University of Pennsylvania.

Jean lives with her family in Westchester, New York.


Savvy Finances from A to Z: An expert on everything from debt elimination and retirement planning to mortgage options and long-term care insurance, Jean Chatzky takes the complicated world of personal finance and makes it accessible to all. In doing so, she details a variety of wise investment strategies — giving you options no matter how much money you have.


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Kathy Perry


A Women’s Guide to Social Media Marketing
The Mirror Factor, a Reflection into You
Releasing Stress & Increasing Creativity with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
Reality TV & You – 8 Secrets to being the Director in Your Life’s Reality TV Show Using the Law of Attraction
The Life/Work Balance Tree


Kathy Perry is a Speaker, Author and Social Media Specialist who inspires and motivates people to live an empowered life. She guides her clients through the what, why and how to simplify and quickly discover a way to grow their business, without any fear of getting left behind in today’s Social Media maze.

Kathy is the Founder of a social networking site for women at, and is a co-author with Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield & Dr. Denis Waitley in Stepping Stones to Success.

Personally, Kathy is known for her high ethics, caring about people, inspiring confidence in others to achieve their goals, utilizing creative and innovative ideas in business and community.


My presentations are motivational and educational and they inspire solutions for Peak Performance in individuals and organizations. I am multi-faceted and offer a diverse view to my audiences, as I impart my knowledge and experience. My career experience spans the corporate boardrooms of Time, Inc. and General Motors to the small independently owned business.

My personal development work has taken me from being an overworked corporate executive to being the author of a self-help book on how to change your life. I inspire and motivate my audiences because I openly share stories about my life and career. My genuine and authentic message touches lives in a profound way.

Each of us has our own journey and the way a person learns and grows is unique. We all ask the questions, “Why am I here?” “What is my purpose?” “What is my life all about?” It’s a journey. I didn’t find directions for “my journey” in one book or one seminar or in one tape or CD. There is no “magic pill”. I gained insight by reading one book, which led to another book, which led to a seminar, then to a CD, all joining to create a huge jigsaw puzzle. As each piece of the puzzle fits into place, you soon begin to see a bigger picture. My life purpose is to Inspire, Motivate and Empower people to achieve their Unlimited Potential.

I recently spoke at a local Chamber of Commerce “Women Leaders in Business” luncheon. My topic was “Your Marketing Tree Matrix – Does it need Pruned or Nurtured”. The members found the presentation so valuable that 25% requested my follow up assistance. My presentations are very interactive and easy to understand. Attendees leave with a valuable tool that helps them with their life and business.

Rave Reviews

“I thoroughly enjoyed your motivation, energy and enthusiasm.”
-College Senior

“I really enjoyed all of your creative ideas and positive advice.”
-College Senior

“I found your ideas both exciting and relevant. The energy and passion you have is wonderful, you kept the class on the edge of their seats.”
-College Junior

“Thank you for the dazzling presentations…I have been overwhelmed by students expressing enthusiasm… the descriptives they used included ‘the utmost professional’, ‘so enthusiastic’, and ‘the best speaker and greatest person’. You are an inspirational speaker.”
-Professor, University of South Florida

“Many entrepreneurs talk the talk, however not many walk the walk. Ms. Perry walks the walk and will show your group how to as well.”
-Joanne Weiland, CEO/CPCM, Commanding View

“I cannot think of another person I know who more fully demonstrates such an intense desire for learning and an unquenchable thirst for contributing to the well being of others.”
-Nancy Laine

“Kathy knows her stuff. Her experience and passion to help people spills over in every contact she makes. I’m excited that she has finally put together this book/workbook that will allow you to get to know yourself and her better. You’ll find answers that have been hidden and brought out only due to Kathy’s talent. Enjoy!”
-CSP Sheryl Nicholson

“A wealth of information on marketing our businesses, thank you! Plenty of needed information was given and will be implemented. I’ll be weeding out/thinning out the branch of our Marketing Tree that is top heavy.”
-Kathy M, Travel Industry

“Informative presentation and Kathy comes across as one who knows what she’s speaking about. It was well prepared. I intend to attach $$ values on my Marketing Tree to see where time and energy is spent vs. my return on investment.”
-Judi F, Service Business


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Kelley Rexroad


Ten Pins to Success
Be the CEO of you
What barriers are hampering your success?
100 questions every CEO should be able to answer
Starting a business with your head and your heart


Kelley is America’s HR Strategist helping business owners and executives to stop shaking their heads about their employees.

She has twenty-five years in the communications and human resources fields. Her prior employers included a Fortune 20 Health Care Supplier/Provider firm, a Global 50 Aerospace company and in the 80’s –one of the world’s largest global conglomerates. Kelley learned her business sense early- growing up-and working in– a family owned business. She earned her B.A. degree from Mary Baldwin College. Her graduate studies and further education took place at the American University and Thunderbird University. She holds the professional designation of Senior Human Resources Professional and International HR Management certification. She is a member of several global and local organizations. Personally she is known for her integrity, strategic insight, creativity, results orientation, ability to lead change, boundless energy and optimism. She is a nationally published author.

