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Become an Online Juror – Mock Juror Jobs

Become an Online Juror – Mock Juror Jobs

Editorial Team | On July 2, 2023

Making Money as an Online Juror: A Comprehensive Guide

By Emi Leon

Updated July 14, 2023

The advent of the internet and the digital age has opened up many opportunities for earning income online. Among these opportunities is serving as an online juror. This article aims to provide a detailed guide on how to make money as an online juror, including a comprehensive understanding of the process, qualifications, potential earnings, and platforms to consider.

Table of Contents

  1. Understanding Online Juror Jobs
  2. Benefits of Online Juror Jobs
  3. How to Qualify as an Online Juror
  4. How Much Can You Earn as an Online Juror?
  5. Platforms for Online Juror Jobs
  6. Tips for Success as an Online Juror

1. Understanding Online Juror Jobs (Mock Juror Jobs)

Online juror jobs are a unique way to participate in the legal process without leaving the comfort of your home. These jobs involve participating in mock trials set up by attorneys and law firms to help them prepare for real court proceedings. By serving as an online juror, you play a vital role in helping these legal professionals identify potential loopholes and weaknesses in their cases.

In essence, an online juror’s job is to review the information provided about a case, which could include facts, arguments, and evidence, and then make a decision, just like a juror in a real-life court case would do. The feedback you provide as a mock juror can significantly influence how a case is handled in court, making this a critical job that carries real responsibility.

Attorneys and law firms use mock trials to test their cases before the actual court proceedings begin. This is a common practice that helps attorneys refine their strategies and arguments, thereby increasing their chances of winning the case in a real court. Online jurors’ feedback is invaluable in shaping these strategies and determining how a case might be perceived by a real jury.

One important thing to remember is that there are no right or wrong decisions in this role. Your job is to provide your honest opinion based on the information you’ve been given. No matter what decision you make, you’ll be compensated for your time.

The work of an online juror is done entirely remotely, often without leaving home, making this a flexible option for those looking for a side gig or a way to earn extra income. While this job doesn’t require any specific legal training or qualifications, it does require a careful and thoughtful approach, as your feedback can have a real impact on how a case unfolds in court.

2. Benefits of Online Mock Juror Jobs

Online juror jobs come with several benefits that make them an attractive option for people looking for flexible, remote work opportunities. Here are a few key benefits of these jobs:

  • Flexibility: One of the most significant benefits of online juror jobs is the flexibility they offer. These jobs can usually be done from anywhere, as long as you have a stable internet connection. This makes them an excellent option for those looking to supplement their income without interfering with their regular jobs or personal commitments.
  • Interesting Work: Participating in mock trials can be quite interesting, especially for those intrigued by the legal process. As an online juror, you get a glimpse into different types of cases and learn about various legal strategies, making the job both engaging and educational.
  • Helping the Legal Process: As an online juror, you play a critical role in helping attorneys prepare for their court cases. Your feedback can significantly shape a case’s outcome and contribute to the broader legal process, giving a sense of satisfaction and importance to your work.
  • No Special Skills Required: Unlike many online jobs for women, being an online juror doesn’t require any specific skills or qualifications. As long as you meet the basic requirements, you can participate in mock trials, making these jobs accessible to a wide range of people.
  • Payment for Your Time: While the pay for online juror jobs can vary depending on the platform and the complexity of the case, you’re compensated for the time you spend reviewing cases and providing feedback. This compensation can be a nice addition to your regular income.

3. How to Qualify as an Online Mock Juror

The qualifications for becoming an online juror are generally straightforward and do not require any specific legal training or education. While each platform may have its own specific requirements, there are some common qualifications that most platforms look for in an online juror.

