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March 20, 2023

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Informational Interview Template

Your first and last name
Mailing Address
City, State ZIP
Telephone Number(s)
Email Address


Prospect Name
Professional Title
Company Name
Mailing Address

Dear (Address target formally—Mr., Mrs., Professor, etc.—unless you were instructed to use first name):

Start with a brief introduction of yourself and reference a mutual contact if one exists. Explain why you are writing to this individual. For example, I am a junior-level marketer in the consumer goods industry and your firm has an outstanding reputation in this field. Be clear that you are not looking for a job—you are looking for no more than 15-30 minutes of time for an informational session to benefit from the recipient’s expertise.

The second paragraph should include a brief statement of your interests or experiences in the person’s field, organization, or location. It should also explain why you would like to converse. Be straightforward: tell him or her that you are asking for information and advice in an effort to advance your career.

The final paragraph should always explain how and when you will contact this person again, as well as details on how you can be reached. Close by thanking the reader for his or her time and consideration.


Your signature in blue or black ink

Your printed name

If you opt to cold-call someone to request an informational meeting, here is a suggested method of introducing yourself.

Phone Call:

“Hi, my name is _____. I read the recent article about you in the Baltimore Sun and I really admire what you do. I’m very interested in pursuing a career in retail management and I was hoping you might be willing to provide some advice based on your experience.