Did you hear her on Sky Radio on American Airlines, Northwest Airlines or in Fortune Magazine as one of America’s Innovators? She was a finalist for Tampa Bay Woman of the Year!


Each talk is tailor made for the audience to capture their needs and the venue which allows them to hear the message. My audienced have been CEOs, engineers, women, folks in transition and high school students. The comments from my audineces, my clients speak for themselves-“You rarely get an expert who speaks who doesn’t put me to sleep. Kelley knows what she is talking about and can share it in practical and fun terms. I loved it and hope she comes back.

Rave Reviews

“Compelled us to think of the long term effect of my actions. “Kelley communicates her knowledge with energy and confidence.” “Great program- rec’d tips/ideas to improve on”” Very real life example” “You were great, very informative, I would love for you to be my mentor. THANK YOU!”
“This needs to be a day long session!” “The best information I have received in 20 years!”
“It was timely.” “Great-it was a 10+” “Inspiring.”
“Very intriguing concept” “Clearly presented.” “Great enthusiasm””Now I understand that diversity is more than skin color.””The best one I’ve been to! A lively conversation. ” “A dynamic speaker with useful, practical info.” “Kelley is professional, personable and humorous…she’s great!!”; “I thought it was awesome.” “It was a 10!” “Very engaging.” “I took lots of notes!-a 10!” “An 11++- of energy, info, awesome approach to group. Kelley’s energy and smile works for you!” “A visionary presentation from life experiences. Informative wisdom for women entrepreneurs. What we need to know to move to the next step from business owner to employer. She makes it easy to succeed.” “It was a great value. ”
“It was a full room! “An excellent synopsis of good HR practices for CEOs”; “Eye Opening” “Great Value Add” “Kelley hit the nail on the head with the key questions every CEO must be able to answer.”
“Can hear Kelley’s strength in connecting head and hearts of organizations.’ WOW! She speaks from the heart.She knows her stuff. She is the whole package!” Audiences:
Meeting Planners International
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Hillsborough County Government
Pinellas County Government
American Society for Training and Development
High Schools, Community Colleges, Colleges
Club Corp
Drake Beam Morin
Institute of Management Consultants
HR Florida
Tampa Bay Business Journal
CEO Focus
Chambers of Commerce


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Kenya Nelson


“Shaped toward a Higher Purpose”
“The Decision to Change”
“The Power of the Spoken Word”
“Qualities of Leadership”
“Finding Your Way Back”


Kenya Nelson is the founder and CEO of Kenya Nelson Interiors, an interior design firm that specializes in soft modern & classic contemporary design. She is the principal designer responsible for the overall vision and management of all design projects and places distinct emphasis on her passion for technology and a better quality of life. Her casual sense of style in design evokes warmth and an inviting place for you be refreshed, relaxed and renewed.

As a speaker, Kenya takes that same concept into the speaking arena and is quickly becoming one of the next rising stars in motivational speaking today. She has always studied great leaders from around the nation and is very passionate about leadership, professional development and personal growth. She truly believes that in order for people to thrive in life they must always pursue the innate purpose that lies within. She has an authentic way of making her audience feel comfortable while challenging them to overcoming their weaknesses and developing their greatest strengths. She insures that her audience leaves with a plan and is inspired by recognizing potential that they never knew they had.

Prior to pursuing her own true passion, Ms. Nelson spent her career working at some of the top Fortune 100 companies in America before settling on Microsoft Corporation where she worked as a Technical Account Manager for over 6 years.

Kenya has a degree in Information Systems & Analysis from Howard University, School of Business and originally pursued Computer Systems Engineering at Howard until she felt compelled to pursue business & leadership.


“You will never LIVE any better than you BELIEVE. So live the life you have always imagined…”

Kenya Nelson has over 15 years in the corporate arena and spent over 6 years with one of the largest companies in the world – Microsoft Corporation. She has a true sense of what it takes to become a great leader in today’s society and to learn how to succeed despite all of life’s obstacles. Her true desire is developing people and she will motivate you to take action and transform your life. She has a wonderful sense of humor and can relate to all audiences from executives to individual contributors to working mothers. Her talks have been considered life changing and she enjoys relishing in the fact that she can help other people reach their dreams and create the life they have always imagined.

With her first book “Shaped Towards a Higher Purpose” due out in Summer 2008, there’s no doubt that you will truly want this powerhouse to speak to your organization to help drive success.

Kenya has a degree in Information Systems & Analysis from Howard University, School of Business and originally pursued Computer Systems Engineering at Howard until she felt compelled to pursue business & leadership.

Rave Reviews

“You are so inspiring”

“Your such a gift to my life”


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Kimberly Elliott


Staying Safe in a Dangerout World
College-Knowledge: Safety Training
Are Your Habits Killing You? – Tips for Personal Safety
Health Care in the U.S.


