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Career Resources

Programs for Classroom and Online Learning

Unemployment offers an opportunity to learn a new skill or improve existing ones through online and classroom learning. There are a number of free and low-cost resources available nationwide serving individuals at all skill levels.

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Find a Second Job

To make ends meet in a challenging economy, Americans have been seen working two jobs or taking on part-time work when full-time positions are harder to land.

Here are some specific ideas and resources to make it happen for yourself that come from our brand new book on making money from home: Will Work From Home: Earn the Cash Without the Commute, which is available on and or at your local book stores. (If you purchase the book online, email your e-receipt to [email protected] and we’ll upgrade you for free to a premium membership ($38 value) to the Women For Hire Network.

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Advice for Students and Recent Grads

Just joining the workforce? Trying to decide what is the best post-graduation path for you? The links on this page can give you the tools and guidance to face the, gulp, real world.

Top Nine Articles for Recent Grads on

  1. Resume Templates and Cover Letter Templates
  2. Creating Your Digital Identity
  3. job Interview 101
  4. Prepare Answers to Give
  5. Negotiating Salary and Benefits
  6. Find Great References
  7. Interpersonal Obstacles at the Office
  8. How to Ask if Your Resume Has Been Received
  9. Thank You Letter Template

Become a Women For Hire Facebook Campus Contact!

We’re looking for smart, savvy, and motivated college students to help spread the word about Women For Hire to their campuses. If this sounds like you, then join our Facebook team! As a Campus Contact, you’ll create a Women For Hire Facebook page for your school, invite your friends and classmates to join, and post weekly updates from our office that will include everything from career tips to discounts and giveaways for the members of your group. Gain real experience with professional social networking (always a plus on the resume) while helping your fellow students take control of their career paths. Click here to find out how to get started.

Resources for Seniors

Even though job searching gets harder with age—somehow you’d think it would get easier with practice, but it doesn’t—there are jobs available for every generation.

Start close to home and start small. Who’s hiring in your area? Local businesses are a leading source of job opportunities, and 97% of companies have fewer than 100 employees. So think about how your services can benefit someone small right in your neighborhood. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with a career field in the modern world without overwhelming your senses in a big company at a far commute.

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Think of an externship as an internship for people who are no longer students. Even though it will likely be unpaid (or you may negotiate a small stipend) this is a chance to gain current experience, which ultimately can be leveraged for a new paid position. Benefits of an externship include:

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Career Resources

In this section, learn about some of our partner organizations that are ready to train and hire women of the workforce. Additionally, visit our sections for seniors, students and recent grads for help with transitional occupations. Help is also available when you’re looking to add a second job to your busy schedule and when you want to launch an entirely new career from scratch.
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