Here are the basic requirements:

  • Age: You must be at least 18 years old. Some platforms may require you to be 21 or older.
  • Citizenship: You must be a citizen of the country where the platform operates. Many platforms operate in the United States, but some may also accept jurors from the United Kingdom and other countries.
  • Language Proficiency: You should have native-level proficiency in the English language to be able to understand and evaluate the case materials.
  • Mental and Moral Character: You must be of sound mind and good moral character. This means you should be able to make clear and rational decisions, and you should have a clean criminal record.
  • No Ongoing Legal Issues: You should not be involved in any ongoing court trials or legal issues. Similarly, you must not have been convicted of a felony or any serious crime.
  • Literacy: You must be able to read and write. This is important as you will be reading case materials and providing written feedback.

It’s important to note that while these are the basic requirements, individual platforms may have additional requirements. For example, some platforms may not allow attorneys or paralegals to serve as online jurors. Additionally, some platforms may prioritize applicants who have previous experience in the legal field or in serving as a juror.

4. How Much Can You Earn as an Online Mock Juror?

Earning potential as an online juror can vary significantly based on a number of factors. These can include the platform you choose to work with, the complexity and duration of the cases you work on, and your own availability and commitment.

On average, online jurors can earn anywhere from $20 to $150 per case, with many cases paying around $1 per minute of your time. Some platforms pay on an hourly basis, while others provide a fixed payment for each trial. More complex cases that require specific expertise or a larger time commitment may offer higher payments.

The country or demographic profile where the trial is happening, the total time duration of the ongoing trial, and the difficulty level and the degree of charges in the particular case are key factors that can affect your per-case compensation. For instance, easier cases that don’t require much effort can pay around $5 to $60 per case, while difficult cases could offer rates as high as $100 or more.

Additionally, some companies also require in-person jurors for live mock trials. These roles often offer higher pay, with some companies paying up to $150 per day for in-person participation.

It’s important to note that online juror work is typically not a steady source of income. The number of cases you are offered can vary based on factors such as the demand for mock trials and your fit with the demographic requirements for specific cases. Some online jurors might only see a couple of cases per month.

Payment methods also vary by platform. Some platforms may pay through popular online payment methods like direct deposit or PayPal, while others may send a check to your address on file once a month.

5. Platforms for Online Mock Juror Jobs

As for the specific companies, here are some details:

Trial Juries

Trial Juries, established by two practicing attorneys, provides numerous virtual mock jury trial opportunities. You can apply to work with Trial Juries by creating a profile on the T Lex website. You will be notified via email about any available cases that match your profile. The standard payment is $30 per case, with potential for more earnings on intricate cases.

Sign Up Direct

Sign Up Direct recruits online jurors. After registration on their website, you will receive invitations to mock juries that align with your demographics. In a Sign Up Direct mock trial, you are required to listen to a case and subsequently answer questions. Sign Up Direct typically pays around $12 per hour.


eJury is a digital platform that assists attorneys in building their cases by creating virtual focus groups of 40 to 50 members. Interested individuals can register through the eJury website. Once a case arises in your local region, you receive an invitation via email. You can participate in the mock trial by accepting the invitation, reviewing all provided documents, and either deliver your verdict or respond to case-related inquiries. Upon submitting your responses, your task is finished. eJury disburses payment through PayPal, with rates ranging from $5 to $10 per case, contingent upon duration and complexity.

For a comprehensive article about eJury please click here.

Jury Talk

Jury Talk, a division of the Wilmington Institute Network, provides opportunities for virtual juror roles in mock trials and participation in legal focus groups. As a member of Jury Talk, you observe attorneys delivering short cases, followed by providing responses or sharing your views on the discussed legal issues.

Resolution Research

Resolution Research is a market research firm that also conducts online mock trials. With Resolution Research, you can serve as a virtual juror or partake in industry surveys. The compensation ranges from $5 to $400, depending on the case’s complexity and time investment. You can also earn a minor referral bonus for bringing in new sign-ups.

Online Verdict

Online Verdict connects attorneys with mock jurors residing within the same geographical area. The size of the mock jury, usually between 25 to 50 members, depends on the case’s complexity. You are tasked with delivering your verdict and answering questions after being presented with case details. Online Verdict will notify you via email when a case arises in your region. The payment varies based on the time required, but typically, you can anticipate earning between $20 and $60 per case.

