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The Emerging Trend of Job Swapping


In an ever-dynamic world of work and employment, “job swapping” has emerged as a novel trend, shaping the possible future of careers worldwide. Offering a plethora of exciting opportunities and challenges, job swapping is an intriguing concept that allows professionals to exchange roles with another in an entirely different sector or geographic location. It not only offers a new perspective of other fields, but it engages minds, cultivates growth, and nurtures skills versatility.

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How to Use ChatGPT for a Job Interview Preparation – with Real-Life Examples


By Emi Leon

Explore our comprehensive guide on the effective use of ChatGPT for interview preparation. From generating mock interview questions to delivering general interview advice, discover how you can tap into the power of ChatGPT. We also delve into the limitations of this tool, including lack of personalized feedback and inability to assess non-verbal communication.

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Coach USA Canada Hero

Coach USA has had a number of Coach USA HEROS during the COVID-19 pandemic that have many of our teammates really step up by wearing multiple hats to help ensure the company continues to run smoothly. Two special ladies from our Canadian operation exemplified these efforts by going above and beyond in their day to day work ethic.  Read More

Coach USA Cares Donates More Than Two Tons Of Food To Local Food Banks

Coach USA Employee Food Drive Was Held In January

Paramus, New Jersey, February 19, 2020– Coach USA employees through the Coach USA Cares program donated more than two tons of food to local food banks where Coach USA has locations. The food drive is an annual event held during the month of January, since food banks are trying to restock from the holiday season.

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Meet Coach USA and Megabus leader Linda Burtwistle

Linda Burtwistle – CEO of both Coach USA and Megabus

Linda Burtwistle, President and CEO of both Coach USA and Megabus, agrees sometimes you choose to work in the coach bus industry, other times it chooses you. Once there, you are either driven to succeed, or your team would never let you get behind a wheel.

Linda held pivotal roles that gave her insights into many different facets of the business. According to Linda, “It is no longer enough to just run a bus business; we have to be smarter about our business development activities, and smarter about technology”. Also, when you’re as big as Coach USA, you need to have uniformity in the way you approach things, the way you maintain your buses, the way you train your drivers.

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