Kimberly Elliott is a seasoned marketing professional with 18 years experience in pharmaceutical sales and management. As a victim of crime, she is very passionate about her career as founder and managing partner of Executive Defense Technology, LLC, an anti-victimization education firm. As a speaker, author, consultant and certified RAD instructor, she helps clients optimize their personal safety. As a seminar leader, she provides a comprehensive course that begins with awareness, prevention, risk reduction and avoidance, while progressing on to the basics of hands on defense training.

Speaking at an international conference in Glasgow, Scotland, she is an active advocate for Children’s Health Care in the US. She is available for seminars speaking out on Pharmaceutical Reform.


“High-energy, timeless & timely, educational, powerful & poignant” are the words most often used to describe Kimberly’s tailored presentations.

As a National Sales Leader in the Pharmaceutical Industry with 18 years experience, author, entrepreneur, professional speaker & Nationally Certified R.A.D. (Rape/Aggression/Defense) trainer, Kimberly brings a unique depth of knowledge and sensitivity to her specialties of: Advocacy for Change in the Medical Industry and Personal Self-Defense and Anti-victimization Education.

She gives readers & audiences powerful insights into the Pharmaceutical Industry. She has been featured in the British Medical Journal and has been a guest on numerous National Radio Programs as well as a consultant & expert guest for her local NBC station.

As a victim of crime herself, she is also dedicated to providing workplace, personal, and field staff safety training classes to senior executives, management, and employees of a vast array of private businesses and corporations, professional organizations and associations. As a R.A.D. trainer, she also trains teachers, parents and children in school districts nationwide in personal protection and awareness. This is done by teaching simple mental and physical techniques and strategies individuals can use to avoid victimization in their daily lives. Her safety programs have yielded positive, immediate and long lasting outcomes.

Her behavior based anti-victimization presentations will shape & change the attitudes of your employees. This in turn will help you change portions of your safety culture and liability! Her combination of warmth and sensitivity along with her expertise, substance and inspiration, invigorates and energizes people to take action in their personal lives.

Kimberly focuses on the needs of each client, customizing her message to each group she addresses. She speaks around the country to Corporations, Associations and Consumers about personal safety and the need for health care changes in the U.S.

Kimberly’s diverse clientele include: YMCA, Bryan-Cave Law, Anheuser-Busch, New Frontier Bank, Bonneville Radio Group, Catholic Health Association, SCI Engineering, Jefferson Smurfit, Ronnoco Coffee, Coldwell Banker Realtors, Maritz, MO Nurses Association, US Bank, Prudential and a host of other household names, educational institutions, churches and non-profit groups.

Kimberly lives happily in Missouri with her amazing husband, two spirited children and a “zoo” of animals including a Newfoundland, three cats and a rabbit. She enjoys traveling, swimming and reading.

Rave Reviews

What did previous participants think?

Thanks Kimberly – I enjoyed the class and am feeling much safer walking around with this in my hands. Peace of mind is priceless. Thanks so much!

Sherri C.
Administrative Assistant
Husch & Eppenberger, LLC

Thank you so much for all of your helpful information.

Pam M.

Husch & Eppenberger, LLC

Thank you again for everything – the presentation was very informative but not over-bearing, everyone seems to have taken something out of it which is the purpose. Paul and Larry did a great job

Jessica T.
UHY Advisors MO, Inc. tax and Business Consultants

I wanted to thank you for your excellent presentation on Saturday, Aug 11th at the Women’s Center off Tesson Ferry Rd. I have forwarded your website to our HR department. Keep up the good work! You are doing the world a great service!


Susan N.

Process Optimization

Kim – Hello, I attended the free session you guys held at St. John’s last Saturday. Thanks for what you do, us women need people like you to help. Keep up the great work! You all were a delight to learn from. Thank you.

Angie S.

“Excellent instruction, relevant, informative and valuable.” – Paula – MONA meeting
“Excellent, comprehensive, interactive and informative.” – MONA meeting
“Very good mix of issues. Helpful springboard for future use. Well presented and resourced.” – Robert – Essex Corporation
“Very informative and enjoyable day. Has brought a number of issues to my attention, not only with regards to my own personal safety in my role but also issues around the ‘office’ set up and management systems currently in place.” – John – Essex Corporation
“Good instruction. Excellent balance of talking and exercises – useful.” – Vennie – Husch and Eppenberger
* Great course, great trainer. People left saying they felt empowered, valued and a little more street-wise. We hope to make this course part of our core training for all staff.” – Lori – UHY Corporation
* “The facilitator was well-informed and kept everyone interested for the duration of the session. It was a great course, and all employees who attended our pilot session said it should definitely be rolled out to everyone – a great initiative. It really raised our awareness.” – Faye – Wrap-Ups
* “Our eyes (and ears) have definitely been opened to potential everyday risks to our personal safety. Even the men in the group had to admit that the session had been really useful. Despite the serious nature of the subject, our instructor had a great sense of humour, which ensured that we all enjoyed the session too. A must for everyone.” – Joel – Frontier Bank


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