For a comprehensive article about Online Verdict please click here.

Virtual Jury

Virtual Jury forms virtual jury panels for the purpose of discussing current political matters and significant legal cases. You are expected to provide your views and respond to questions after being briefed on a political issue or case. The selection for a Virtual Jury panel is entirely random.

Jury Test

Jury Test provides you with the opportunity to serve as a virtual juror, where you have to listen to or read legal cases and offer feedback. Your feedback could be conveyed through a live video chat, a voice recording, or an online survey. The cases typically require an hour or less of your time. Living in a city increases your chances of finding work with Jury Test, with payment rates ranging from $20 to $50 per trial.

Jury Solutions

Jury Solutions is a focus group research company. Unlike several other companies mentioned here, Jury Solutions offers both online and in-person mock trial jobs. If chosen to participate in a mock trial by Jury Solutions, you should be prepared to dedicate up to eight hours to a case. Jury Solutions compensates at a rate of $20 per hour.

6. Tips for Success as an Online Mock Juror

Being an online juror can be a great way to earn extra income, but like any job, doing it well requires a certain skillset and approach. Here are some tips to help you become successful in your role as an online juror:

Understand the Scope of the Job:

As an online juror, your primary role is to provide feedback on mock trials. You won’t be deciding someone’s fate, but your input can significantly impact the strategy an attorney uses in a real courtroom. Make sure to understand the importance of your role and act accordingly.

Take It Seriously:

Treat each case as if it were real and the consequences were significant. This mindset will help you maintain focus and provide the most valuable feedback possible.

Read Carefully and Thoroughly:

Online juror jobs require a lot of reading. You’ll need to pay close attention to the details of each case, as even minor details can have a significant impact on your decision.

Be Objective:

Try to avoid any personal bias while reviewing a case. You must approach each case with an open mind, considering only the facts presented. Your own personal experiences or feelings about similar situations should not impact your decisions.

Take Notes:

Keep a record of any thoughts or questions that come up as you’re reviewing a case. These can be helpful later when you’re providing feedback or if you need to reference something specific about the case.

Communicate Clearly:

Your feedback needs to be easily understandable by others. Take the time to clearly articulate your thoughts and explain your reasoning. This will make your feedback more valuable and could lead to more opportunities for online juror work in the future.

Stay Confidential:

In some cases, you might be privy to sensitive or confidential information. It’s important that you respect this confidentiality and not share any details of the case with others.

Be Patient:

It can sometimes take time to be selected for a case, and the process of reviewing a case and providing feedback can also be time-consuming. Patience is key in this line of work.

Stay Updated:

Keep yourself updated with legal trends and popular cases in the media. This knowledge can provide useful context for the cases you’re reviewing.

Ask Questions:

If there’s something you don’t understand about a case or the process of being an online juror, don’t hesitate to ask questions. It’s better to get clarification and do the job right than to guess and potentially provide less valuable feedback.

Remember, the goal of an online juror is to provide useful feedback that can help attorneys prepare for real trials. Your success in this role depends largely on your ability to carefully review the information provided, consider it objectively, and communicate your thoughts clearly and effectively.

About the Author:

Emi Leon is a well-established bilingual recruiter with over a decade of experience. As the Co-Founder and Talent Solutions Director at Palermo Advisors, Emi leverages his unique attributes of flexibility, creativity, and curiosity in every endeavour.

Previous roles as Head of Talent Acquisition at Alto and Senior Technical Recruiter at DistantJob have added to his vast industrial knowledge.

Emi is an ardent advocate of remote work, driven by the power it has to connect global talent with companies worldwide. A proud alumnus of Universidad Central de Venezuela, he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Psychology, graduating Magna Cum Laude. His sustained commitment to innovation in recruitment strategies continues to empower businesses around the world.

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